Would you like to have original Facebook post layouts, that stand out in the news feed when your followers are browsing? Nowadays all social media platforms are overcrowded, and every user has literally endless posts to see. By designing something original, with beautiful colors and a unique layout, you can grab more attention for your business. 

You can also use our templates for a Facebook ad campaign, and start getting clicks to your website in a very quick and easy way (top tip: remember that the text should not be more than 20% of the image).

Designing posts from scratch is not easy. But with Xara Cloud you don’t need to worry about that. Select one of our many Facebook templates, created for you by professional designers so that you can focus entirely on the content. All the design elements—colors, layout, fonts, etc—are sorted for you.

You can easily personalize your Facebook post with our drag and drop editor. Change the color scheme with a click and see how the whole look and feel of your post changes to your style. You can also select your favorite font combination. 

Add your photos from your computer or cloud drive, and edit them with our photo enhancement options. Select a filter or use the advanced photo controls—edit the hue, saturation, brightness, contrast or temperature—to give your images a unique style. 

If you want to use the same design for different social media platforms, simply use our resize option. It can automatically transform your Facebook post to Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or vice versa. 

When your post is ready, download it as a JPEG, PNG or PDF, then simply schedule it in your favorite social media management tool or post it directly to your Facebook account.

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