We can consider a contract as a free agreement between two parties that can be legally enforced. It creates a responsibility for all the parties that sign the contract. Being in written form, it offers protection in case the agreement is not respected.

Although there are infinite possibilities, here are some examples of contracts that you might have signed in the past.

  • A work contract establishes expectations for both new employees and the company
  • A freelancer contract can be useful if you are self-employed
  • A consulting agreement establishes the terms and conditions of the contractual agreement between the consulting company and the client

Our contract templates will help you create this important legal document. They contain the standard items that allow your contract to be valid, including:

  • Contact details of each of the parties
  • Background information
  • Payment information
  • Scope of work
  • Terms and conditions that apply
  • Signature, place, and date

You can add any extra items to your contract, such as exceptions that might apply, schedules, deliveries, etc.

The good thing about using a customizable contract template is that you can tweak the original template to your needs and remove or add any parts that you might need. With Xara Cloud, you can create a template in A4 format or American Letter. All our templates can also be easily resized to the desired format in a couple of clicks.

Our contract templates can be easily shared:

  • Download a PDF or Doc version of your contract.
  • Publish it online and share the view link with the other party.
  • Save to the cloud so you can always access it, create a copy from it or edit it further.
  • Invite other people to make edits or add comments to the contract (it works like Google Docs).

Remember that even though templates are useful, we recommend consulting a legal expert who can provide advice on your particular case.

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