6 Powerful Brokerage Marketing Tactics to Outsmart Your Real Estate Competition

published by Kimberley DERUDDER

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Brokerage marketing is a crucial practice in the highly competitive real estate arena. With so many players competing for success, staying updated with the best practices is not enough. As a broker, you need to be one step ahead of the game.

But what makes real estate so competitive? It’s simple: the lucrative potential of the industry.

Real estate is a field that attracts countless professionals seeking a piece of the pie. But to outsmart your competition, you must be creative and strategic.

After all, that’s what sets winners apart. So, how can you do that as a real estate broker?

Basically, it all boils down to a solid mix of practical marketing efforts. For this reason, this article will explore six tactics that can propel your brokerage firm to the top.

If you’re ready to discover the brokerage marketing techniques that can give you the upper hand, read on!

What is Brokerage Marketing?

Brokerage Marketing for Real Estate


Brokerage marketing is the process of promoting a broker’s services to attract clients. This type of marketing generates leads for a broker (e.g., buyers, sellers, or agents). Ultimately, the main goal is to showcase the broker’s value and build its brand.

Basically, brokerage marketing involves advertising a broker’s services to get more customers. This can include online ads, social media posts, and educational content. By doing this, brokers can stand out in a competitive market and grow their businesses.

Brokerage marketing differs from traditional real estate marketing in focus and scope.

For example, brokerage marketing promotes the brokerage firm and its agents, emphasizing their value and expertise. The goal is to attract buyers and sellers to use the brokerage’s services.

On the other hand, real estate marketing concentrates on promoting individual properties with the aim of attracting potential buyers or tenants for a specific property.

Consequently, brokerage marketing has a broader scope. It encompasses the promotion of the entire firm, its agents, and the wide range of services they provide. Traditional real estate marketing has a narrower scope, primarily targeting the marketing of individual listings or services.

Why is Marketing Important For a Broker?

Broker showing their brokerage marketing strategy to their agent


In today’s age, no advertisement strategy can succeed without digital marketing. Digital channels allow you to promote your services and your expertise effectively.

So, why should you care about marketing? Ultimately, it will help you close more deals—and that’s what matters.

As a real estate professional, your success hinges on your ability to stand out. With an increasing number of brokers, you need to differentiate yourself. Basically, that’s how you’ll attract potential clients and agents to work with.

Why Should You Be Interested in Brokerage Marketing As a Real Estate Agent?

Broker winning over his competition


If you’re an agent, here’s why brokerage marketing is important for your future career:

  • It helps you build trust in clients’ eyes. When you become part of a brokerage company, you automatically gain a competitive edge over individual agents who act as freelancers.
  • It helps you foster long-term relationships and stay connected. A brokerage is a fully integrated company that acts as a liaison between buyers, sellers, and agents. If the firm is well-marketed, you’re on the winning side.
  • It can help you showcase your expertise and professionalism. An established firm has more resources than individual realtors do. Thus, you’ll benefit from increased exposure implicitly.
  • It builds social proof through public reviews or WOM. Naturally, being part of a well-renowned company comes with benefits. When you work for a reputable brand, people associate you with that firm. When that enterprise gets positive reviews and grows popular, so do you, as you work for them.
  • It helps you stand out from other brokers who don’t harness marketing strategies. Solo agents and realtors who prefer acting independently have a more challenging time making a name for themselves. When you join a brokerage, you don’t have to worry about the marketing aspect. Presenting yourself as someone who is part of a brokerage comes with increased trust on top of added benefits from associating yourself with a bigger brand.
  • It connects you with new leads that you wouldn’t have reached otherwise. This aspect is crucial. Many clients prefer to work with brokerages only, as they trust well-established brands more than individuals who work as realtors.

Additionally, brokerage marketing is highly important in the real estate market. Estate companies attract and mentor top talent, and they contribute to the industry. They often compile market studies and execute some of the biggest estate plays. Naturally, this is something an individual agent couldn’t do, as they lack resources and branding.

Hence, brokerage marketing is crucial for your real estate success. So, what are the winning strategies to use as a broker?

