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Listing presentation template
A listing presentation is an interview with a seller to represent him in a real estate transaction. To impress the homeowner and win the listing, you should use compelling slides that show that you are the best agent for the transaction.

Normally a listing presentation will start with an interview to set expectations and get to know the owner. Then you should show them why you are the right agent:

  • How many properties have you sold?
  • How many properties are similar to this one?
  • How long did it take you to sell them?
  • For what price did you sell them (how close to the asking price)?

Besides introducing yourself, a listing presentation is also a great chance to talk about your brokerage and inspire trust. Quickly describe their values or some impressive numbers.

Showing local market data will not only be very valuable for the homeowner but will also position you as an expert on the topic. Present some historic pricing trends, the number of sales per season, etc.

You can find listing presentation templates in Xara Cloud that will help you look professional even if you don’t have any design experience. Simply take a template and replace the photos, texts, and graphics. Our designs can also automatically brand to your brokerage colors.

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