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BrandSpaces: your one-click sync across branding documents

A brand image that is relevant, consistent, and visually appealing is one of the best competitive advantages you can create for your brand. With BrandSpaces, you can easily put your brand image at the center of your online strategies and keep your brand top of mind with consumers.

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Do you need brand control software?

If you struggle with ensuring brand consistency, you will lose a lot of time, opportunities, and credibility on the market. And it’s a common problem. Many businesses struggle to strike the same use of logos, color schemes, and fonts across their brand documents — even if they document all the specifications in their brand style guide.

But it does not have to be like this. Establishing a consistent brand image requires neither time nor deep focus. It’s all in the brand control software that allows you to be better at:

  • Keeping your documents on-brand
  • Ensuring that tour brand image and voice remains consistent
  • Building brand awareness
  • Include your logo
  • Consolidating the brand vision
  • Redirecting repetitive tasks to more strategic efforts

With BrandSpaces, you will get all this and more. It’s the fastest way to ensure brand control and make the most of your branding efforts.

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How BrandSpaces can help you

Save Time

Applies your branding elements across documents

Do More

Leverages XaraIQ™ auto-branding technology

Streamline Collaboration

Acts as a central portal where you can store and manage key brand assets

Brand consistency will be a journey. Get Xara Cloud by your side.

Xara Cloud is a document creation and editing tool that allows you to create beautiful and eye-catching marketing materials — at scale and with no design experience. Bringing your brand assets into Xara Cloud will allow you to streamline work and communication within your teams and gain the visibility you need across your branding materials.

It’s time to do branding right with Xara Cloud.

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What is Xara Cloud?

Xara Cloud is the easiest way to design eye-catching documents and project a consistent brand image. Keep your visual assets in one place, edit and adjust effortlessly, and break down information silos with seamless collaboration tools.

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