6 Brokerage Marketing Tactics To Start Using As a Real Estate Broker

Staying up-to-date with the latest marketing tactics is the first step to being competitive.

Do you want to thrive in the ever-changing real estate market? If yes, you’ll need to figure out the brokerage marketing formula.

Or even better…

Get it read-to-use. Take the shortcut.

After careful research, we’ve compiled a digital marketing plan for brokers. That’s right! We’ve studied how top brokers use digital marketing to build a strong position in the market. Then, we turned it into an easy approach you can use with the least effort.

Hence, if you want to dominate the online space, these are the brokerage marketing tactics you must use.

1. Leverage Social Media Marketing

Social Media Platforms for Real Estate Brokers


Social media plays a vital role in marketing for real estate brokers. It helps reach new clients and increases brand awareness. Moreover, it’s more cost-effective than traditional print advertising.

Social media allows brokerage firms to connect with prospective buyers and showcase properties. Thus, it’s a powerful tool for driving engagement, building relationships, and boosting sales.

Here’s how to harness social media channels as a real estate broker:

  • Pick the right social media platforms. Facebook is a popular choice for many brokers. Precisely, Facebook offers a broad reach and a variety of promotion options. Facebook Marketplace or Messenger are great advertising spaces for brokers. Nevertheless, other platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter can also be great. It all depends on your goals and where your audience is. For example, if you’re targeting a young audience (like Gen Z), Instagram and TikTok are great channels. For adults and even seniors, Facebook is the go-to platform.
  • Create engaging content. Share eye-catching visuals, informative articles, and captivating stories to attract potential clients. Make sure your content is relevant and tailored to your target audience. Then, engage with your followers. Respond to comments, ask questions, and share valuable tips.
  • Leverage paid advertising tools. Facebook ads, for example, offer extensive targeting features. Experiment with different ad formats. Specifically, you can use sponsored posts, carousel ads, or video ads to find the best fit.
  • Use real estate hashtags. Relevant hashtags increase the visibility of your content while attracting your target audience. Ultimately, the key is to use hashtags from your industry and reach interested leads in your location.
  • Make your posts interesting and informative. Host live events for Q&A sessions or live public house showing. Showcase success stories and closed listings. Collaborate with local influencers or authorities in your field to build trust. Share behind-the-scenes content. All in all, when it comes to social media, no idea is too far-fetched.

Needless to say, social media marketing is a powerful tool for real estate brokers.

Though, if you want to connect with the right people and establish yourself as a top broker, there’s a catch. You need to post relevant content consistently. Thus, you need to be active in your community and keep up the quality of your posts at all times.

2. Develop a Strong Brand Identity

Broker developing a strong brand identity


Over the past decade, the business landscape has changed dramatically. Hence, to thrive in today’s competitive market, you must develop a strong brand identity. This includes being ever-present both offline and online.

Therefore, let’s explore six simple steps to help you increase brand awareness and create a strong presence.

Identify your target audience

To create a powerful brand, you must first identify your target audience. Understand their needs, preferences, and expectations to tailor your branding efforts accordingly.

You can do so by creating a buyer persona and conducting some demographic targeting.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What’s the age, income, and gender of my ideal target?
  • What does my ideal customer want to see?
  • Where do they spend most of their time offline and online?
  • How do they envision their perfect house?

All in all, the key is to create a list of questions and answers that make up the niche market you’re targeting. You begin your marketing efforts only after you have a place to brand yourself.

Consistency is key

A consistent brand identity is vital for generating interest and loyalty. This aspect is non-negotiable if you want to create a powerful brand image.

A brand is made up of two main aspects:

  1. The brand’s image (logo, color scheme, fonts, etc.)
  2. The brand’s persona (voice, tone, the way it markets itself)

Ensure your logo, color scheme, and messaging remain uniform across all platforms. From your website to your social media profiles and educational resources, you need to be spot on.

This includes being consistent in posting, as well as in the quality of your resources. On top of it, you need to find the brand kit that differentiates you from the others. Consequently, you’ll have to apply it to all your documents at all times.

