Every ad needs a great headline to succeed, and your real estate marketing materials should too. Creative real estate headlines are a great way to grab your prospect’s attention and attract more interest to your listings..

Learning how to write an attention-grabbing headline is a skill that you must nurture to make the most out of your advertising efforts and start selling more.

If you are looking for real estate advertising headline examples that are proven to convert, then you are in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top seven catchy real estate headlines that work and help inspire you to create ones that work for your properties.

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1. Appeal to the Imagination:
“Imagine Coming Home to…”

With this simple headline, you can make your clients feel like they already bought the place you are advertising. This way, you can appeal to their imagination and make them connect with the lifestyle you are promoting more profoundly.

By using a real estate headline that starts with “Imagine coming home to…”, you are helping your customers envision themselves in that place, and that’s the first step towards taking action. Next, they will click on the ad and give you a call, bringing you one step closer to making their dream a reality.

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    Image source: https://www.outboundengine.com/blog/7-best-examples-of-real-estate-headlines/

2. Tell a Story:
“I Have a Confession to Make…”

We all love a good story. Stories are the foundation of great advertising, and using a storytelling approach can go a long way in marketing real estate.

Use a headline that makes people want to know more, incites their curiosity, and makes it sound like a secret only they have access to. This writing technique can make prospects feel like they found a hidden gem that could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Headlines that create mystery and incite curiosity, such as: “I have a confession to make,” “Let me tell you a story,” or “Psst… Here’s a little secret” work great for this approach. Choose them wisely and use them only for properties with great owner stories to make them stand out, such as this breath-taking church transformed into a home.

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    Image source: https://www.outboundengine.com/blog/7-best-examples-of-real-estate-headlines/

3. Appeal to First-Time Home Buyers:
“Own for Less Than You Pay in Rent.”

You can appeal to first-time home buyers using this simple yet effective headline idea. Many of them already feel like they are wasting money on rent, so they will be intrigued by the idea of paying less and owning the place.

Here’s a Social Media advertising example that successfully uses this real estate headline idea to target first-time home buyers.

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    Image source: https://adespresso.com/blog/real-estate-advertising-facebook/

4. A headline that focuses on a pain point:
“Stop Searching. Start Living”

Looking for the perfect home can be frustrating, time-consuming, and, depending on the location, it can even take several years. After a while, prospects might even feel like what they are searching for doesn’t exist, and they will just have to settle for less. That’s why a negative headline idea like “Stop searching. Start living” is so effective.

It can help you sell your potential customers on the idea that the search is over, and now it’s time to live the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.

Use this headline idea to induce a sense of urgency in your customers’ minds and make your listings stand out.

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    Image source https://adespresso.com/blog/real-estate-advertising-facebook/

5. Appeal to a Million-Dollar Lifestyle:
“Privacy For Under One Million Dollars.”

For people that want a million-dollar lifestyle without actually owning that kind of money. The possibility of a bargain might attract certain customers, and phrasing your headline to make it sound like you are offering great value for money might lead you one step closer to selling your listing.

Get inspired by this exclusive advertising headline example and create your own million-dollar headline.

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    Image source https://adespresso.com/blog/real-estate-advertising-facebook/

6. Create Expectations:
“Coming Soon… We Have a Fantastic New Listing.”

Creating expectations and offering a sneak peek at something extraordinary is one of the most efficient marketing strategies out there. People love to feel the excitement of seeing a listing before everyone else does, and that’s why this marketing idea works best in real estate.

You can create an advertising campaign using a headline that creates expectations to see who’s interested and then retarget them with the actual offer. This way, you can also keep their data for when you have similar offers in your portfolio.

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    Image source: https://www.outboundengine.com/blog/7-best-examples-of-real-estate-headlines/

7. Location, Location, Location:
“Looking for the Perfect Escape From the City?”

Seasonal and holiday real estate marketing campaigns and materials can be your chance to get creative and think outside the box. In these times, people and families have more time to plan their future. That’s why getting their attention with the right message can convince them to buy or sell their properties.

Edit this holiday real estate flyer template to make sure you get noticed in your farm area and get more leads.

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    Image source: https://www.outboundengine.com/blog/7-best-examples-of-real-estate-headlines/
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