As of today, every brand knows that they should be on social media. But when it comes to implementation, most small businesses get lost along the way. Without a real estate social media calendar and a solid strategy, chances are you’re not getting too far.

So, how do you even begin creating your first real estate marketing calendar? And is it really worth it?

In short, yes. In social media marketing, you need a goal, a plan, and a tracker. A calendar has all of them.

So, if your strategy so far has consisted of cold calling, some email marketing, and once-in-a-blue-moon social media posts, this article is for you.

We’ll go through the process of creating your best social media calendar with AI with little time, investment, and effort.

What’s a Real Estate Social Media Calendar?

A real estate social media calendar is a planned schedule that outlines when and what you’ll post on your social media platforms. It’s a strategic tool for managing your social media posts, ensuring that you have a consistent and engaging presence.

Think of a marketing calendar as a content planner, content organizer, and content scheduler all rolled into one. It brings structure and purpose to your online activities, preventing you from posting aimlessly and seeing no results.

Benefits of a Posting Calendar for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Social Media Calendar Source
  • Q: What’s any social media marketing person’s pet peeve?
  • A: Businesses that post on social media without a calendar and a marketing plan.

It’s true. Posting on your Facebook business page once in a while, perhaps only when you’re trying to make a sale, is a big mistake.

It’s not just because it won’t bring in sustainable returns, but it’s also because it’s a waste of time.

Posting frequently is the key to any successful real estate business on social media. That’s why calendars are vital for real estate agents. Plus, they have zero downsides.

Instead, they have plenty of pros. Here are the benefits of having a posting calendar as a real estate agent:

  • Saves time
  • Helps you plan and organize your content
  • Prevents you from posting infrequently and missing out on leads
  • Allows you to focus on business activities once you set it and let it run
  • Ensures a steady stream of updates that keeps your audience engaged
  • It’s a roadmap for your online journey, meaning that you never have to guess what and when to post

According to NAR, social media is more powerful than MLS when it comes to generating leads.

So, instead of missing out on deals, start taking social media seriously with a posting calendar.

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Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platform Applications Source

Not all social media platforms are created equal. Choosing the right ones can make or break your online strategy.

If you want to get the hang of social media marketing, forget about door-knocking for a minute. Instead, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What are they looking for?
  • How can I reach them?
  • What’s my USP (Unique Selling Proposition)?

Once you have these answers, it will be easier to tailor your message to each social media channel and find out where your audience is.

Our research tells us that as a real estate agent, you should be present on:

  • Facebook. The original social media app is great for sharing property listings and client success stories. In fact, 90% of agents use Facebook in their business. A Facebook business page is your gateway to engaging with your audience. Also, it provides personalized advertising.
  • Instagram. The visual-first app is a place to showcase beautiful properties with high-quality photos and videos.
  • LinkedIn. The social media platform for professionals is where you can connect with other thought leaders and share insights. It’s an excellent platform for gaining and sharing real estate education and networking with different brokerages.
  • X (Former Twitter). Although currently under much controversy, Twitter is recognized as a place for real-time updates and wide audiences.
  • TikTok. With every news outlet mentioning the new social media app these days, it’s become pretty clear that TikTok is the place to be. Unlike YouTube, immediate ROI is possible due to its ability to push videos to millions of users, even for new accounts. However, you’ve got to think of it in bigger terms: the key to attracting a younger audience, like first-time home buyers.

How to Build a Real Estate Social Media Calendar Using AI

Real Estate Agents planning their content Source

Now, let’s share the tutorial on how to create your real estate social media calendar with the magic of AI.

Step 1: Generate Content Ideas with AI

Xara AI to generate real estate content Source: Xara AI
  • Choose an AI-Powered Content Generator. There are various AI-powered tools and platforms available, such as Xara AI or ChatGPT. Check out these free real estate AI prompts. Select one that suits your needs and budget.
  • Set Your Goals and Audience. Define your social media goals and identify your target audience. Knowing your objectives and who you’re trying to reach will help the AI generate tailored content.
  • Input Relevant Information. Provide the AI with specific information about your brand, products, services, and any specific topics. The more context you provide, the better the outcome.
  • Specify Content Type. Determine the type of content you want to create. Be clear about your format, whether it’s social media posts, giveaway ideas, or story ideas.

