Oh, the challenge of writing catchy real estate headlines. We get it—writing might not be your strong suit as a real estate agent. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be!

Sure, catchy headlines can attract home buyers to your real estate listings. They help you get traffic and convert readers. Certainly, they are beneficial to your real estate business.

In fact, 80% of people read the headline of an article, but only 20% read the body. That’s staggering!

So, a captivating headline is an essential part of real estate marketing. Just like in life, you have one chance to make a lasting first impression. So, let’s go through how to write great real estate headlines, increase traffic, and attract prospects to your real estate ads.

As a bonus, we will explore free real estate headline examples to inspire your next blog post, social media story, or property listing.

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How To Write Great Real Estate Ad Headlines

All great real estate headline examples have some key elements that make them stand out. Essentially, it all comes down to knowing your audience and what they want.

Keep it short, add value, and find a style that matches your property listing, your potential buyers, and your communication channel. 

Once you understand these elements, you can start writing headlines that will grab attention and interest, just like the other successful real estate professionals.

If you’re struggling with eye-catching visual ideas, or want to get your hands on customizable, professional designs for free, check out 30 of our best real estate social media post ideas!

Now, let’s explore how 10 tips for writing a real estate headline that converts.

1. Use Emotional Language in Your Real Estate Headline

You’re selling homes, not stocks (although stocks can take people on quite the emotional roller-coaster).

Therefore, appealing to emotion should be a key part of your real estate marketing plan. People are trying to find their dream home. A place where they feel at ease, comfortable, and aligned with themselves. A clever real estate headline should reflect that.

While features generate some interest, emotion appeals to the imagination. The real estate heading can give buyers a sense of what their future looks like. 

If you’re confused about this, check out Facebook’s Ad Library. See which real estate listings catch your eye.

  • catchy real estate headlines samples

This real estate headline by Re/Max appeals to the buyer’s imagination. It’s suitable for both first-time buyers and people looking for a vacation home. It gives them a feel of what their evening would look like in their new home.

So, do you have a fantastic new listing up for sale? Show clients what makes it so awesome.

2. Create a Sense of Urgency Surrounding the Property

Fear of missing out is real. No wonder marketers use it to attract customers. Your real estate business could benefit from this as well.

Are you selling a unique property? Maybe it’s an affordable luxurious cabin. Make it has a gourmet kitchen equipped like no other, stunning views (e.g. city views), or a golf course.

Regardless of your USP, the best real estate headline will make use of that and create a sense of FOMO around it.

  • catchy real estate headlines samples
  • catchy real estate headlines samples

You can also add titles to your property flyers to draw attention and create urgency. To simplify the design, choose one of Xara’s free real estate flyer templates and get started today!

3. Include Catchy Real Estate Phrases

Catchy words spark interest. Not just that. Words sell.

The phrases and words you use in your real estate headline matter. Regardless of whether you’re writing a property listing, a blog post, or posting your fantastic new listing on LinkedIn, words motivate prospects to check out the full story. A.K.A., you could sell your properties faster.

For instance, real estate ads that contain words, such as luxurious or captivating, have more success, while generic terms, such as nice ‌bring listings down.

Choose your headline words wisely.

  • catchy real estate headlines samples

This property ad headline by Realtor uses catchy real estate phrases to lure buyers in. They attract the right buyers while deterring those interested in other styles. A win-win, we’d say.

  • catchy real estate headlines samples

4. Put Yourself In The Home Buyers' Shoes

Each property has its unique features. As a business, understanding your target audience is the first step you should take in any marketing operation.

What is suitable for a single-family might not be suitable for a Millennial living alone in downtown NY. But as a real estate agent, you already know this.

The key to drawing attention to your real estate listing ad is writing headlines for potential buyers who would be interested in it. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you want to determine your target buyer:

  • What are they interested in?
  • What would seal the deal for them?
  • What does this property offer that others don’t?
  • What words would attract these home buyers?
  • real estate advertising headlines examples
  • real estate headline examples

Also, here’s a pro tip: homes with a retreat space or she-shed ‌sell for 2% more, according to Zillow’s most recent report. Do you have a property like this in mind?

Include that feature in the real estate ad heading to generate curiosity amongst buyers.

5. Use Numbers

When possible, use numbers instead of text. Numbers are brain candy. They catch readers’ attention.

This is one of the keys to a clever real estate headline.

  • catchy real estate headline

This real estate ad by LA’s Luxury Real Estate appeals to the million-dollar lifestyle. They used numbers and power words to draw attention to these one-of-a-kind property listings.

Numbers can also be used to cut straight to the chase. Many people don’t like to thoroughly check out a property before knowing its price range. Potential buyers find it tedious to go through sales or listen to an entire sales pitch presentation before knowing the price of a listing.

