A branded real estate email header can help you improve the recognition of your name and build trust in your email list. If you are sending a real estate newsletter to prospects, people who attended open houses, or past buyers or sellers, it is a great idea to look for a professional email design, starting with the header.

Creating your perfect email header is very easy in Xara Cloud. You will only need to have your real estate company logo, brand, and colors at hand. Once you have created your brand in Xara Cloud, each template you open will take it and have automatically the right colors, logos, and fonts. That way you can produce all the assets to market your properties and build brand recognition in your farm area

Xara Cloud allows for absolute creative freedom. From really simple email header templates with just your brand elements to more complex layouts including photos, slogans, that allow you to even market your properties or open houses. You can easily edit the layout, text, images, colors, etc with a drag and drop editor and add new elements such as icons, diagrams, photos, or graphics.

If you are working with more agents, you can create official email headers and make them available for anyone in your team, that way you ensure there is an element of consistency in everyone’s communication with clients and prospects.

All our email header templates are already in the recommended dimensions 600×200. That will work well in most email builders such as Zoho, Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Selligent, etc. Nevertheless, you can change these dimensions to other ones if you prefer. We recommend not making it much larger than that though. It could break the design of your email or if the image is too heavy, it is more likely your email will end up in the SPAM folder.

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