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What is a Real Estate Postcard?

A Real Estate Postcard is a printed marketing piece used to promote a property or service related to real estate. Postcards can be used as a direct mail marketing tool, as well as sent through email or printed as flyers. They are typically designed to feature a single property but can also be used to advertise real estate services or a company’s portfolio. A Real Estate Postcard should include the property’s address and contact information, along with a description of the property’s features and benefits. Additional information such as photos, open house dates, and marketing messages can also be included.

Why do you need Real Estate Postcards?

Direct mail is still one of the most effective ways for local businesses, such as real estate agents, to capture and nurture new customers. Print marketing has some vast advantages; you can leverage them to get more people to your next open house or promote your services. They are cost-efficient and can be sent quickly to target local markets. Postcards are great for sharing information about open houses, upcoming events, or new listings. They can also be used to remind clients about their upcoming closing dates or to announce a new business venture. Postcards are an effective way to get your message out and can be used to build relationships with clients. Additionally, postcards are easy to store and can be used for future mailings.

How to create a Real Estate Postcard with Xara Cloud?

If you’ve never done postcard marketing before, it might seem intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be! The first step is to select your favorite real estate postcard template from our library: You need to keep in mind that both the design and the content can be easily edited with our drag-and-drop editor, but you can start from a layout crafted by our team of professional designers, and have all the necessary elements of a beautiful design.

We have open house postcard templates, where you can showcase some beautiful photos of the house alongside details of the time and place. You can also find just-listed postcards to show one or several properties. You’ll also find just-sold postcard templates in our gallery, ready and waiting to be used.

You can customize our real estate postcard templates with total freedom. Replace the placeholder logo with your own logo, then apply the colors and fonts of your business, and add your own property images to the layout. If you think the photos could be improved, use our predefined photo filters or manually enhance your images by changing brightness, hue, saturation, contrast, etc., until they show your property at its best.

Once they are ready, simply download them as a high-quality PDF and send them to your local print store (with bleed and crop marks) or email marketing company. Try Xara Cloud for free – you could generate new prospects within days!

Xara Cloud can be your ideal marketing solution for both print and web. Using our templates you can create campaigns very quickly and for a fraction of the cost of a design agency.