Updating your social feeds every day can take a lot of your time. Our Instagram templates will make it quicker for you. You don’t need to be a graphic design expert because our templates allow you to start from a professional layout, and our drag and drop editor helps you create what you need in seconds. Starting each Instagram post from scratch is no longer necessary. 

Choose from hundreds of templates for Instagram stories and Instagram posts, and select the one that fits your business. You can add the color palette and text style that you prefer for your design, we will apply it automatically to the whole graphic.

With Xara Cloud’s photo editor you can add interesting filters in your browser, and create Instagram posts and Instagram stories that stand out from the crowd. You can also modify images and text, or add visual components such as icons, graphics or diagrams. 

Do you need to re-use a Facebook post or Twitter post for Instagram? With our resize tool you can transform your social media post from and to any format with just a few clicks. No more recreating content for each platform from scratch!

With Xara Cloud you can also create beautiful photo collages in minutes, simply by selecting the best layout and adding your photos by drag and drop. Select images from your computer or cloud drive, or choose from our library of stock images to create a post even more quickly.

Save your Instagram post or story in your cloud drive to edit later, share or edit with colleagues, and download when it’s ready in JPEG, PNG or PDF. 

Having a compelling Instagram feed, updated regularly, can help you grow your business and win more customers. Now with Xara Cloud you can create your own posts and stories instantly, and boost your social media results. 

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