Hi there, real estate agents! How’s your real estate game going so far? 👀

We know the world of property sales is a demanding yet rewarding ride. Proper marketing is the passport to success in this ever-changing environment.

You’ve likely heard whispers about Xara–a real estate platform that promises to be your trusted ally in this challenging industry.

But we’re not here to talk about Xara. Instead, let’s talk about how your problems are about to vanish into thin air with the greatest transaction you’ll ever make: joining RE/MAX and 52K+ other businesses in their competitive strategy for free.

If you’re ready to approach real estate marketing and address what’s been holding your growth back, keep on reading.

Why Every Real Estate Agent Needs Xara

As a real estate agent, your days are packed with property showings, client meetings, and negotiations. The last thing you need is to be bogged down by marketing tasks.

Time is money, and marketing activities can be time-consuming, especially when:

  • You’re already swamped with your realtor duties.
  • Graphic design isn’t your strength, and hiring a designer isn’t always feasible.
  • You find yourself waiting for your team’s designer to become available.

If you’re ready to address real estate marketing challenges, Xara is here to help. It won’t just be a tool; it’ll be your strategic ally in the real world.

Don’t believe us? Let us show you why this one-stop solution will replace your need for multiple tools and probably even replace your assistant.

Disclaimer: You will get a no-fluff, straightforward overview of everything you need to know to make an informed decision. We’re not here to bombard you with promotional pitches.

Ready? Let’s begin. 👇

The Power of a Unified Platform in Real Estate Marketing

Xara Marketing Center for Real Estate Agents

If you’re on the hunt for tangible advantages that can transform your real estate marketing, you’ve hit a goldmine. But don’t take our word for it–see for yourself: 

Try Xara Marketing Center for Realtors today!

Improved Efficiency in Every Area of Work

A new property just hit the market and is in your portfolio. You know that the competition is fierce, and you need a few social media posts, a couple of property listing flyers, and a fresh business card.

Too bad that you don’t even know where to begin, and the design team is not available anytime soon.

The struggle may be real, but it doesn’t have to be. Xara streamlines your workflow, from template creation to content repurposing (zero design skills needed).

Need to create or make quick updates to your marketing materials? No problem. Just go to the dashboard, select a template, apply your brand guidelines automatically, and you’re done.

Or even better–use your existing marketing materials. Import them into Xara and make all the changes you need. Ready, set, post!

The greatest part is that your branding remains consistent across all materials.

Don’t believe us? Try the tool for free. You’ll be working smarter, not harder.

An All-in-One Tool = Competitive Advantage

In the real estate market, the competitive advantage belongs to those who’ve ticked all boxes and added a spin to the traditional practices.

Xara ticks all the boxes for you:

  • Social media content creation
  • Real estate direct mail (content creation, printing, and delivery)
  • Brand asset management
  • Branding & design for all your materials
  • Website creation (with Xara Web Designer+)
  • Team management

Now, we’d say that you’re pretty covered if you go through this checklist. However, if you want to stand out, you’re going to need a proper dose of creativity to excel in this strategy.

Try out any of these 14 real estate marketing ideas to stand out from the sea of real estate professionals.

Brand Management: Create and Manage Your Brand with Xara

Stay on brand with Xara for Real Estate

In the world of real estate, your brand is everything—your identity, your promise to your clients, and your mark of quality.

Picture this scenario:

  • You want to create a captivating social media post to showcase a stunning new property fast.
  • You enter Xara Cloud. It automatically generates brand guidelines from your website to ensure consistency in your marketing materials.
  • Your brand assets are all set. Then, you want to create a sleek brochure or craft a compelling listing presentation of the highest quality using ready-to-go templates.
  • You apply your brand assets, including your logo, fonts, and brand colors, all of which Xara just created for you.

Pretty amazing, right?

Regardless of your design needs, the unified toolkit simplifies the process.

