A letterhead is the corporate heading on stationery, normally including the name of the company, logo, and contact information such as website, email, or phone number. They are often found in corporate documents such as letters, memos, notes, or contracts.

Using a professional and well-designed letterhead will help you make a great first impression on your recipient.

In the Xara Cloud library, you can find many letterhead templates. You will surely find one that fits your company style. All letterheads can be fully customized with the drag and drop editor. Change the colors to your corporate ones, and the font styles to those that you are already using in your marketing material and other business documents.

With Xara Cloud, you can give your employees access to corporate letterhead templates so they can create their letters with the correct branding at all times. All your company information – such as website, phone numbers, email, or physical address – can be added to the template so you minimize mistakes and speed up the creation of letters and memos. Consistency is key to creating a good impression on clients, partners, stakeholders, or employees.

Our letterheads are perfect for both print and web documents:

  • Download your document in PDF, Word, or image format
  • Print in high quality, thanks to high resolution output and choice of CMYK color profiles
  • Share online with a link. Change the content anytime and simply republish to update.

As you have seen, working on your reputation with branded official correspondence is very easy with Xara Cloud. And don’t think our templates are only made for big companies. You can also use them if you’re a startup, small business or a freelancer. Editing in Xara Cloud can be done easily with drag and drop and you don’t need any design experience.

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