People like transparent pricing, regardless of what they’re buying. Plus, disclosing price can help you attract more qualified leads instead of a big bucket of traffic that doesn’t convert.

6. Make Them Share-Worthy

The best real estate headlines are short and sweet. They cut straight to the point and catch your attention instantly. They are clickable and shareable.

This rule stays true for all sorts of real estate marketing materials — whether we’re talking about real estate flyer headlines or real estate blog title ideas.

If you’re not sure whether your headline is captivating enough, use a tool like Coschedule Headline Analyzer. Let’s put it to the test.

  • “Great First Home” got a 49 headline score. Not so good. It makes sense though, as it’s generic and dull, really. It doesn’t give potential buyers much information about the property.
  • Let’s try again. “Great First Home In A Tranquil Area”. This headline got a score of 60. Not too shabby, but we can do better. It’s still too generic and evasive.
  • “Great 2 Bedroom Villa Overlooking the Forest”. This got us a score of 72 on CoSchedule.
  • We decided to mention that this property is perfect for first-time home-buyers and came up with a heading that scored 85: “Great 2 Bedroom Villa Overlooking the Forest Ideal for First Home-Buyers”.
  • catchy real estate headlines samples

We have a winner.

Follow this process to come up with great real estate headlines. The key is to go from generic to specific. Use a mix of powerful words and emotional words to capture attention. In the end, you want to make it easy for your potential buyers to find you while keeping your headline relevant to the listing.

We promise you’ll sell your properties faster this way.

7. Give Them an Easy Fix

Your job as a real estate agent is to solve your client’s pain points. Real estate is about helping people sell or buy their homes easily.

What better way to engage them than to mention the solution you bring to the table? Some prospects are probably stressed about the home hunt. Others are nervous about the process of selling their property quickly at a good price.

Ease their mind right off the bat. Here’s an example of a social media real estate advertising headline that used this technique successfully.

  • catchy real estate headlines samples

8. Lead With a Question

Do you know what makes a good hook? A question.

If you’re still reading, that means it works. It’s simple: questions keep readers involved. They make them part of the conversation. 

A question could intrigue or suggest that you have the solution to their problems. Thus, start your real estate headline with questions, a hook, or something particularly engaging.

Here are some examples of questions to include in your headline:

  • Did you know that [insert an eye-catching statistic, a fun fact, etc.]?
  • What would you say about this [villa, one-bedroom apartment, property]?
  • Have you ever seen such [city views, luxurious lifestyle, dream home, etc.]?
  • Can you guess how many [square meters, bathrooms, kitchens, hidden cabinets, etc.] this property has?

And the list goes on…

  • real estate advertising headlines examples

This Facebook real estate ad example by Odurent nails it. They target students looking for off-campus rentals and market themselves as the solution: “We make off-campus housing Easy”.

  • real estate headers

Here’s another clever example by no one other than Century21. Everything about this real estate ad sparks curiosity and excitement. Would you go check it out?

9. Use Keywords To Sell Your Properties FAST

You could have the best property listing in the market. If buyers can’t find them on Google, Zillow, or MLS, that doesn’t matter. Thus, you need to optimize your property for user search.

  • To ensure that your listings rank on Google and other platforms, ‌you need to include the right keywords in the real estate headline. We discussed this at length in our guide about listing brochures.
  • The key is to include your listings’ crucial information and unique features. This way, when people search for your listing, they can find yours immediately.
  • Ideally, you would include a mix of generic and specific keywords in your ad headline. Take this example. “Home for Sale [Generic] in Los Angeles [Specific] with mountain views [Super-specific].”

Try to think like home buyers. What would they look for? You can also use free tools such as SERanking to find keywords to help you create real estate headlines. Make your listing findable and relevant for your audience, and watch sales increase.

10. Avoid These All Too Common Mistakes

Real estate agents know their way around selling, that’s for sure. But writing real estate ad copy is a different ball game. 

We’ve surfed the web and found these don’ts in some of the listing headlines:

  • Too many exclamation marks. Exclamation marks should be used sparingly and only when there’s a reason to.
  • All caps headlines. All caps are the equivalent of someone shouting at you. To draw attention, use title cases instead.

Repetitive headlines. All too often, real estate advertising headlines look the same. Find your voice. Be unique. Connect with your audience and stand out from the crowd.

1. “Surrounded by the Tuscan Countryside, overlooking the vineyards:
discover our villa in Gaiole in Chanti”

catchy real estate headlines samples

Why this works: This headline by Santandrea Luxury Houses caters to the imagination. It can be easy to imagine how you would sip a glass of wine on the patio admiring the sights. It also inspires the audience to dream of an authentic luxurious Italian house and a family experience in nature.