You can:

  1. Upload your logo, fonts, and brand colors.


  1. You can enter your URL in the dashboard. Xara will automatically generate your brand book for you.

Here’s how to create a brand with Xara in three easy steps:

Brand Management for Real Estate Xara

1. Open a template.

2. From the “Brand” tab, click on “Create a Brand”.

3. Enter your website URL and voilà! Xara will automatically collect your brand’s guidelines, such as logo, colors, and fonts.

You can add more brands, edit existing ones, or import guidelines anytime from the “Manage Brands” menu.

Import your brand to our templates!

Customize Real Estate Templates That Sell

With Xara, you gain access to real estate templates crafted with the current marketing landscape in mind. These feature unique features like the MLS integration and AI-powered enhancements:

Templates Engineered for Real Estate Success

Xara Templates for Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

Templates are a real estate business and agent’s best friend, and we know it. Here’s how to create templates tailor-made for your property listings matching your personal brand:

  • Import your Personal Smartfields (real estate agent details: name, email, phone number, etc.) to your templates
  • Fill out your Personal Smartfields one time
  • Automatically populate all templates with your agent’s personal details
  • Update your marketing materials whenever you need to

Auto-Populate Templates with Your Listing’s Website URL


Part of Xara’s templates are designed to highlight property features, making them irresistible to potential buyers.

Whether it’s a stunning interior, a sprawling backyard, or a charming neighborhood, you can find a template to match your needs.

Once you do, make sure to import your listing with a simple “copy & paste” command of your website’s URL. Your details will automatically apply to the template, customizing it for you.

The only thing you need to do is hit post on your social channels and print for your direct mail campaign. 

Hyper-Customization for Your Real Estate Materials

Tired of generic designs? Customize templates with your unique brand elements. Once your brand kit is set, you can use it to apply your trademark guidelines to any template you love.

You can create content for different types of channels, both online and offline. Try applying your brand kit to both print and direct mail, as well as social media posts.

Reach your local farming area and expand your reach online at the same time, all done in minutes.

Save Time and Boost Creativity with Our AI Feature


Bid farewell to countless design revisions; Xara’s AI handles the heavy lifting. It auto-populates your templates with AI-generated content, saving time and boosting creativity.

So, you can either let Xara’s AI generator write your headlines and catchy hooks from scratch or ask it to improve your ideas. Regardless of your approach, the tool will make sure your copy is spot-on, error-free, and innovative. And if you’re looking for prompt inspiration, we have 37 ChatGPT prompts to grow your real estate business.

Repurpose Content and Save Hours in the Creation Process

Xara for Real Estate Repurpose your marketing materials

Repurposing content is a hot topic these days. That’s because people are learning that with so many communication channels available, it’s time to get smart about your media strategy.

Reaching new leads and converting them into customers must happen at a pace faster than ever, or else your competition will outpace you. For that, you need lots of content, and you need it fast.

Repurpose your best designs using the templates you’ve already customized. Change the format and details and turn them all into fresh pieces of content.

Here are some repurposing ideas for your real estate content: 

  • Infographics: Simplify complex data (e.g., blog posts) into shareable visuals for social media channels.
  • Podcasts: Transform articles into audio content, discussing real estate tips and listings.
  • Social Media Posts: Condense key points from your market reports or blog articles into bite-sized posts with these Instagram templates.
  • Email Newsletters: Summarize posts in newsletters with links for more details. While you’re at it, try these email header templates to boost your real estate email marketing.
  • Ebooks/Guides: Combine related posts into downloadable guides or lead-generating ebooks.
  • Social Media Stories: Share property tours, virtual tours, and client testimonials via stories for your followers.
  • Interactive Content: Create engaging quizzes on real estate topics and send them as printed materials to your local area.
  • Local Guides: Develop detailed neighborhood guides highlighting amenities with a simple booklet that sells. Become the thought leader of your local area.
  • Client Testimonials: Build trust with potential clients with a dedicated captions and testimonials section that you can use in your social media posts to build social proof.
Import your existing materials and repurpose them in one click!

