Today everyone has multiple social media accounts, emails and websites. But still, business cards are often the best way to keep in touch with a potential customer or partner. Put simply, you should never go to any networking event without your business cards: They are a free way to market your business, so use them!

For many people your card will be the first impression they have of your business, so make sure it represents your style and conveys enough information about you: Your name, email address, website and social media channels (If you have them).

Don’t have design experience? You can still create a new card in seconds. Simply select one of our many business card templates, choose from our text and color styles and then add your name and contact information. You can also add your logo and brand your card to your colors automatically, thanks to our “take color from photo” feature. And you can add icons or your photo to your card if you want. Creating your custom business card is super-easy with our online drag and drop editor.

It’s also easy to print your business card by adding bleed and crop marks (in the download options) and send it to your local print store. Our high-quality commercial printing option will make sure your design looks as professional as if it had been done by an experienced designer.

Start making valuable connections with a beautiful card that people will keep. It only takes a few minutes to design a business card in Xara Cloud and it can have a huge impact on your business. Select your favorite design and make it yours with our online editor. Why not get started for free now.

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