The first step when you’re looking for a new job is to update your resume (or as it’s sometimes called CV – short for curriculm vitea, ‘course of one’s life’ in Latin!) You need to make sure it shows the best of your professional experience at a glance, because HR staff are always busy. They need to understand very quickly who you are and why you’re an excellent candidate for the job.

Our first tip is to keep your resume short and to the point. If you’re just getting started and don’t have much experience then 1 page should be enough. If you’re more experienced you might need 2 – but let’s just say it wouldn’t be wise to run to 7 pages!

With our resume templates you are guaranteed to make the best first impression. We have corporate resume templates, that are ideal if you are applying for a role at an established company. Or we have more creative CV designs, that could be suitable for creative positions, or help you stand out from the crowd when applying to less conventional companies such as start-ups or agencies. If you’re not sure what kind of template to use, it’s probably best to keep it simple and use one of our minimalist resume templates that would suit any company. 

Once you’ve selected a CV template that fits your dream job, you can simply edit your work experience, education, skills and personal data using our drag and drop editor. You can change the colors easily by selecting one of our predefined color palettes, or adding your own favorite colors manually. You can also edit the fonts to make them fit the style you want to convey. Make sure it is readable both on screen and in print (it’s very common for recruiters to print an applicant’s CV and cover letter to compare candidates). 

If you’re in a country where it’s usual to add a photo to your CV, you can add one to the template from your computer or cloud drive.  And our final tip, make sure you have the spell checker on and ask a friend or family member to read it through before submitting it!

Our CV templates are ready to download in PDF or JPEG format. With Xara Cloud it can take just minutes to create a CV you can confidently submit for that perfect job! 

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