The housing market has everyone on edge about what’s to come. More and more people are putting off home-buying due to economic conditions. For real estate professionals, this uncertainty is especially challenging.

But you don’t have to throw in the towel. There’s a way to overcome these real estate challenges without breaking the bank.

How do you generate real estate leads in these uncertain times?

Well, if you want to generate real estate buyer leads, you gotta lead the game.

Otherwise, the market will lead you.

And we’ll show you exactly how to do that. We’ll first reveal our foolproof strategies for generating real estate leads that are serious about home-buying…Then, we’ll show you how to convert those real estate leads into buyers!

Generate Real Estate Buyer Leads With These Tried and Tested Strategies

As you probably already know, the key to growing your business is to get more real estate leads.

But not all leads are created equal.

To succeed, target serious players who have resources and plan to invest in a home or property.

1. Find Your Target Audience

Real Estate Agents Finding their target audience to Generate Real Estate Leads Source

Before you start investing your time and energy into attracting leads, you want to make sure you will not bark at the wrong tree.

The key to any successful marketing campaign lies in understanding your target audience.

This rings especially true in real estate. Connecting with the right buyers can make the difference between a successful sale and an endless wait. How do you generate real estate leads that will grow your business?

  • Study the local market data.
  • Be up to date with the latest trends and updates in the housing market.
  • Study listings and sellers. What features do your listings have? Would they cater more to first-time buyers, seniors, or active adults? What are sellers looking for in their next home?
  • Use Google Analytics and social media listening tools to study your audience’s pain points, likes, demographics, and wants.
  • Launch surveys in your local area and on social media. You’ll get a good impression of your buyer’s target audience.
  • Analyze your sold properties. Do you notice any patterns?

This research will help you create a marketing plan that speaks directly to the real estate buyers you want to attract.

Plus, getting to know the age range, lifestyle, and priorities of your target audience can help you tailor your property offerings to meet their needs better.

2. Create a buyer persona report

It’s time to take your target audience research to the next level with a buyer persona report.

This report will serve as your roadmap for all future marketing strategies. Here’s how you could it to attract real estate buyer leads:

You can use these reports to create personalized landing pages for each buyer persona. First-time buyers don’t have the exact needs as, say, retirees or vacation home seekers.

Taking the time to create multiple landing pages does pay off, as the more people feel like you understand their needs and pain points, the more likely they are to show interest in your brand.

Another way to leverage these reports is to determine which neighbourhoods your prospects might be interested in living in. Then, use that information to create content that educates potential buyers on the neighbourhood. If you’re looking to attract young families, for instance, you could create blog and social media posts of the best family-friendly neighbourhoods in your area.

Buyer personas also come in handy when you plan print marketing campaigns. Once you know where your leads reside and what their real estate needs are – you have a clear picture of where you need to distribute your real estate marketing materials!

For instance, if you’re targeting families, you can reach out to local schools, parks, and community centers to promote your services and connect with potential clients.

The buyer persona reports should guide your overall content strategy. By understanding the needs of each group, you can create helpful content that helps convert them to leads and clients.

Remember, your buyer persona report should be a living, breathing document that evolves as you learn more about your audience. Refine and update it based on new insights, so you can stay ahead of the curve and always be connecting with your ideal leads.

What Should Be Included in a Real Estate Buyer Persona Report?

This real estate buyer persona report should include:

  • Demographics, such as age, location, and income.
  • Challenges & Pain points
  • Home buying Goals & Motivations
  • Likes and wants (preferred home types, sizes, price range)
  • Preferred content formats
  • Favorite channels of communication
  • Ideal home financing options

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3. Boost Your Rankings with Local SEO

Realtor's computer showing a Local SEO Strategy to Generate Real Estate Leads Source

If you want to crush it at real estate lead generation, local SEO is a top priority. By working on those local rankings, you’ll increase your chances of being seen as the go-to agent in your area.

If your website is not optimized – I suggest you start with our SEO for Real Estate guide.

Keyword Research

And your very first step should be keyword research. The idea here is to think like potential buyers. What would they look for online that you could provide? Keywords such as “home for sale in [insert your local area]” or “real estate agent near me” is the most common suspects.

However, if you want to generate real estate leads like crazy, think outside the box.

Maybe some (yet) undecided buyers are looking for mortgage tips or housing market trends in their state. You could use those keywords and create valuable content, such as blog posts or webinars. Use Google Ads Keyword Planner to find the best keywords for your business. You’ll get a bunch of keyword ideas for your website for free. Using these insights, optimize your website with relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and header tags.

