A professional and branded email header can immediately make the reader of your email recognize you and trust the email content more. If you send all your emails with the same header, at some point it will be part of your brand, and you will have gotten thousands of impressions thanks to email marketing.

With Xara Cloud, you can create a perfect email header for your brand in minutes. You only need to have your brand assets such as logo, brand colors, and fonts and you will have many templates to choose from. Each email header template will automatically take your brand colors, logo, and fonts. You can edit your template with our simple drag and drop editor and customize the layout until it is exactly what you need.

You can create from very simple designs with your company name, logo, and maybe slogan, to more complex and creative layouts. You can add photos, graphics, diagrams, icons, etc. from the Xara Cloud library or incorporate assets you have to the email header template. In any case, you have absolute freedom to create what you need.

If more people are going to be sending emails from your company (for example, the marketing department or the sales team) we recommend you turn your final email header design into a team template. That will allow anyone in your team to use the approved and official email header you have created, so you ensure everyone is using the same design and being consistent with your brand.

You can download your email header in any format such as PNG or JPEG to incorporate into your email marketing tool or CRM. Our email headers are 600×300 by default as that is the recommended size that looks good on most email providers and it is not too heavy – We don’t want your email to end up in the SPAM folder. You can nevertheless easily resize the headers to other dimensions if you want.

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