Brand Asset Management

Quit having to dig around for creative assets!

Xara simplifies your creative work by centralizing and organizing the content your team needs to get from draft to final delivery. Find, access, distribute and add value to your creative inventory.

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Turn chaos into confidence

Most teams waste 16% of their time looking for files scattered across drives and channels. Give your team a place to easily access, share and add value to their work, consistently.

<b>16% of your time</b> is wasted looking for files.

16% of your time is wasted looking for files.

<b>50% of those</b> are never found.

50% of those are never found.

<b> $38,000 per year </b>wasted looking for files.

$38,000 per year wasted looking for files.

Creativity is was messy.

Now your team can get organized, work on, and distribute any important assets in one place. Everything is centralized and sorted from logos to entire projects in a simple Digital Asset Management system.

Deliver better work together.

Don’t choose between speed and consistency. With team folders, commenting, accessibility & full editing control, micro managers and messy folks collaborate with ease and clarity.

Scale your brand’s visibility.

Your brand’s quality grows with your creative assets and docs inventory. Automatically apply your brand assets to your documents, so they always represent your business exactly how you want it.

Transform your assets.

Good content isn’t one-size-fits-all. Easily maximize the value of previously static docs and creative assets by editing and changing formats and sizes with one click.

Start organizing your content today.

Easy access and distribution of your creative assets.
Start organizing your content today.

Your Digital Asset Library is powered by:

Asset centralization

Keep all your digital assets in one place for better access and control.

Branded asset distribution

Distribute the latest version of your branded templates and branding in one place.

Automatic branding

Make your brand memorable, without having to think about it.

Permission management

Decide who can access what files and who can make changes to them.

Asset transformation

Update files you’ve published instead of re-uploading. Download in any format.

Bulk import any file type

Import and export any file: PDF, Word, Google Doc, Jpeg, Png, SVG or HTML.

Organize by taxonomy

Your logos, images, components and documents are organized by file type.


Seamlessly connect with your marketing stack and cloud drives to deliver better work, faster.

Creative asset distribution

Pictures, logos, and merged assets made visible and easy to share.

Dedicated asset bank

Keep your creative assets visible in your document, or ready to distribute.

Bulk merge assets

Save images, text, and tables to give users context and more possibilities.

Contributor notifications

Notify contributors when assets are made available or when they are required.

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