Landing Page Optimization

If there’s something to optimize first, I’d say it would be the landing pages. The very goal of landing pages is to capture leads. You see why optimized landing pages should be a consistent goal. To optimize, create landing pages targeted at your demographic. Use the right keywords, simple design, concise copy that makes it crystal clear why they should choose you, and a bold call to action.

Oh, and use video. Video can boost conversion rates by up to 86%. People spend more time on videos, and they prefer watching a video about a product. This rings especially true in real estate, where videos give a more authentic picture of a property.

Claim Your Business

If you haven’t already, make sure to claim your business on directory websites, such as Google My Business or MLS. Optimize each page with keywords, high-quality photos, and compelling copy.

Encourage satisfied home buyers to leave reviews on these websites! Reviews will boost your local SEO rankings and build trust with potential buyers. Asking for reviews is uncomfortable initially, but you’ll get the hang of it.

4. Create High-Value, Targeted Content

Realtors creating high-value blog content to Generate Real Estate Leads Source

If your goal is to generate real estate leads, then creating content that speaks directly to them is the way to go.

What are their pain points? What worries them about the housing market? What’s stopping them from booking with an agent and making the next step?

Create content around those pain points and show them clear solutions to their aches. Offer your content for free in exchange for contact information – this will make it easy to generate real estate leads! Ensure your content is relevant, useful, and written in an accessible and engaging style.

Here are some ideas, considering the real estate challenges of 2024:

  • Housing market trends.
  • Homebuyers’ tips and tricks.
  • First-time buyers’ guides.
  • Financial Tips
  • Neighbourhood Spotlight

Your listings should also be specifically targeted at your selected audience. Focus on features that are relevant and important to them. Highlight the unique selling points of each property and showcase them in an attractive manner. Help buyers visualize themselves in the property by using professional-quality photos, virtual tours, and 360-degree videos.

Additionally, don’t forget about the importance of consistency in your content creation. To become a thought leader in the real estate industry, publish high-value content regularly.

This is what brings engagement and trust. High-value content will make people reach out to you for help with their real estate needs. To keep your real estate business top of mind, always follow brand consistency in your content.

Incorporating calls to action (CTAs) in your content is also key. Encourage your readers to take the next step, whether it be to schedule a viewing, contact you for more information, or sign up for your newsletter. The more opportunities you give them to engage with you, the more likely they will become valuable leads.

Check our article to find real estate social media post ideas that inspire you!

5. Meet Real Estate Buyer Leads Where They Are

A little research goes a long way. If you want to generate real estate leads, you have to meet them where they are.

Rather than making them pursue you.

Yes, it’s true. Most potential real estate buyer leads spend more time online looking for homes or agents than ever. But it’s your job to find out where they are most active.

You might be tempted to focus your real estate marketing efforts online. Some real estate buyer leads, however, may be more active in your local area.

Don’t let these leads pass you by. Try traditional marketing tactics such as door-to-door knocking, yard signs, or open house events.

6. Try Print Marketing for Capturing Quality Real Estate Leads

Real Estate Print Marketing Templates from Xara Cloud Source

Don’t underestimate the power of print! Whether it’s flyers, postcards, window displays, or billboards, print marketing can still be a great way to reach potential buyers. It’s a tangible way to get your name and message in front of them, so don’t be afraid to mix things up and try something new.

If door-to-door knocking is not your jam, spreading flyers throughout your neighbourhood can also do wonders for capturing leads.

Tips and tricks for killer real estate print marketing campaigns:

  • Design eye-catching and professional-looking print materials. Flyers, window displays, brochures, and postcards will help promote your brand and listings.
  • Use targeted direct mail campaigns to send print materials to potential buyers in a specific area
  • Consider billboard advertising in high-traffic areas. You’ll reach a large audience and bring your real estate business to the front.
  • Partner with local businesses, such as home improvement stores or real estate lending institutions, to cross-promote your services.

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7. Think of Renters as Potential Real Estate Buyers

Renters looking to become real estate buyers Source

Just because someone is renting doesn’t mean they’re not looking to invest in real estate. In fact, renters with higher incomes are more likely to become homeowners.

So treat them as potential buyers. Study the market, their expectations, and motivations, and nurture those leads like you would any other.

You never know where your next big sale will come from!