With our just-added seamless Xpressdoc integration, your real estate agents can now design, print, and distribute their farming materials from one dashboard.



Here’s how this integration streamlines your marketing efforts in three easy steps:

  1. You get to design all your marketing materials in Xara from unique templates that you can auto-populate with your brand guidelines, AI copy, and more.
  2. You can use the Xpress Docs integration to print and ship them on the same day on high-quality paper, juggling various formats and sizes.
  3. Using this integration, you can also distribute these materials to any area using zip codes. They’ll arrive in your target audience’s inbox straight ahead!

What’s something that can genuinely make your listings pop? High-quality print materials. The print advantage is a real thing.

Brochures, flyers, and postcards offer something that digital visuals simply can’t: a real-life connection.

Create Compelling Collateral

Showcase the sleek features of that luxury condo or the cozy charm of that suburban home with designs that scream: “You need to see this property!”

Xara’s variety of templates are tailored to fit many real estate print marketing materials:

  • Window displays
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Booklets
  • Event invites

And many more…

Use them to promote your services and property listings or to boost your brokerage’s marketing. They make your job easier and your listings more appealing. What’s not to like?

Explore Premium Printing Integrations

Designing is just one part of the equation. Getting those designs onto paper is the next step. This is where Xara’s partnership with XPress Docs comes into play.

You don’t need to waste time looking for a separate printing service, as it’s all integrated.

  • The service isn’t limited to one geographic region – we’re talking US, Canada, and even Europe. Your materials can be there tomorrow, no matter where ‘there’ is. Essentially, you get last-minute printing AND next-day direct mail shipping.
  • From small quantities (minimum is 25) to large ones, you can create endless real estate marketing materials in minutes.
  • Xpressdocs will then be able to distribute them to your local area right away using the zip code of your choice.
  • Never miss a chance to hop on a 24-hour trend again.

Amplify Your Marketing Reach

By now, you’re probably realizing that Xara isn’t just about making things look pretty. It’s a powerful tool for helping you in your lead generation efforts and reach more potential buyers and sellers faster.

Having beautifully crafted brochures or catchy postcards on hand within a day means you can seize opportunities as they arise. That’s a competitive advantage on its own.

That’s how you amplify your marketing reach, make a lasting impression, and stand out in the competitive real estate industry.

Plus, you get to spend your valuable time strategizing and taking care of your leads instead of learning marketing skills.

👉Say goodbye to the status quo. If you aspire to rise above mediocrity and thrive, try Xara for free today.

Get a Grip on Social Media Marketing with the Posting Feature

Xara for Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Social media is a goldmine for real estate agents. In fact, most agents plan on using social media as their main channel.

Apart from empowering you to create captivating social media content, Xara allows you to share your content directly on your channels. No need to switch between platforms; Everything is in one place.

Create and distribute content all in one place. Just click the “Share” button to post or schedule your posts on your social media platforms.

Track Your Content’s Performance

Track The Content Performance of your Real Estate Marketing Materials

How great would it be to discover who’s actually looking at your listing brochures once you share them with your Facebook group, Instagram audience, or LinkedIn following?

This type of accurate, real-time data analytics could reshape your entire strategy and allow for quick adjustments at any campaign stage. Think of the time and money you could save, not to mention the conversion rates that these insights would bring!

Fortunately for you, Xara’s toolkit goes beyond creation. It helps you analyze your content’s performance.

Once you share your documents with your team or stakeholders, you can gain insights into what works and what doesn’t.

Reshape your strategy in real time. Act on what brings the most ROI, and change the designs that don’t provide value to you or your audience.

