Real Estate Brochure Templates

Promote your properties in minutes with branded brochures. Save time and effort on marketing with pre-designed real estate brochure templates and build a reusable template library for your agency to market every property in a snap.

  • Auto-fill brochures by pasting a link to your listing or an MLS ID.
  • Protect your agency’s branding and instantly personalize with agent details.
  • Send your brochures straight to your office or clients with click-to-print.
  • Keep every property image, headshot and logo in one place.
Free real estate – brochure – modern house template

Real Estate – Brochures – Modern House

Free real estate – brochure – for lease template

Real Estate – Brochures – For lease

Free real estate – brochure – expose template

Real Estate – Brochures – Expose

Free real estate – brochure – company template

Real Estate – Brochures – Company

Free real estate – brochure – property template

Real Estate – Brochures – Property

Free real estate – brochure – property sale template

Real Estate – Brochures – Property sale

Free real estate – brochure – for lease template

Real Estate – Brochures – For Lease

Free real estate – brochure – modern hours template

Real Estate – Brochures – Modern hours

Free real estate – brochure – leading template

Real Estate – Brochures – Leading

Free real estate – brochure – luxury template

Real Estate – Brochures – Luxury

Create a Real Estate Brochure in Three Steps

Whether you are a real estate brokerage servicing hundreds of agents, or an agent marketing a property, creating a personalized real estate brochure should be a breeze.

  • Select a template or upload a current brochure

    Choose from a library of professionally designed brochure templates.

  • Customize your design

    Automatically add your brand, pull listings from your site or MLS, and customize text and images.

  • Publish online, Print, Ship or download

    Select delivery option and printing quality to finalize and confirm your order.

How efficient agencies deliver marketing

  • 80Hours saved per month
  • 75%Decrease in creation time
  • 60Productive agents
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About Xara Cloud’s Brochure Templates

Start creating professional brochures with a drag and drop editor with Xara Cloud Templates. Start from a ready-made design done by an experienced designer and edit the text, photos, colors, layout, etc to your needs. Save yourself the dollars that a marketing agency would charge you.

  • It is so easy to customize our brochure templates. Add all the elements you need to make a great impression and generate more sales:
  • Photo filters and adjustments to add more impacts to your images.
  • Icons and other visual elements that make your brochure stand out.
  • Advanced data visualization tools such as tables, charts, diagrams, etc.

You can share your brochure on the web with a simple link or download as a PDF to send to potential clients, partners, etc.

All our multi-page documents can be printed by selecting the high-quality commercial printing option and sending your files to your local printer. You can distribute locally, in industry events, send per traditional mail, etc.

Got questions?


What are Real Estate Brochures?

Brochures are one of the most popular marketing materials used in real estate. They are designed to create a powerful visual impression and provide potential buyers and sellers with a detailed overview of a property or real estate company. Brochures are an effective tool for creating brand awareness and helping to engage potential buyers and sellers with a real estate business.

Why do you need a Real Estate Brochure?

Brochures can play many valuable roles in real estate; here are just a few suggestions:

  • To show a property in depth. This makes special sense in luxury real estate, since a well-designed and highly visual multi-page brochure is often the best way to showcase the stellar features of such a house.
  • To market your real estate business. You can create beautiful brochures with market information about your area, local news, trends, etc.
  • To show a selection of properties. This way, prospects that are searching in an area can compare different houses and then hopefully visit their favorite ones.

How to create a Real Estate Brochure with Xara?

To create a beautiful Real Estate brochure, you can simply start with one of our Xara Cloud templates. Professionals design them so you can quickly and easily copy and paste your content, and without hiring a design agency. You can create brochures for both commercial real estate and residential real estate.

What’s more, all our templates are straightforward to customize. Add your own photos and all the information you want to show about a property or a group of properties. Paste your text, add icons, logos, etc.

Our editor has all the features you need to complete a persuasive brochure:

  • Graphs such as timelines, bar, pie and line charts.
  • Maps, diagrams and tables to show market data, trends or comparisons.
  • Icons and text panels to add more visual elements to your documents.

Once your brochure is complete you can download it as a PDF and then send it online to prospects and partners, or offer it as a download on your website.

Alternatively, select the high-quality commercial printing option so you can send your ready-to-print brochure to the local printer, perfect for distribution in your neighborhood, a mailing campaign, or simply to hand to visitors.

Our real estate brochures are the very best way to nurture clients and win more prospects. And it can take less than an hour to create one!