If you have a website for your real estate business, you’re probably all too aware that many visitors simply leave your site without taking any action. But many of these people were simply busy, or they got distracted, so they might still be interested in your service. It could be a good idea to re-target them with a real estate banner ad to bring them back to where they left on your website.

But re-targeting banners aren’t the only way to use banner ads. You can also advertise to new customers while they’re surfing on third party websites. Most platforms also allow you to target specific audiences so you don’t waste marketing dollars.

Creating your ads is easier than ever with Xara Cloud because you can start from one of our banner ad templates. They’re already pre-set to the sizes required by the main ad providers, so you simply have to add your photos and text, and a call to action to entice surfers to click.

Make sure your ad is consistent with your landing page, so when people click they feel a sense of continuity. An important part of that is using the same colors and similar imagery. When you create a banner ad with Xara Cloud it’s very easy to ensure it looks consistent and on-brand, because they will automatically pick up your brand colors, fonts and logos.

Normally you’ll need different size versions of the same banner, to adapt to the space available on the host website. Once you have your first design you can easily duplicate the page and resize it within the Xara Cloud editor, until you have all the required formats for your campaign.

All that remains is to download your graphics as PDFs, JPEGs or PNGs and create your campaign in the whatever tool you are using for paid marketing.

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