99 Real Estate Hashtags to Win Over Social Media Platforms

published by Kimberley DERUDDER

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Picture this scenario: You spend all day creating and scheduling social media posts to promote yourself as a real estate agent. Once they’re live, they’re getting little to no traction. How frustrating that must be!

We know how difficult it is to create, schedule, and promote content on social media. Unfortunately, if you don’t leverage real estate hashtags, you’ll be the only one seeing those posts.

While the social media game is never an exact science, there are a few things you can do to maximize your chances of becoming a thought leader in your real estate market.

You don’t want your well-crafted posts to go unnoticed or fail to make an impact. Thus, real estate hashtags are the tool you need to get your posts in front of the right audience.

This article will explore how hashtags can boost your social media presence. We’ll also give you the top 99 real estate hashtags to increase visibility online immediately. Let’s get into it!

Why Do Real Estate Hashtags Matter for Your Social Media Posts?

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Hashtags (#) allow your posts to be indexed by social media platforms, and, more importantly, they help social media users find your post. When you use a hashtag for a particular subject, users who look for it in their search bar will find your post in that query.

Moreover, people can follow hashtags, meaning they’ll receive posts that use that particular hashtag on their news feed.

Now, you can imagine how important it is to use the right hashtags as a real estate agent. Not only will they help you become more findable, but they’ll also bring in added traffic, help social media sites index your content better, and so much more.

Types of Real Estate Hashtags

Real estate agents use hashtags for all kinds of reasons. Hence, there are different categories of hashtags that developed in the online real estate scene:

  • The branded hashtag. Let’s say you’re running a real estate business, and your name is John. Your own branded hashtag could be #RealEstateWithJohn. You can get as creative as you want, especially since a branded hashtag shouldn’t be too generic but specific to you.
  • The popular hashtag. This goes without saying, but popular hashtags are those used the most in your industry. Some of these include #realestateagents #bestrealestateagent #howtosellahousefast, and the list goes on. Use general real estate hashtags for popping in popular queries and improving your lead generation strategy.
  • Trending hashtags. Like popular hashtags, these are commonly searched during a unique occurrence, a season, or an eventful event. For instance, we all know that prices have skyrocketed since the pandemic, and so did interest rates. Thus, no wonder that #housingbubble has 16.6K posts on Instagram.
  • Local hashtags. You should use these hashtags to improve your real estate farming strategy. Use hashtags like #realestateagentsinsouthcarolina or #bestagentintoronto to build authority in your local area.

Top Real Estate Hashtags to Use in Your Strategy

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Finding the best hashtags for Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok can seem a bit overwhelming. After all, how are you supposed to know the perfect combination to make you stand out while not looking spammy?

We’ve got you covered! Here are the top real estate hashtags to use if you want to stay relevant and on top of any social media platform:

General Real Estate Hashtags:

  1. #realestate
  2. #realestateagent
  3. #realestateexpert
  4. #realestateassociatebroker
  5. #realestateinvestor
  6. #realestateinvesting
  7. #realestatelife
  8. #realestateforsale
  9. #realtor
  10. #realestatetips
  11. #brokerage
  12. #realty
  13. #luxuryliving
  14. #luxuryrealestate
  15. #makethemove
  16. #investmentproperty
  17. #mansion
  18. #broker

Property for Sale Hashtags:

  1. #homesales
  2. #housesales
  3. #homeforsale
  4. #houseforsale
  5. #propertyforsale
  6. #forsale
  7. #propertysales
  8. #justsold
  9. #sold
  10. #selling
  11. #renovated
  12. #pool
  13. #marblecounters
  14. #condo
  15. #newlisting
  16. #townhouse
  17. #frontporch

New Properties & Events Hashtags

  1. #RealEstateEvent
  2. #NewListingAlert
  3. #PropertyLaunch
  4. #HomeBuyersMeet
  5. #InvestmentOpportunity
  6. #JustListed
  7. #LuxuryRealEstate
  8. #OpenHouseEvent
  9. #DreamHomeUnveiled
  10. #EcoFriendlyHomes
  11. #SmartHomeTech
  12. #RealEstateShowcase
  13. #ExclusiveProperties
  14. #ModernDesignHome
  15. #PropertyInvestmentSeminar
  16. #RealEstateNetworking

Targeted & Local Hashtags

  1. #neighborhood
  2. #location
  3. #localattraction
  4. #luxuryliving
  5. #newhome
  6. #investment
  7. #countrylife
  8. #oceanview
  9. #milliondollarlisting
  10. #townhomes
  11. #condo
  12. #treelinedstreets
  13. #downtown
  14. #uptown
  15. #closest city + real estate
  16. neighborhood + real estate

Branded Hashtags

To use these examples, simply replace “X” with your name or your company’s name:

  1. #XExperience
  2. #UnlockWithX
  3. #XDreamHomes
  4. #XOpenHouse
  5. #XProperties
  6. #YourXToSuccess
  7. #XInvestments
  8. #XLuxury
  9. #XEcoHomes
  10. #SmartX
  11. #XShowcase
  12. #ExclusiveX
  13. #XDesigns
  14. #XSeminars
  15. #XNetwork
  16. #DiscoverX

Creative & Alternative Hashtags

  1. #Realestatememes
  2. #emptynest
  3. #househunting
  4. #homesearch
  5. #dreamhouse
  6. #architecture
  7. #justRealtorthings
  8. #landscape
  9. #mortgage
  10. #motivationmonday
  11. #thursdaythoughts

How to Use Hashtags? Tips & Tricks

Social Media Hashtags


Now that you got your hands on the top real estate hashtags, it’s time to figure out a way to implement those in your social media strategy. As a real estate agent, you don’t have time to worry about social networking sites–that’s how things should be.

