Real estate agents

Traditional marketing materials such as postcards, door hangers or flyers still play a big role in how most real estate agents win new prospects and make more sales.

While advertising on web platforms such as Trulia, Facebook, Google or LinkedIn can be (and should be) part of your marketing strategy, real estate agents tend to combine digital and print marketing to make sure they are maximizing their marketing efforts.

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Local business

Print definitely has a wider reach in local markets. There is no better way to reach everyone in a specific street or area than print. Even with platforms that allow you to be super-targeted with your audience online, most local business still believe print works better for them to attract new customers. And they are probably right!

Often local businesses offer discount vouchers, or even something for free. These are good marketing strategies when your business moves into a new neighborhood and you need to win new customers. But you might also want to take advantage of seasonal campaigns such as Christmas or New Year.

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Examples of print marketing

Hopefully you now know what print marketing is, why it is still important a what kind of business should prioritize it. So let's take a look at some examples.

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