A brand is many things, but one thing is for sure: it’s not just a logo or a catchy slogan. Brands are increasingly humanized, aiming to connect with their target audience using new-era marketing techniques.

Wait, what’s that exactly? Think of it this way: does your social media feed resemble its 2018 version? Likely not. That’s because marketing changed drastically as companies started to shift their strategy.

If you too want to take your real estate brand from zero to instantly recognizable, you’ll need to focus on two words: brand consistency. Not sure where to start? Follow the tips below.

What is Brand Consistency in Real Estate?

Brand consistency in real estate refers to maintaining a uniform and cohesive brand image across all marketing materials and platforms. This includes using consistent colors, fonts, logos, and messaging to create a recognizable and trustworthy brand identity in the minds of potential clients.

Here’s the step-by-step approach to achieving brand consistency for real estate companies:

We get it – we just said a brand is more than a logo or slogan, but here’s the thing: your logo is still a big deal. To make it memorable, try something like LogoAI.com—it’s a free tool that can help you design a standout logo.

Once you have it, use it consistently. Here’s a pro tip: if you want to save time and keep everything on-brand, check out Xara. This real estate marketing center takes your brand guidelines from just your URL and magically applies them to all your materials in a snap. Brand consistency–automated.

2. Speak in One Voice

Speaker Source

Keep your brand messages and the way you talk about your real estate business consistent. Imagine if your favorite ice cream brand suddenly started talking formally when they used to be fun and friendly. People might get confused if a brand doesn’t have a consistent voice.

So, be like that friendly ice cream brand—always speak in the same way, whether it’s on your website, in emails, or on social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn). Consistency in how you talk helps people connect with your brand easily.

Still, in the world of real estate agents, being too fun and friendly might not be the best approach. Let’s take a cue from successful brands like RE/MAX and Century 21. Our findings reveal these common traits:

  • Professional Tone. A successful real estate brand maintains a professional tone of voice in its communications.
  • Client-Centric Approach. A common thread in their case studies is a client-centric approach, which ultimately builds social proof. They highlight success stories and positive feedback from satisfied clients, highlighting their commitment to customer excellence as part of their company’s values.
  • Consistent Messaging. Whether on their websites or in marketing materials, these brands ensure a consistent message. The language used in property descriptions, blog content, SEO, and your social media presence aligns with their overall brand identity.
  • Balanced Formality and Approachability. The brands and the real estate professionals representing them always manage to convey professionalism while also being relatable.

3. Create a Visual Signature

Just like your favorite snack or soda has a distinctive look, your real estate brand should, too. Use a set of consistent colors, fonts, and styles across everything you do—your website, brochures, and even business cards. Visual elements make up your visual identity, which is a huge part of creating a consistent brand image.

Take inspiration from established real estate brands like Keller Williams. Choose a set of colors that resonate with your brand’s character, similar to Keller Williams’ red and white palette.

Let’s dive deeper into an easy step-by-step routine to achieve brand consistency in designs:

1. Choose a Distinct Color Palette

Real Estate Brand Color Palette Source
  • Select a set of colors that represent your brand identity. For real estate, classic and calming colors like navy blue, earthy tones, or a touch of green often convey trust and reliability.
  • In Xara, you can use the color picker tool to ensure consistency across all your materials. Import your chosen colors by pasting your URL and applying them to your templates.

2. Define Your Fonts

  • Pick two or three fonts that complement each other. Consider a clean, modern font for your headings and a readable, sans-serif font for body text.
  • Xara provides font libraries; you can upload custom fonts to maintain consistency. Apply these fonts consistently across your marketing materials.

3. Use a Template System

Automated Real Estate Branding

Xara’s real estate marketing center simplifies this process by allowing you to apply your brand guidelines seamlessly to curated real estate templates.

  • In Xara, pick a template.
  • Add your text, pictures, and brand colors (import brand guidelines from your URL for brand consistency).
  • Ask Xara’s AI to create headlines and text automatically.
  • Once you create your brand in Xara, we’ll remember all your guidelines. Then, every template will be automatically branded with your logo, fonts, and styles. Think of all that time and effort you’re saving!
  • Save or export your awesome design! You can post it straight on your social media platforms from the dashboard.

4. Really, Really Work on Your Imagery

Brand recognition implies defining a clear image of your brand and creating recognizable listings. If you check Zillow or Redfin, you’ll notice that these leaders prioritize high-quality, consistent visuals. They do so in their listings, social media content, success photos, flyers, and everywhere else.

Opt for professional photos that showcase properties in the best light. Instruct your real estate agents to aim for clean, inviting images too, even when they’re promoting their personal brand within the brokerage.

Great images not only capture attention but also convey your brand’s message. Much like Zillow’s visually appealing property listings, use top-tier visuals to tell a compelling story and build a consistent brand presentation.

