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Instagram marketing can be an amazing opportunity for businesses that have a strong visual component. Industries such as travel, food, lifestyle or design are great examples, but with a little bit of creativity almost any business can benefit from this social media platform. 

Instagram Stories are a growing trend, for good reason. Besides regularly posting in your feed—as you are probably already doing—they can be a great way to grow your audience. They are usually time-limited and more personal than normal Instagram posts, and they can help show your business from a new perspective. 

You might simply post a story by taking photos and videos of yourself with your phone, showing what you are doing today. But you can get more from your photos and compose an interesting layout, even if you don’t have graphic design experience. Our Instagram templates give you the perfect starting point. Simply select your favorite design, add the colors from your brand to make sure your story fits with your other communications, and add your content. Done!

You can also instantly enhance your photos by using our photo filters; for example create a black and white photo, add a warm filter or make colors shine more brightly. For a more customized result you can use our professional photo controls to change elements such as hue, saturation, brightness or contrast.
We are regularly creating new templates to ensure you always have something new and interesting to help your brand grow on social media. 

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