Here are a few tips and tricks to generate real estate leads among renters:

  • Develop a targeted marketing campaign to reach renters in your area, showcasing the benefits of homeownership and highlighting your expertise in the local market.
  • Offer valuable resources, such as home buying guides or mortgage calculators, to educate renters on the buying process.
  • Connect with renters through social media, email marketing, or targeted advertising to stay top of mind.

8. Treat Sellers as Potential Homebuyers

First time real estate homebuyers Source

Most sellers are definitely looking for their dream home. And you should be the agent for the job. After all, you already know much about their needs, wants, or pain points.

And they have experience working with you. Trust me; nobody wants to switch agents if they don’t have to.

This lead generation strategy is not rocket science, but it’s definitely a game-changer. Now, here’s what you have to do:

  • Provide a smooth and stress-free selling experience to build trust and credibility!
  • Keep in touch with follow-up emails.
  • Use email marketing, ads, and targeted posts to keep them updated on market trends and buying opportunities.
  • Educate them on the buying process.

Home-sellers are home-buyers. By applying real estate buyer lead generation tactics to this target market, you’ll have a pool of future buyers at your fingertips.

9. Run Targeted Facebook and Google Ads

Realtors working on Facebook and Google Ads campaigns to Generate Real Estate Leads Source

The first thing that pops up under a Google search query is the ad.

And if you want to generate real estate leads, your best bet is to start there.

The key to running successful ads is to know who you’re targeting. This means identifying the demographics and interests of your ideal buyer, so you can create ads that speak directly to them.

Google Ads

Real Estate Agent in Washington Research

With Google ads, the first hurdle is getting them to click on your ad. For finger-stopping ads, focus on the title and meta descriptions.

You don’t have a lot of space to pack, so make them fluff-free. What are you trying to convey to your audience? Is it an awesome listing by the sea? Or an eBook with your most valuable home-buying tips? Well, your headline and meta description should leave no room for confusion.

Here is what came up when I looked up “real estate agent in Washington”. I found the first ad to be catchy but clear – making me curious to read more. The second ad does little for me – it’s too packed. And the third one does a great job of informing me about their services without too much fluff. Plus, the quick-access links win some bonus points.

10. Build a Real Estate Landing Page

Once you get them to click on your irresistible ad, it’s time for the landing page to shine!

The landing page should hook the audience right in! Good copy is crucial in this step. Why should they care about your services? What do you bring to the table? Do you offer any freebies? Mention these things. But make it simple and catchy!

By knowing your niche, you can create ads that speak directly to your audience’s soul, making them relate so strongly that they can’t resist booking with you. Just like this ad does.

AlderBrook Properties Landing Page Source

This landing page is super-targeted at a niche audience: golf players. Hey, don’t knock it if it works!

Tyler Freed Real Estate Marketing Landing Page Source

This one’s aimed more at luxury real estate. It’s simple, features video and has clear call-to-action buttons right in your face!

Tyler Freed Real Estate Marketing Landing Page Source

Tyler also provides a welcome message – this allows leads to get to know their potential agents, up and beyond their listings and just-sold properties.

Finally, we move on to the active listings. Once we’ve gotten accustomed to Tyler’s services, we have a peek at what might be in store for us and where we can book a consultation.

Tyler Freed Real Estate Marketing Landing Page Source

Whether you’re creating Google or Real Estate Facebook Ads, use high-quality images and videos for your listings! This shows that you know your stuff and aren’t willing to compromise on quality.

How to Nurture Real Estate Buyer Leads and Close More Deals!

Now that we’ve pinned down how to generate real estate leads let us show you how to nurture those leads to perfection!

11. Showcase Your Expertise and Knowledge Through Video Marketing

Generate Real Estate Leads with video Source

Video marketing will boost conversion rates like crazy. And it’s a great way of converting the buyer leads you just got into happy home buyers.

Whether through Instagram, Facebook, or your website – video will let your leads know that you are the perfect fit for them.

With video home tours, you have a chance to bask in the glory of your listings. Show what makes each of these listings special! Video tours will surely make you stand out from the pack! And a competitive advantage is a must – especially during these trying times in the industry.

Lastly, videos can be used to share testimonials from satisfied home-buyers. Nothing speaks louder than the experiences of your past customers. Use video testimonials to show leads what it’s like to work with you and why you have a track record of success.

