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Every touch-point with potential customers matters. When someone requests a product sheet, it might seem that they already want to buy the product, but you still need to convince them. For sure it’s a very good sign if someone wants to learn more specific details of your product or service, but you still need to provide them with a sales document that is professional and on-brand in order to close the deal.

Just because you don’t have design experience, it doesn’t mean you have to send a boring datasheet which just lists the product characteristics. With our product sheet templates, you can instantly create a beautiful and on-brand sales document into which you simply paste all the important information about the product, and images from your computer or cloud drive.

In our drag and drop editor, you can find all the data visualization features you need to add impact to your datasheet. And it’s easy to add elements such as bar charts, line graphs or pie charts to your document. We also have infographics such as maps, Venn diagrams, Timeline charts and product tables. Use our library of free icons and images to make your information more interesting and easy to remember.

You can send the product sheet online by sharing the link with customers, or download it in high-quality PDF to print or send via email. For added value you can add it as a downloadable PDF to your website’s product pages.

With Xara Cloud you and your sales team will be able to produce a professional product sheet to send to customers and win more sales, without installing complicated software or hiring an expensive design agency.

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