In the age of social media, stepping up your game and creating entertaining real estate content for your Facebook page is necessary. If you’re looking for the best Facebook posts for real estate agents’ ideas and templates, you’re in the right place.

In order to see the results of your work and get new leads from Facebook marketing, you should post regularly and provide value for your audience. But coming up with new and engaging real estate Facebook post ideas can be challenging, especially since you still have to attend to all your realtor tasks.

Don’t worry, though; we’re here to help!

We’ve prepared a list with examples of good realtor Facebook posts, templates, and ideas you can use right now to boost your reach, increase engagement, and grow your real estate business.

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5 Benefits of Using Facebook for Real Estate Marketing

Using Facebook for real estate marketing offers several benefits. It allows you to target a specific audience in a specific area, showcase property listings with photos and videos, engage with potential customers through comments and messages, and build brand awareness through regular updates and promotions.

  • Wide Reach: Facebook has a large user base, allowing you to reach a broad audience and target specific demographics relevant to your real estate niches.
  • Cost-Effective: Compared to traditional advertising methods, Facebook offers cost-effective advertising options, allowing you to maximize your marketing budget.
  • Visual Appeal: Facebook’s visually oriented platform allows you to showcase high-quality images and videos of real estate listings, capturing the attention of potential buyers.
  • Engagement and Interaction: Facebook provides a platform for direct communication with potential clients, allowing you to engage in conversations, answer inquiries, and build relationships with qualified leads.
  • Targeted Advertising: Facebook’s advanced targeting capabilities enable you to reach potential homeowners and prospective buyers based on their location, interests, and demographics, ensuring your ads are seen by the right audience in your local market.

What Makes A Successful Real Estate Facebook Post?

A successful real estate agent’s Facebook post should have eye-catching visuals, engaging and informative content, a clear call-to-action, and relevant hashtags. The messaging should also be tailored to your target audience’s interests and needs, providing valuable information and encouraging interaction.

Don’t forget to include your agent’s details, such as your email address, phone number, and your company’s website.

18 Best Real Estate Agent Facebook Posts To Steal

1. Just Listed Real Estate Facebook Post Example

Sharing your portfolio’s most recent property is one of the most straightforward real estate Facebook social media post ideas. We couldn’t have started with a different post idea. “Just listed” social media posts are one of the most effective methods for growth and property marketing.

If shared with many interested followers, this type of Facebook post can help you close deals in a matter of days, not months.

Here’s a beautiful Facebook post template you can use to promote your new, just-listed property to your Facebook contacts.

Pro tip: Don’t go for overly promotional posts; focus on sharing visually appealing photography to attract your audience’s attention.

2. Just Sold Real Estate Facebook Post Example

Facebook posts are a great way to share your success with your network. This way, you can establish yourself as an expert in your area and get new clients interested in selling their homes.

Sharing recently sold posts on your social media can showcase your accomplishments and build trust with potential clients. These posts highlight your expertise as a real estate agent and demonstrate your market knowledge. They also provide social proof and increase brand recall. Have you sold a home for more than expected or helped sell a luxurious or unique property? Take pride in it and create a post about it!

To use this just-sold template, all you need to do is change the images and texts to suit your own needs.

Pro Tip: Use bright colors and a clean, easy-to-read font to attract all eyes and make an impression.

3. Real Estate Statistics Facebook Post Example

Real Estate statistics are a great way to encourage people to take action, and posting them on Facebook can get you surprising results. When they look at the numbers and see the prices have increased in the last months, they might be more willing to buy a house as fast as possible.

Here’s a visually appealing real estate statistics Facebook template you can use to share helpful information with your network.

Pro tip: Go for a simple layout; don’t share too many numbers, graphics, and icons on a single post since they can have the opposite effect and make people lose interest.

4. Open House Facebook Post Example

Promoting an open house event can be difficult, but with the aid of Facebook, you can reach more people interested in buying homes with ease.

Use this real estate Facebook template to invite people to your next open house event. All you need to do is add the time and place, along with your contact details and appealing property photography.

Pro tip: Don’t overshare; add an image with an appealing house detail and invite people over to discover the rest.

5. Real Estate Testimonial Facebook Post Example

Testimonials and referrals are great ways to share your customers’ experience with new leads and help them decide to work with you. Ask your customers to provide you with feedback and use a simple testimonial template like this one to share it on Facebook.

Pro tip: Don’t use fake testimonials; they are easier to spot than you think. Use honest customer feedback that your leads can relate to.

6. Inspirational Quotes Real Estate Facebook Post Example

Inspirational quotes can be a great way to motivate, inspire, and engage with your audience. Use this Facebook visual template to share your favorite quotes on real estate.

Pro tip: minimalist Facebook quote templates perform better, so try to keep it to a minimum: a quote, its source, and an image are more than sufficient for this post type.

7. Holiday Real Estate Facebook Post Example

The approach of the Holiday season doesn’t mean you should stop posting on Facebook. Actually, since people have more free time on their hands, you should encourage them to contact you if they want to buy or sell a property. Here’s a Facebook post template you can use to do that.