5. Stick to a Social Media Calendar

Real Estate Agent Instagram Feed Source

Social media marketing isn’t getting any easier. If your goal is to maintain real estate brand consistency, you need to have a clear strategy in place. Then, you’ll need to figure out how to implement it.

One idea is to plan your social media posts using a calendar. Schedule visuals that you generate in minutes using these free templates, which you can also personalize with your brand’s guidelines. Whether it’s:

  • Showcasing properties
  • Sharing industry insights
  • Engaging with your audience

A well-organized social media calendar ensures a consistent presence across social media platforms. This will help you reinforce your real estate brand’s identity over time and build trust in the long run.

6. Personalized Customer Interactions

Tailor your interactions to match your brand’s persona and make sure every real estate agent in your brokerage does the same. Whether it’s:

  • Sending newsletters
  • Attending open houses
  • Responding to inquiries

Your consistent and personalized approach will show great ROI. A personal touch (like following up on each inquiry, knowing past details, addressing the user by name, or remembering something about the user) fosters a connection with potential clients.

In return, they will count on you when they’re ready to convert and even become advocates for your real estate brand. After all, that’s the real end benefit of creating a well-defined brand identity.

7. Organize Your Chaos with a Digital Asset Management (DAM) System

A DAM like Xara can be the organized brain behind your real estate brand. This is the system that keeps your brand identity organized under a unified dashboard for all your stakeholders to access. Say goodbye to accessing your brand assets on various platforms.

A DAM will centralize your logos, images, and templates, making them easily accessible for your team. What’s even better is that Xara’s DAM is known to be user-friendly, so the learning curve is minimal.

With a system in place, everyone will follow the brand rules, maintaining a consistent look across marketing materials. No more scrambling for files or wasting time on design details. Plus, think of all the time saved on admin work (only to have inconsistent materials posted across socials), which can now be spent selling properties!

If you’re struggling to keep up with the real estate industry standards and maintain brand consistency, a DAM is non-negotiable. How else would you begin a full-scale marketing strategy and get all your agents on board with your new real estate branding guidelines?

Try Xara’s DAM for your real estate agents for FREE here.

8. Offline Channels Matter – Be Consistent in Print Too

When it comes to offline materials like direct mail and prints in real estate, consistent branding is your only shot at getting recognized.

You can’t use video, animations, or unskippable ads in real life. You need to captivate your potential buyers with your creativity – and trust us, making people open your direct mail takes time. People respond to familiar concepts (consistent branding efforts that they recognize) or out-of-the-box marketing tactics (like premium paper, bold colors, personalization, fun wrapping, etc).

Before we dive any further into this topic, you NEED to check out the ultimate guide on direct mail and prints in real estate!

Now, when you’re sending out a postcard or a brochure, you need to keep your brand’s colors, fonts, and logo placements the same as your online presence. This ensures a cohesive and professional look, whether your clientele encounters your brand digitally or through tangible materials.

The goal is to make your real estate brand easily recognizable and memorable, leaving a lasting impression.

9. Imagine Your Real Estate Brand as a Story

Real Estate Agent handing out keys to buyers Source

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: your brand is more than just logos, fonts, and social media marketing campaigns. Imagine your real estate brand as a captivating story, not just a set of visuals.

Think of Coca-Cola—it’s not just a red can, right? They’re selling joy, shared moments, and happiness. If you want an example closer to the real estate industry, let’s study Discovery Land for a minute. This powerful brand is known for its sense of exclusivity and feeling of belongingness for those fortunate enough to cross its doorstep.

Everyone wants to be a part of Discovery Land, regardless of the price. They want in on their story.

Similarly, your brand should evoke a unique feeling. When people hear your brand’s name, they should connect with a narrative, like:

That’s the team known for uncovering fantastic deals!”


Oh, I know them! They’re the brokerage with the most luxurious properties in the area!”

Stories linger while emotions last. To build a narrative around your brand’s personality, you’ll need a lot of time and a clear vision. Share tales of successful deals, happy homeowners, and vibrant communities. Aim for emotional connections, not transactional relationships.

Building this kind of cohesive branding isn’t just about marketing. To make your real estate brand unforgettable, all your marketing efforts must align. If you pull this off for your brokerage, you’ll be standing out in real estate for as long as you keep the story alive.

Real Estate Agents – Heads Up! Here’s What’s Next

Real estate branding is all about the stories you tell and the emotions you evoke. Think about any brand: real estate giants, your favorite online channel, everyone’s go-to store—beyond just a name, they make you feel confident and secure.

From memorable logos to keeping a consistent tone and crafting a brand story, it’s all about connecting with your ideal audience. To make it happen, go through our 9 best tips and tricks above.

Read them carefully, and remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Your brand has a unique story that YOU need to shape. Our tips are just the tools and tactics to help you in the process.

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  • ✅ Customizable, branded templates
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