Start creating professional brochures with a drag and drop editor with Xara Cloud Templates. Start from a ready-made design done by an experienced designer and edit the text, photos, colors, layout, etc to your needs. Save yourself the dollars that a marketing agency would charge you. 

It is so easy to customize our brochure templates. Add all the elements you need to make a great impression and generate more sales:

  • Photo filters and adjustments to add more impacts to your images.
  • Icons and other visual elements that make your brochure stand out.
  • Advanced data visualization tools such as tables, charts, diagrams, etc.  

You can share your brochure on the web with a simple link or download as a PDF to send to potential clients, partners, etc. 

All our multi-page documents can be printed by selecting the high-quality commercial printing option and sending your files to your local printer. You can distribute locally, in industry events, send per traditional mail, etc. 

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