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What is a Carousel Post?

A Carousel Post is a slideshow of photos or videos that people can swipe through horizontally (usually left) on various platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

In a short period of time, Carousel Posts quickly became the most widely used feature among social media creators.

Why should you use Carousel Post?

Carousel Posts are great for increasing engagement. People love to interact with a Carousel Post: this format capitalises on people’s attention span and nurtures reflexes for swiping through each card’s contents. The time they spend engaging with the Carousel post is, in fact, longer than other posts. So, they are also the perfect format for Ads and sponsored posts.

They are great for sharing insights and stories in an easy-to-digest way because they get to the point quickly. Carousel Posts are the perfect format for repurposed content.

How to create a carousel post in Xara Cloud?

Creating a Carousel Post might seem like a challenging task. But with Xara Cloud, you don’t need to be a design expert because you start with a customisable template for your business purpose.

Our designs can be branded automatically to your company colors, fonts and logos, which makes the design super-easy and lets you focus on the content.

Editing our Carousel Post templates is easy; click on the text and adapt it to your content. Replace images simply by dragging new ones from your folders, the cloud or your URL. Then, customize the elements with our drag-and-drop editor until you have precisely what you want.

There are no limits to our Carousel Post templates! You can make your Carousel Post in minutes without the hassle. If you’ve been wondering how to create a professionally designed and engaging Carousel Post, sign up now for Xara Cloud, and you’ll find it’s easier!

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