From your editor to printed and shipped in one click.

Xara’s integration with Xpressdocs simplifies your print marketing process:
Create, print, and distribute in one workflow to avoid coordination tasks and visits to the printer.

Same-Day Printing and Shipping

Get your marketing done faster with materials printed and delivered to your door on the same day. Skip the printer and post office.

Orders placed by 4pm CST print and ship the same day

Schedule Future Fulfillment Dates

Send mailers and postcards to mailing lists in seconds

Reach people faster with personalized direct mail by using mailing lists right from the Xpressdocs platform. Just like sending an email.

Reach new customers in your target areas

Build a list targeting prospects surrounding a specific point. Enter an address and a distance around it or choose residences in nearby streets.

Filter between business, residential, single or multifamily addresses.

Pinpoint streets, or expand to full zip codes and cities.

Filter by demographics like income, age, residence ownership length.

Easy customization and high-quality finish to stand out

Optionally customize materials down to the paper density and coating. Whether it’s matte, gloss, and soft touch, you’ll always end up with a professional quality printwork.

Automatically catch and fix errors before printing

Maintain high standards and consistency in your printed  materials with automatic quality control. Document Checker detects and fixes image quality, grammar and sizing flaws, so you don’t have to.

Import and work with your own marketing materials

Easily upload and adapt marketing materials created in other tools like Adobe Illustrator to avoid redesigning the wheel. Import materials as PDFs and resize them with a click.

Start with a library of print templates

From postcards to flyers and brochures. Craft print marketing materials with a professionally designed print template library, automatic branding and drag-n-drop editing. Send them to the printer in minutes.

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Got questions?

How does Xpressdocs work?

Xpressdocs specializes in high-quality printing and direct mail services. Once you create and finalize your design in Xara Cloud, you can select ‘Print via Xpressdocs’ to have your materials professionally printed and shipped to your door or your recipients’.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial:

How long does shipping take?

Xpressdocs can produce and ship your materials the same day if you order by 5 pm ET. Delivery times vary based on the specifics of your order, whether it’s Standard overnight, Priority Overnight, or Saturday Delivery

Do you print in my country?

Xpressdocs offers printing services in numerous countries. Please check our website or contact customer service to confirm availability in your specific location.

Is there in-store pickup?

All orders are conveniently shipped directly to the address you provide to avoid the print shop.

The options are:

Ship to my BRANCH office

This will ship the order to your branch. Your order will be bundled with other orders placed by agents in your branch on the same day. All orders are shipped with next Afternoon Service (by 3:00 p.m.).

Specify a Ship To Address:

This option upgrades your Service Level to Express (by 11:00 a.m.) or to Saturday Delivery. Use this option to send your order directly to your Attention. Click ‘Edit’ to change the shipping address.


How do I track my orders?

Once your order is shipped, you’ll receive a tracking number via email. You can use this number to track the delivery status of your order online. On the Xpressdocs Order History page, you can view your proofs, track the order , view photographs associated with this order, and place this order again.

What happens if there are issues with my order?

If there are any issues with your order, please contact our customer service team immediately. We are committed to resolving any problems promptly to ensure your satisfaction.

How do I ensure my image and file sizes and quality are optimized for professional print quality?

Xara Cloud’s Document Checker automatically reviews your designs for image quality, file size, and other parameters, ensuring they are optimized for printing. You can also refer to our guidelines for image and file specifications.

How do I design my print marketing with Xara Cloud?

Start by choosing a template or importing your design into Xara Cloud. Utilize the intuitive design tools, and automatic document branding to customize your materials. You can go as far as automating the whole creation of your document by entering MLS ID numbers or grabbing property data directly from your website’s link. Once you’re satisfied, select ‘Print via Xpressdocs’ to proceed with printing.

How do I import my own docs into Xara Cloud?

To import documents, simply upload your PDF files into Xara Cloud. Our platform supports a seamless import process, allowing you to easily work with existing designs.

You can import documents created in other platforms, even Adobe Illustrator. Xara Cloud can seamlessly import PDF, PPT, Word, and images.

Can I cancel my print orders? How?

Orders can be canceled if they haven’t entered the printing process.

To cancel, please contact Xpressdocs customer service as soon as possible. They’ll do their best to accommodate your request. Their customer support is available Monday through Friday from 8am – 6pm Central.




Email Address:

[email protected]

You can submit a support form here

What payment methods does Xpressdocs accept?

Xpressdocs accepts various payment methods, including major credit cards and certain online payment platforms.