There’s a better way to market properties

You don’t want your agents creating collateral. They don’t want to either. Create powerful marketing material from MLS listings, with your brand’s unique look and feel with just 3 clicks.

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Xara Cloud

Do more of what you do best

With collateral creation hassles and interruptions gone, agents
can focus on closing deals.

Automate your listing’s marketing content and scale sales

One-click fill your documents

Connect your MLS to Xara through our API and automate the previously slow, manual process of adding listing data to your marketing material.

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Turn your listings
into experiences

After entering the listing ID, you can drag and drop the fields you want, and voilà – all your information, pictures, and brand are where you want them!

Share your results.
Download and go!

Send your content to the printer for your upcoming open house, share your post on social media, your site of choice, or simply include the link in your next email marketing campaign.

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Forgot to add a property?
Repurposing material?

Create multi-property material, replace properties or agents in one go. All it takes is to enter the new reference number.

Accelerate revenue

Creating listing materials is a realtor’s second unpaid job. Now you can automatically generate
eye-catching materials to distribute, in seconds. Prioritize your clients’ needs and closing.

Consistency and scalability

Catch more eyeballs across channels with your branded content while skipping the error-prone manual entries. Update documents with real-time MLS data.

Flexibility and security

Save your best content as templates and reuse it to market new properties, with the ability to customize every aspect with the drag n drop editor.

With Xara’s MLS integration we don’t have to have someone spending half a day putting all our marketing materials together. Now we’re able to market every property in no time. Our agents have the latest collateral and buyer-seller guides at their fingertips, all the time.

— Ethan Ives
Managing Broker

Ethan Ives

80 hours saved per month

75% decreased creation time

60 happy agents


How does Xara connect to my MLS?

Xara works directly with your MLS to establish the connection. Then it is simply a matter of you entering the MLS Listing ID for the property to populate the template.

Does Xara charge me to input my MLS?

No. However, agents have to pay fees to the MLS to get access to the information as it has always worked.

Is the information and data transfer safe?

The information and data transferred is fully compliant, and Xara doesn’t store any of the MLS data, nor does it create a service out of it. The feature is compliant with MLS and real estate marketing guidelines.

Are there upfront costs or additional fees?

Your subscription has an annual fee of $120 per agent. Our agency plan includes 5 agents at $2000 per year.

Easily revamp your material, strengthen your brand, and shorten your sales cycles while focusing on what matters - your clients.

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