Thus, let’s go through the strategies you must use to maximize your reach with minimum effort. While a mix of popular and local real estate hashtags is essential, there’s more to this game than meets the eye.

How Many Hashtags Are Too Many?

Instagram will let you use up to 30 hashtags. Adding as many as possible might be tempting, thinking it will help. Don’t do it.

Adding too many hashtags will make your post look spammy, over-polished, and almost robotic. Plus, social media engines might notice that you’re trying to drive traffic using all the hashtags in your stack, so there’s a chance that you’ll be punished.

In other words, you won’t get your content noticed as much as you’ll be categorized as spam content. Plus, too many broad hashtags can dilute your reach and prevent you from reaching your target audience with specific real estate hashtags.

We recommend using about 10 hashtags on your Instagram and TikTok posts. For LinkedIn and Twitter, go for 3-4 hashtags (especially since there’s a strict character limit on Twitter).

Target Your Local Area

Whether you’re a new real estate agent or a seasoned professional, your target audience is not just anyone; it’s the users interested in your farm area.

Including terms related to your city, neighborhood, or nearby attractions within your service area can significantly enhance your visibility. These local references help draw more attention to your posts and attract those specifically interested in your area.

Top real estate hashtags often contain geographical cues, allowing potential clients and other users to find new listings in their desired locations. This strategy can lead to better engagement and, ultimately, more closed deals.

Explore the Competition

Got a list of local rivals? Great. Now, why not play a bit of detective? Hop onto their Instagram profiles. Dig into their posts that get tons of likes. Peek at their hashtags.

This little bit of snooping can give you fresh ideas for your posts. It can also show you what topics your audience can’t get enough of.

You might want to look at how many hashtags the other real estate agents use, not only the estate hashtags themselves. Study their combination of popular real estate hashtags, trending real estate hashtags, personal brand or local hashtags, and even their paid advertising strategy.

Remember, you’re not there to copy but to learn and grow. Seeing what clicks for others can give you a head start. So, have a good look, take notes, and then whip up your own winning strategy.

Copy & Paste for Speed

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To save time when you post on social media, you can keep a note of your best real estate hashtags. Compile a list of hashtags you often use easily accessible on your device so you don’t have to start from scratch each time.

In addition, you can copy some of the hashtags from this page and mix them with hashtags of your own, like those related to your target area or your brand name.

The Real Estate Hashtag Formula

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Let’s talk about the secret sauce to winning at social media in the real estate industry: the right mix of hashtags. Using the best real estate hashtags is like crafting a perfect recipe. You’ll need a dash of branded hashtags, a sprinkle of general ones, and a good helping of local tags.

We recommend this real estate hashtags formula: Branded Hashtag + General Hashtag + Local Hashtag = Perfect Real Estate Post.

For example, if you’re a new real estate agent in New York, your Instagram post might look something like this: “Just listed this dreamy loft in Brooklyn #NewListing #BrooklynHomes #YourBrandName.”

Here, you’re mixing general hashtags (#NewListing), local hashtags (#BrooklynHomes), and a branded hashtag (#YourBrandName). Thus, this combo can help you reach a broader audience on Instagram, Twitter, or other social media sites.

You can always add more of these hashtags to your post to increase reach. For instance, you can use three of each or develop your formula based on your posts’ intent.

But remember, finding the perfect balance takes practice. Keep an eye on what works best for your target audience. Which hashtags bring in new leads? Which ones get the most engagement? Use this info to refine your hashtag strategy. Keep your posts fresh, fun, and relevant.

Final Tips

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When crafting your social media strategy, diversifying your hashtags is vital. This includes incorporating brand-specific hashtags, ones related to different types of properties, and even the more light-hearted, fun ones. However, one category that should never be overlooked is hashtags that highlight your local area.

Remember, the sheer volume of hashtags used doesn’t equate to success. It’s about selecting the most relevant ones that can effectively connect your personal brand with your target audience.

Besides hashtags, writing a catchy real estate headline is also a crucial skill to master. Look at our guide on How to Write Attention-Grabbing Real Estate Headlines That Sell.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create the perfect social media posts for your campaigns, check out Xara Cloud’s Marketing Center. You can find pre-made real estate templates that simplify graphic design. Browse, find, edit, download, or print hundreds of real estate marketing materials. Otherwise, have fun and add the hashtags that best suit your targeted audience.

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