Xara allows you to monitor:

  • Open rates
  • Average completion percentage
  • User demographics
  • Viewing times
  • Number of downloads
  • Device used

All so that you can refine your strategies accordingly! Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Embrace Extensive Features for Added Efficiency

Work on Your Materials Offline

With Xara Desktop products, you can download your marketing materials and work on them offline. This means you can:

  • Access your materials anytime, even without an internet connection.
  • Edit and fine-tune your listings while on the go.
  • Stay productive during flights, remote property visits, or in areas with poor connectivity.
  • Ensure your marketing materials are always up-to-date, no matter where you are.

Now, you have the flexibility to make last-minute changes to your property listings without worrying about internet access.

Create Your Own Templates

Xara empowers you to save your marketing materials as templates and add them to your template library.

Here’s why this feature is a game-changer:

  • Reuse your best-performing designs for similar listings.
  • Speed up your marketing process by starting with pre-designed templates.
  • Maintain a consistent look and feel across all your listings.
  • Easily share your templates with team members for efficient collaboration.

Think about creating a template for different property types or locations. By employing a professional designer only once, you can create materials for any occasion. Then, you can share the designs with your real estate team.

Never worry about lacking marketing materials ever again. All your templates are at your fingertips, ready to use and share. Hello, brand consistency!

Organize Your Digital Arsenal with DAM

Your real estate marketing efforts are powered by digital assets. Still, managing them can be a real headache, especially in a team environment.

Don’t worry; Xara already worked out a way to streamline your digital asset management (DAM), too. Here’s how:

Use the Centralized Repository to Manage Brand Assets

Xara offers a unified storage hub for all your digital assets (pictures, logos, fonts, etc.), which means no more endless folder searches or scattered files. Everything you need is in one place, easily accessible.

You can name, sort, and filter any files. Similar to Google Drive, you can organize them into folders.

Here’s a cool feature: You can use Xara to upload your photo library. Then, all your media will be ready to use for social media posts, sales collateral, direct mail, or any other type of content.

No need to go back and forth with your colleagues to find old files or manage space storage.

Xara prevents your collaborators from using old files by organizing everything into time-stamped, sorted files. It protects your real estate brand from any content setbacks.

Enhance Team Collaboration

Xara for Real Estate Agents

Collaborate seamlessly with team members, no matter where they are. Xara ensures everyone’s on the same page. Here’s how:

  • Work in real-time on shared documents and provide (or receive) feedback directly on materials.
  • Provide your team with the latest templates. Forget about endless versions and wasted resources. Empower everyone to create faster without compromising content or branding quality.
  • Organize your company’s assets in one place. Give your team a central location to access and share essential brand assets easily.
  • Leave comments directly in documents for all your colleagues to review at their own pace.
  • Invite stakeholders to see the documents and enable comments for efficient feedback.
  • Give users permission according to their level of authority.

Case Study: The Xara Advantage. Why Only Competitive Agents Have It All



In the world of real estate, the difference between success and mediocrity lies in the tools you employ. Xara’s success story with Westgate Realty and his team perfectly illustrates this.

Ethan’s Triumph: In this YouTube success story video, Ethan and his real estate team shared how Xara revolutionized their operations. With Xara for Real Estate’s comprehensive marketing center, they could focus on what truly mattered – selling properties.

They reported a staggering 80 hours per month saved, thanks to the platform. That’s 80 hours they could redirect toward client interactions, property inspections, and closing deals!

Efficiency Redefined: Ethan’s team also highlighted how Xara decreased their creation time by a remarkable 75%. This isn’t just about saving time; it’s about working smarter.

With Xara’s unified platform, they streamlined everything from design to marketing, ensuring their brand remained consistent and appealing across all materials.


In the dynamic realm of real estate, innovation and efficiency are paramount. Xara equips real estate agents with a comprehensive marketing center that addresses practical challenges in marketing. It should be on your list of must-have real estate tools.

It’s time to harness the power of this all-in-one resource and find your full potential as a real estate agent. Bid farewell to the status quo. Instead, find your competitive advantage and cover all your weak spots with this one-stop solution for all your marketing needs.

Ready to take your real estate marketing to new heights? Join and try Xara for Free for 14 days.

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