Why to use tables?

Tables help to show organized information and data.

They sort the categories and values in rows and columns to make it easy to compare values. With our table maker you just have to drag and drop to edit the table and click and type to add your values.
Tables can also be used to prepare raw data before creating other diagrams such as bar graphs, pie charts or timelines.

When to use tables vs other diagram?

One common question is when to use a table vs a diagram
such as pie or bar chart.

It really depends of what type data you are working with, how much is it and where you will display it. Here are some tips:

  • When there is too much data for a diagram to be clear, it is preferable to use a table.
  • If you have a big amount of data using a diagram might not be the best idea (unless you are somehow grouping categories to reduce the amount of data) so a table can be the best solution.
  • If you are working with specific values and those are important to your report or presentation, then a table is better than a bar chart, as it focuses more on the values than their visual representation.
  • When you want to show something at a glance (for example for a slide in a presentation where the audience will not have much time to read) a bar graph or pie chart makes more sense.
  • When you want to show any trends, a bar chart will be the right diagram to use. For example the increase in sales will be more impactful in a bar chart than a table or pie chart.
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Advice to create your table

  • Think about the context in which your table will be used. Who will be reading it? How knowledgeable are they in the topic? Defining this will help you to decide what data to include, to what level of details to go or what explanations are required to read your table.
  • When adding the data, make sure not to add too much information. Keep it simple. The more data you add the longer it will take to understand it.
  • Pay attention to how you label your table. Add the correct raw label and column label to help read it and interpret it.
  • Always include the source of your data. That way it will not only look more professional but you also give people who are specially interested the chance to dive deeper into the topic.
  • Use colors and lines to help interpret the information. For example, by grouping related data with thicker lines or applying the same background color, you can help the person reading the table. With Xara Cloud you can fully customize your table’s background colors for each cell, lines, etc.
  • Use right alignment for numbers, as it makes them easy to scan and compare. As for text, it is recommended to center align it.
  • The order in which you place your information matters. Sometimes the nature of your data will show a clear sequence (such as months of the year) but often it will be up to you to decide how you order your information so it makes the most sense.

Xara Cloud as your table maker

You can customize every detail about your table, from fonts to text colors, text size, lines, background etc.

To add a table in Xara Cloud you can simply open any document and go to the table section of the menu. Click on the big blue plus button for that.
Once you select your desired table design, it will be added into your document and you can start to fill it in with your data. Click and type your values or copy and paste them from other source.

How to add or delete columns or rows?

Click on the green plus handle in the table and then drag and drop towards the table to eliminate columns or rows. Drag and drop in the opposite direction of the table to add more columns or rows.

Where can I add tables?

You can tables to any document. For example to business presentations, reports, eBooks, product sheets etc. You can also copy a table from one document and paste it in another.

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