12. Keep the Conversation Going with Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Generate Real Estate Leads with email marketing Source

Email marketing is a tried-and-true method for keeping leads engaged and guiding them down the funnel. But, with so many emails flooding inboxes every day, how do you make yours stand out?

Here are some tips for making email marketing work for you:

  • Personalize, personalize, personalize. Use your leads’ names to create emails that feel like they were made just for them.
  • Offer value. Instead of trying to sell your leads on a home, give them tips that will help them in their home-buying journey.
  • Keep it short and sweet: No one wants to read a novel in their inbox. Keep your emails brief and to the point but still packed with all the information they need.

13. Convince Them You’re the Pro with Compelling Content

Your leads are looking for a real estate agent who knows their stuff and can help them find their dream home. That’s why creating content that positions you as a thought leader in real estate is key to moving them down the funnel.

Here are some tips for creating content that will convince leads to choose you:

  • Blog about the local real estate market. Share your insights and expertise on the current state of the market and what it means for buyers.
  • Post customer testimonials and case studies. Show your prospects your track record of success through social proof. Nothing speaks more than the experience of previous home-buyers.
  • Write buyer’s guides. Offer in-depth information and guidance to leads on the home-buying process. Show them why you’re the go-to source for all their real estate needs.

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14. Build Strong Relationships and Position Yourself as an Expert by Hosting Events

Generate Real Estate Leads with hosting events Source

Hosting events is a powerful tool for nurturing your real estate buyer leads. Whether it’s an open house, a neighbourhood tour, or a home-buying seminar, events allow you to nurture real estate buyer leads.

Here’s why hosting events should be a key part of your lead nurturing strategy:

  • Build Relationships. Events are an excellent opportunity to connect with your leads in a relaxed, informal setting. By spending time with your leads and getting to know them, you can build solid and meaningful relationships that can lead to future business.
  • Showcase Your Expertise. Use events to educate your leads on the latest market trends, provide insights into the buying process, and answer any questions they may have. By positioning yourself as an expert, you can build trust and credibility with your leads.
  • Generate New Leads. Events can also be a great way to generate new leads. By inviting your existing leads to bring friends and family members, you can expand your reach and connect with new prospects.
  • Create a Sense of Community. By bringing people together in a relaxed and fun setting, you can foster a sense of connection and camaraderie and build lasting relationships with your leads.

15. Enhance the Property Viewing Experience with Virtual Tours and 3D Showcases

Real Estate Property 3D Virtual Tour to Generate Real Estate Leads Source

Through virtual and 3D tours, potential buyers can view properties from the comfort of their own homes at any time. As a result, leads can consider multiple properties without having to go to in-person viewings.

Virtual and 3D tours let potential buyers view properties from the comfort of their own homes at any time. This way, they can easily consider multiple options without in-person visits.

Virtual tours allow leads to interact with properties in a way traditional photos and videos just can’t. They can explore the details, view different angles, and see how furniture might fit in a room.

This increases engagement and helps them to get a better sense of the property.

And that translates into more clients in the long run! Don’t worry if you don’t have experience setting up virtual home tours – there are many real estate marketing tools out there that make it a breeze!

16. Keep Leads Engaged with SMS Marketing for Real Estate

Real Estate buyer receiving a Real Estate Marketing SMS Source

Not everyone checks their email daily. But you can bet everyone checks their phone daily.

That’s why SMS marketing for real estate is a smart way of keeping leads engaged!

SMS are delivered instantly to your leads’ smartphones, ensuring that messages are seen and acted upon in real-time. This helps you stay top-of-mind with your leads and keeps them engaged with your brand.

Here are a few SMS marketing ideas for a successful real estate business:

  • Send property updates. Keep your leads and clients informed about new listings, open house dates, and price changes.
  • Reminders. Send reminders about upcoming events, such as open houses or appointments, so your leads don’t miss out.
  • Market updates. Send relevant market updates, such as changes in housing prices or market trends.
  • Personalized messages. Tailor your messages to the specific interests and needs of your leads to increase engagement and build trust.
  • Promotions and offers. Share special promotions and offers with your audience to incentivize them to take action.
  • Mobile appointment scheduling. Enable your leads to schedule appointments with you directly from their smartphones, making it easier and more convenient for them.

Get Real Estate Leads with Xara Cloud’s Real Estate Templates and Automated Content

Real Estate Templates from Xara Cloud

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Whether you are a seasoned agent or just starting out, Xara Cloud’s real estate marketing solutions will help you get real estate leads and stay on top of the competition!

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