On top of a visual brand, you must stay recognizable when it comes to the way you engage on any platform. This includes keeping a uniform tone and message (aim for professionalism and confidence).

Fortunately, you can find all these must-have branding tools and more in Xara Cloud! Use it to collaborate with your team and brand your brokerage firm from the ground up.

Craft a unique value proposition

Individual in red vs group


In a sea of similar brokers, what sets you apart? A unique value proposition (USP).

Hence, you need to find your USP and advertise it every occasion. Thus, that includes finding a USP that highlights your strengths and differentiates you.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Analyze your competition. Research your competitors to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and their value. This will help you identify gaps in the market that you can fill with your unique offerings.
  • List your strengths and differentiators. Consider the skills, experiences, and qualities that make you stand out as a broker. These could include industry expertise, local knowledge, network, marketing strategies, or client service.
  • Develop your key message. Based on your target audience and unique offerings, craft a concise, compelling statement. Communicate the primary benefit clients can expect when working with you. Emphasize the distinctive aspects of your services that clients won’t find elsewhere.
  • Communicate your USP clearly. Your USP should be displayed on your website, assets, and social media profiles. Use clear and concise language, and ensure that your message is consistent.

Embrace quality content

Realtors creating brokerage marketing content


To establish credibility and trust, provide your audience with quality content. Your content should be both informative and engaging.

Make use of educational resources, blog posts, and social media. Keep in mind that quality content doesn’t necessarily mean promotional content.

You can grab people’s attention by offering free information and tips. Perhaps you could waive fees in exchange for recommendations. Ultimately, it all comes down to providing added value in any way you see fit.

Additionally, make sure to keep your content consistent across all channels. You can achieve this by using our brand management feature at Xara Cloud. Simply upload all your brand assets into a unified dashboard, and use them throughout your documents.

Moreover, when you or your team need to create materials, you will find shared templates and brand assets in a unified platform!

Be ever-present at events and create lasting relationships

Broker participating in a community event


Participating in events and gatherings is a great way to increase your visibility as a broker.

Attend conferences, sponsor community events, and host workshops. This way, you can showcase your real estate market expertise and foster relationships with potential buyers and sellers.

Furthermore, you can build a real estate farming plan and take your efforts even further.

Essentially, you’ll want to become recognizable and reachable for your clients. People love to put a face to the brand, so attending as many gatherings as your time permits is a great idea. Moreover, it increases trust and reaches, two main factors in any broker’s success.

3. Use Local SEO Strategies

SEO for Brokerage Marketing Strategies


Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you rank higher in search engine results when performing a specific search.

For example, let’s say that you are based in Orlando, Florida, and want to improve your website’s search engine rankings. Let’s assume you want to rank for the query “real estate brokerage in Florida.”

To do this, you must optimize your website for local SEO. In an ideal world, when your client base looks up real estate services in your area, your brand pops up. This increased visibility leads to more leads and increased traffic to your website.

But what if there was a way to systematically build your way up to the top search results rankings on Google?

With SEO, brokers like yourself can increase their reach and attract leads.

Here’s how to optimize your brokerage firm’s online presence:

  • Optimize your website for local search. Nearly 55% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Make sure your website includes relevant search terms and location-specific keywords. Optimize your site’s SEO to improve search engine rankings and drive traffic. Don’t forget to make your website mobile-friendly. Also, make sure to offer relevant information that serves your audience’s interests.
  • Create a Google My Business listing. A Google My Business (GMB) is essential for local SEO. Set up your GMB account by verifying your address. Then, provide accurate information about your brokerage firm. Include your contact details, website, business hours, and high-quality images. Additionally, you can use Google Analytics to track the performance of your listing. Then, you can make necessary adjustments and optimize campaigns where needed.
  • Encourage and manage customer reviews. Positive reviews on your GMB can boost your search engine rankings. Encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews and respond to them promptly. Address any negative feedback professionally and show your commitment to the client.

4. Leverage Content Marketing

Broker creating real estate content for their brokerage marketing strategy


To leverage this type of marketing, you can use various types of content. Consider blog posts, videos, or infographics to establish yourself as an expert.

