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Free proposal  digital marketing template

Proposals – Digital Marketing

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Free proposal  digital marketing template

Proposals – Digital Marketing

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Proposals – Digital Consulting

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Proposals – Social media strategy

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Proposals – Security

There is always one very important step when you’re hoping to close a deal for a new project or client: sending your proposal. It’s the place to clarify conditions, deadlines and what services are included, but also a perfect opportunity to remind the potential client about your value proposition. 

What should you include on your proposal? Well that depends on what services you provide, but here are some key things you probably want to include: 

  • Briefly describe the problem your potential client is trying to solve. This is your chance to show your expertise about the topic and set the right tone for your solution.
  • Describe your service in detail. List the deliverables and what are you going to achieve for your client. This will be the majority of your proposal and it’s important to make it clear and convincing.
  • State your deadline, and if you require any further information or action from your client, when and how this will take place.
  • Set the cost for your services. Be clear and transparent. If the budget is only an estimate and the actual cost might vary, say so. Your client is unlikely to refer others to you if you spring some unpleasant surprises!

A well-designed business proposal will make you look professional and enhance the whole brand experience. If you are not a design expert, our proposal templates can help you get started. 

You can find a wide range of business proposal templates in our library, including marketing proposals, a services proposal, an architecture proposal and more. You can easily customize all our templates and make them your own. Firms can also use our designs with their own brand assets—add your colors, fonts and logos once, and see how your brand is applied automatically to any template your team opens. This is a very easy way for your business to make sure all salespeople are being consistent with the brand. 

Stand out from your competitors by sending an unforgettable business proposal to your potential clients, and you’ll soon be winning more and better projects. 

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