Pro tip: Feel free to use images and icons that set the mood for the holiday season, such as pumpkins, Santa or Easter bunnies.

8. Real Estate Agent Facebook Post Example

Promoting yourself on Facebook as a real estate agent is a must these days. Feel free to use a simple Facebook post template like this one, and don’t forget to change the picture and contact information to you own.

Pro tip: Choose a recent, professional, and confident-looking picture of yourself. People love to see they can connect with a real human being that can help them achieve their goals.

9. Real Estate Flowchart Facebook Post Example

Social Media is all about sharing useful information in an attractive and interactive way. Using a flowchart Facebook post template like this one can increase engagement on your Facebook page while educating your contacts simultaneously.

Pro tip: Don’t make it a labyrinth; use arrows to direct the viewer’s attention and help them navigate the flowchart.

10. Use Real Estate Memes!

Memes are highly shareable and relatable, making them great for boosting engagement on your social media pages. When people find a meme funny or relatable, they are likelier to like, comment, and share it, increasing your page’s visibility and reach. This helps build a stronger connection with your audience. It is important to keep them professional yet relevant, timely, and creative.

Remember, using real estate memes should supplement your overall content strategy. Balance your meme posts with informative and valuable content to provide a well-rounded experience for your audience.

11. Quizzes

Engage your audience and test their knowledge with fun and interactive quizzes related to real estate. Create quizzes that challenge your audience’s understanding of the market, property types, or local regulations. Not only will this drive engagement, but it will also position you as an expert in the field. Plus, you can also get valuable insights from your followers.

Here are some real estate quiz ideas:

  • “What’s Your Dream Home Style?”
  • “Test Your Real Estate Knowledge: Can You Identify These Famous Landmarks?”
  • “What’s Your Dream City or Country?”

12. Special Offers or Incentives

Stand out from the competition by offering your audience special incentives or exclusive deals. Whether it’s a discounted commission rate, free professional photography for listings, or a limited-time promotion, highlighting special offers will attract real estate agents looking for added value and savings. One of the best ways to get leads is to offer free home valuations.

13. Listing's Video Walkthroughs

Capture the attention of potential buyers by sharing engaging video walkthroughs of your listings on Facebook. Showcase the property’s best features, highlight its unique selling points, and give viewers an immersive experience. Real estate video content is highly engaging and can significantly increase interest and inquiries.

14. Experiment with Giveaways

Generate excitement and increase your following by hosting giveaways. Offer a chance to win a home staging consultation, a gift card to a local furniture store, or a free home warranty. These giveaways not only attract attention but also help you gather leads and build a strong online community.

15. Share Your Blog Posts

Establish yourself as a thought leader in the real estate industry by sharing informative and valuable blog posts on your page. Cover topics such as market trends, buying and selling tips, home improvement ideas, and neighborhood spotlights. This will position you as a knowledgeable resource and keep your audience engaged.

16. Showcase Your Neighborhood

Highlight the best features of the neighborhoods you serve by showcasing local attractions, amenities, and events on your page. Share beautiful photos, interesting facts, and insider tips to create a sense of community and help potential buyers envision themselves living in the area. If there is any news, such as the opening of a brand new shopping center in the area, be sure to promote it.

17. Promote Community Events

Keep your audience informed about upcoming local events in your specialized area. Whether it’s a community festival, a charity run, or a farmers market, promoting these events on your page will demonstrate your knowledge of the local scene and attract potential buyers who are interested in the area’s lifestyle.

18. Educational Content

Posting educational content on Facebook as a real estate agent is an effective strategy for generating leads. You establish yourself as a knowledgeable resource by sharing valuable information about the real estate industry. This builds credibility, attracts potential clients, and helps you expand your online presence and generate more potential clients for your business.

  1. Buyer’s Guides: Create informative guides that walk potential home buyers through the process of purchasing a property. Cover topics such as understanding mortgage options, navigating the home inspection process, and tips for a successful closing.
  2. Seller’s Tips: Offer valuable advice to home sellers by sharing tips on preparing their property for sale, staging techniques, and effective marketing strategies. Help them understand the current market conditions and how to maximize their home’s value.
  3. Home Maintenance Tips: Provide practical tips on home maintenance, repairs, and improvements. Share advice on seasonal maintenance tasks, energy-saving tips, and DIY projects. This type of content demonstrates your expertise and helps homeowners take better care of their properties.
  4. FAQs: Address common questions and concerns that potential clients may have. Create a series of frequently asked questions (FAQs) posts or videos covering topics like financing options, the home buying process, or negotiating strategies. This will help alleviate any uncertainties and build trust with your audience.

Xara’s carousel templates are a must-have for this type of content!

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Realtors, Start Posting on Facebook Today!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our real estate agent Facebook post ideas and they helped you get the inspiration you need. Use our real estate Facebook templates to get even more inspiration and impress your audience. Remember, you could be closing your next deal on your page!

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