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Our document analytics provide actionable insights to ensure that your content is engaging and leads to revenue.

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Start driving your business efforts with data-driven decisions and not assumptions.

Your sales team is creating persuasive proposals, but do prospects open and share them? How can you tell if an investor is reading your pitch or just skipping to the next page?

Most marketers measure every action done on their website, but they go blind on the most critical part of the sale: Imagine your prospect sitting in their office, opening your email and clicking your proposal. Wouldn’t you want to know what is crossing her mind?

With our document analytics tool you can collect actionable insights so you know how your documents— and pages within documents—perform. That way, you can focus your efforts on creating more of the kind of content people want to read and share. Stop guessing what works best.

Nurture prospects in different way depending of their reaction or follow up with investors knowing what they did with your pitch.

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For CEOs

  • Know if the investor looked at your pitch deck
  • Measure most interesting topics, so you focus on them during your next call
  • Know when it’s the ideal moment to follow up.

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For sales teams

  • Know if the prospect looked at your proposal
  • Discover if they shared across the team – So you you can nurture accordingly
  • Learn what parts where the most interesting for them

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For marketers

  • Know if your Ebooks and brochures are being opened
  • Discover what topics are more interesting-so you write more about them!
  • A/B test document performance

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All documents shared through Xara are automatically tracked for you. No additional work required. Unique URLs for every shared document allows you to understand your audience better and identify what content meets their interests best.

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Collect document-level analytics to track top performing content, average completion percentage, and user demographics. Page-by-page analytics for each document provides the granular visibility to identify specific people that are interested.

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Compare results through different channels and across different document versions to adjust content on the fly and achieve results faster. Any document can be edited and republished immediately to optimize it in real-time workflows.

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Document analytics for agile teams

Document opens

Viewing time per

Completion rates*


Viewing time per

Download count
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Device used

Avg. viewing time
Per page + per document

Export CSV with
your analytics
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*The completion rate indicates How many pages of the total document have been viewed on a single session or on average. Know if your content is relevant and if there are pages that must be changed or skipped from your documents.

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Become more data-driven at the most critical moment of conversion with document analytics

  • Easy to share document links
  • Get immediate feedback on engagement performance
  • Agile improvements to your documents

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