Brand Templates for Teams

Streamline your content

Bring your marketing ideas to life without the heavy design work. Create unique content in minutes and scale your brand experience.

A CEO's business card, and signature banner created using Xara Cloud templates
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Unblock your creative process

Managing complex tools? Not sure how your next campaign will turn out? Transform chaos into clarity with a platform that removes all the complex parts of creating content.
Unblock your creative process

Transform ideas into reality in one place

Easily find inspiration with thousands of business-ready templates, diagrams, pictures and shapes, that snap into place so you can quickly publish high-quality results.

Reach more audiences

Now you can create campaigns in one click, and save hours, while delivering endless high-quality designs directly to your audience.

Create faster together

Forget about the endless revisions and lost information. Connect your team and resources to a single workflow where they can safely collaborate faster with editing, and commenting capabilities.

Automatically make your brand stand out

Create content with all the details that reflect what users should remember about you. Add them automatically, so you can forget about it, while your audience remembers you.

These features will help you create faster:

Business-ready templates

Our templates give you the building blocks so you never start from scratch.

Automatic resizing

Create slick content for every channel in one click. One design, endless possibilities.

Automatic branding

Make your brand memorable, without having to think about it.

Asset centralization

Keep all your digital assets in one place for better access and control.

Team Folders

Organize your team, decide who can access what files and who can make changes to them.

Real time collaboration

Work faster together with a single source of truth, and open communication channel.

Replicable Branded Templates

Save your team time and add consistency to your brand. Made to be copied, restricing elements you want to protect.


Seamlessly connect with your marketing stack and cloud drives to deliver better work, faster.

Ready to increase the value of your content?