Furthermore, focus on creating content that provides detailed information for buyers, sellers, and investors.

  • Use blog posts to offer real value to your target audience. For example, you can offer tips on how to save more money when dealing with real estate transactions. You can talk about the most common mistakes people make when buying a property. The possibilities are endless!
  • Additionally, videos and dynamic visuals can be a powerful way to showcase yourself. When filming content, think of ways to offer leads a glimpse into your expertise. For example, you could film a virtual tour of one of your listings. Perhaps you can get some of your best agents to share their experiences with your brokerage company. Regarding social media posts, you can showcase open houses, listings, closed deals, happy customers, and more!
  • Infographics can provide significant amounts of data in a visually appealing format. As you create content, always aim to be helpful and informative. Use infographics to share statistics and valuable information with your audience. For example, you could create “Did you know?” posts or share real estate statistics. You could also create a short list of things first-time home buyers look for or organize information for another target group.
  • To promote and distribute content effectively, optimize it for search results. This will help people find you when they look up buying, selling, or investing in real estate. You can optimize your target keywords, blog content, website responsiveness, and more.
  • Share your content on social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Collaborate with other industry experts to gain more visibility and credibility. Encourage clients to share their success stories to attract more buyers and sellers. First, you can look up influencers in your area and talk them into doing a shared post with you. You could ask valuable collaborators (design companies or real estate developers) for cross-promotion on social media.

The more you invest in content marketing, the higher the chances of earning more money. That’s because the more you promote yourself, the more you’ll attract leads for your business.

5. Use Email Marketing

Broker attracting buyers and sellers using a magnet


As a broker, email marketing is a powerful tool to promote yourself and your brokerage firm. Currently, there are 4 billion active email users. That number will likely go up to 4.6 billion in two years from now.

Here’s how you can use it effectively:

Create an email list with lead-generation tactics. To create an email list, you must try a few effective lead-generation tactics. These could include offering a free e-book or hosting webinars and live events. Perhaps you could try creating a quiz that helps people better understand their housing needs or provide a free consultation. Once someone signs up for these resources, you should capture their contact info, such as their email address.

Build and segment your email list. Gather contacts from agents, businesses, and clients interested in your services. Segment your lists based on sellers, buyers, and agents. Additionally, you can segment your audience based on the main influence factors. Use your website and Google to find potential leads.

Create a follow-up strategy. Create a follow-up plan to engage leads. Use email marketing to send direct mail regularly, but avoid spamming. Tailor messages for each segment to keep communication relevant.

Make use of newsletters and infographics. Send informative newsletters and infographics to keep leads engaged. Share updates, industry news, and showcase your significant amount of business success.

6. Empower Your Agents With The Right Tools

Xara solutions for Real Estate Brokerage Marketing

The final puzzle piece is empowering your agents with the right tools.

Xara has everything you need to stand out from the crowd, attract more clients, and close deals.

Our MLS integration is a game-changer for your brokerage. Using the MLS Connect feature, you can auto-populate templates with listing information in seconds. You only need to paste in your MLS listing ID, and you’re good to go!

This way, you and your agents can create professional marketing materials in a snap.

The template feature allows the creation of eye-catching real estate visuals. Some examples include social media posts, email templates, or print materials.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to put together all the materials quickly. Then, you can focus on what you do best: selling properties.


The real estate landscape is fiercely competitive. Yet, standing out is possible by using powerful brokerage marketing tactics.

Still, a top-tier agent knows that online and offline marketing is crucial. On top of a robust digital presence, top brokers have a good reputation outside the virtual space. They do so by practicing real estate farming, which you can do too!

Thus, we hope our article shedded light on some of the most effective strategies to thrive in this real estate industry.

Real estate professionals must take brokerage marketing seriously. Undoubtedly, it can be the determining factor in your long-term success. Hence, by equipping yourself with the right real estate marketing tools, you can turn the tide in your favor.

As the industry continues to evolve, so should your marketing. Check out Xara and grab the brokerage marketing tools to outsmart the competition!

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