2. “Escape To Your Retreat”

real estate advertising headlines examples

Why this works: This real estate headline example by Sea Isle Orlando makes use of the most sought-after feature in 2023: retreat spaces. Not only that, but it’s short, powerful, and intriguing.

It also has a major focus on escaping the city vibe and entering the natural life of a private retreat, which appeals to a big crowd.

3. 10 Homebuying Tips to Help Cope With Stress”

real estate headline examples

Why this works: Motto Mortgage’s blog headline promises to solve a pain point: the stress of buying a new home. Not only that, but it tells you how many tips and tricks it will provide. It is shareable, simple, and valuable.

Plus, it makes you relate to the story, as they make it clear they understand the struggle you’re going through.

4. “How Much Is Your Home Worth?”

attention grabbing real estate headlines

Why this works: The Boutique Real Estate Group’s heading is simple. But it touches on one of the most poignant questions that sellers have: the value of their home.

Then, they offer a hassle-free solution. This is what attention-grabbing real estate headlines are made of — careful consideration of clients’ needs. It’s essential to address a pain point in any headline if you want to succeed.

What Do All Great Real Estate Headlines Have In Common?

Attention-grabbing real estate headlines focus on the potential buyer. Addressing your potential customers’ concerns, telling a story, and making them feel special can help you write the best real estate headlines to sell your properties.

Tailor your headline to your audience’s country, location, focus, pain point, and any other relevant details. This allows for more customization in your ad.

Now that you know how to write attention-grabbing headlines that convert, you can level up your marketing game, outwit your competition, and close deals faster.

Don't Forget About the Visual Impact of Your Real Estate Listings

In real estate marketing, the power of visual design cannot be underestimated. Catchy headlines may grab attention, but it’s the visuals that complement the words and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

With today’s short attention spans and abundance of information, captivating visuals are essential in attracting and engaging your target audience.

So, why is visual design important in real estate marketing?

  • Visuals create an emotional connection. High-quality visuals can evoke emotions and help buyers imagine themselves living in the space. Investing in professional photography or using advanced editing tools can enhance the appeal of your listings.
  • Enhance the buying experience. Visual elements such as infographics, floor plans, and virtual tours can enhance the buying experience. Infographics present key property information in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format. Floor plans help buyers visualize the layout and flow of the home. Virtual tours provide an immersive experience.
  • Stand out in a competitive market. Combining solid copywriting with captivating visuals is essential to stand out in a competitive market. An approach that includes visual design and powerful words is a must-have, especially in the social media landscape.

Other Aspects to Consider in Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts

When it comes to real estate marketing, staying relevant and adapting to the ever-changing landscape is crucial.

Here are a few additional insights to help you navigate the world of real estate marketing and make the most of your visual design efforts:

  1. Embrace the power of social media. Social media platforms have become powerful tools for real estate marketing. Utilize social media platforms to showcase your brand, engage with potential buyers, and build an online presence. Leverage the power of hashtags, engaging captions, and eye-catching visuals to attract a wider crowd.
  2. Use video content. Video is an effective medium in real estate marketing. Consider creating property highlight videos, virtual tours, or even live-streaming open house events. Remember to optimize your videos for different platforms.
  3. Keep an eye on emerging trends. New technologies are shaping how properties are marketed, from listing videos, 3D virtual reality tours to augmented reality staging. Stay informed about these trends and explore how to add them to your strategies.

Don’t neglect mobile optimization. With most users browsing the internet on their smartphones, optimizing your visual content for mobile devices is essential. Ensure that your website, images, and videos are mobile-friendly and load quickly.

You've Got the Catchy Real Estate Headlines; We've Got the Design

Real Estate Templates Xara Cloud

Now that you know how to write attention-grabbing real estate headlines, it’s time to take your marketing game further. But remember, it’s not just about the words. Visuals matter too!

After all, you want your ads to stand out and leave a lasting impression. That’s where we come in. At Xara, we’ve got the right designs to showcase your properties and make your ads shine.

With our customizable designs, you can easily create eye-catching visuals for your real estate listings, blog posts, and social media stories.

Whether you’re looking for stunning flyers, engaging social media posts, or captivating blog headers, we’ve got you covered.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to make a strong visual impact. Visit Xara today and discover how our designs can elevate your real estate marketing. Get ready to captivate your audience and drive more sales with Xara’s design solutions!

Why Choose Xara for Your Real Estate Design?

  • Tailored templates. Xara offers customizable templates designed specifically for the real estate industry.
  • Intuitive editing features. With Xara, you can effortlessly create stunning marketing materials. Our intuitive editing features make it easy to customize templates and brand your materials with your company assets.
  • Cohesive campaigns. From brochures to social media graphics, our design solutions help you maintain a consistent visual identity across all platforms.

Unlock the potential of visual design in real estate marketing with Xara Cloud!

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