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Consistency in the emails you send out is very important. This applies both for email marketing teams sending emails to thousands or millions of people, for salespeople reaching out to prospects and leads, for communication with partners or affiliates, and even internal communication. You want to build your brand with every interaction so never dismiss the importance of a professional email signature. 

While it’s the truth that you could code your signature in HTML, let’s be honest, most of us don’t have the knowledge or time to do that. You also run the risk of making a mistake in the code and sending an email with a broken banner to your list. 

The solution? Xara Cloud email signature banner templates. With various designs to fit your needs and your corporate brand, they are really easy to edit and customize. No coding or design knowledge is needed, as once you have chosen your favorite signature banner template from our library, it’s as simple as using drag and drop editing to edit your text, images, layout, etc. 

Once you have finalized your banner, you can download it in PNG or JPEG that will fit nicely into most email builders or your preferred CRM. Our templates are already designed so they have the perfect size that will look good on most email providers such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. 

With Xara Cloud automatic branding, you can easily generate multiple email signature banners for your whole team, making sure they all look consistent with the brand and if customers or partners receive emails from different people in the company, there is a consistency to it. This will make your company seem more trustworthy and professional. 

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