Step 2: Create Your Calendar

Real Estate Social Media Calendar Made With Xara Made with Xara Cloud


In Xara, you can efficiently create your social media content calendar using the Table Maker feature. Follow these steps:

  • Access the Table Maker. Simply click on “Get Table Template Now.”
  • Customize the Layout. Adjust the table’s size, style, and color scheme to match your brand. Add headers, titles, or labels as needed.
  • Populate Your Calendar. Enter content, captions, ideas, and posting dates in the cells.
  • Include Visuals. Enhance your calendar with images, graphics, or icons. Resize and style visual assets as desired.
  • Generate AI-post captions: Use Xara AI to create attention-grabbing and engaging captions for your social media posts.
  • Save and Export. Save your project for later or export it. Using Xara, all your assets are stored in our digital asset management platform. Hence, you can invite collaborators to give their opinions on your calendar straight in the document.

Step 3: Generate Your Visuals in Xara

Xara Real Estate Content

In this step, Xara’s powerful automation capabilities take center stage. The tool offers a wide range of customizable real estate templates to align with your unique brand and style.

Plus, our AI content generator helps you turn content ideas into hooks or formulate text from scratch. Simply click on it and let AI work its magic in the template.

Even more – you can enter your website’s URL, and the tool will automatically import all your brand guidelines. Then, it will brand any template with your custom assets and your own information: your personal agent’s details. This ensures agents have the latest version of marketing materials.

Use the MLS Integration


For real estate agents, this feature is key in their social media marketing strategy.

Simply input your listing ID, and Xara will extract your MLS property listing info and details. Then, it will apply the data to a chosen template.

This is how you can get real estate content done for you in seconds.

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Step 4: Share on Socials with Ease

Share on Social Media with Xara for Real Estate Agents-min (2)

Now that you have a calendar and a content creation tool, it’s time to spread your message to your community.

Within Xara Cloud, you can share your content directly on social media platforms when the moment is right.

There is no need to switch between tools – everything is integrated into a single dashboard.

Build Your Real Estate Social Media Calendar with Xara

What Makes a Killer Social Media Calendar

October Calendar Source

Your social media strategy is almost complete. Now, we’ve got to take care of the master plan behind content creation.

With a well-designed strategy, you’ll get more leads and attract prospective clients ready to turn into sales opportunities. Here’s how:

Set Your Goals

Define clear objectives for your social media campaigns. Are you aiming to increase lead generation, establish authority, or both?

Perhaps you’re looking to close the deal with warm leads or drive traffic to your website.

Your goals will shape your real estate marketing calendar, so choose them carefully.

Plan Your Social Media Content

Realtor planning their social media content Source

Realtors, the key to a successful real estate social media calendar is to map out your content in advance. Plan real estate posts around key dates, holidays, events, and trends in the real estate market. Share market updates to keep your audience informed and engaged.

Posting Frequency

Decide how often you’ll post. Generally speaking, the more you post, the higher the chances of growing as a real estate agent.

Still, it’s important to stick to a consistent posting schedule that works for you, even if you don’t have much time to post.

Consistency is vital whether you want to post thrice or seven times a week. However, don’t forget that quality trumps quantity.

Focus on creating great ideas that resonate with your audience. Don’t commit to an unrealistic posting calendar.

Monitor and Adjust

Constantly monitor your social media performance. Use free analytics tools like the ones integrated with your social platforms.

Monitor which posts perform best. Are open houses bringing in the most engagement, or do people react well to “just listed” posts?

Take a step back and assess whether your social media content is performing as intended. Approach it with a marketer’s mindset.

Use AI When It Makes Sense

Consider using AI chatbots to engage with your audience 24/7. Allow them to answer common questions and provide immediate assistance.

During this season, you can also use AI to brainstorm digital marketing campaign ideas during busy times. Use it to generate holiday marketing content or Black Friday ideas.

10 Creative Real Estate Calendar Ideas

Now, let’s explore some of our best content ideas for social media. From TBT to virtual video tours, we’ve listed ten free resources you should steal ASAP.

1. Property Spotlight Mondays

Real Estate Just Listed Templates

Start the week by showcasing a different property every Monday. Share stunning photos, videos, and compelling descriptions of new homes on the market. Highlight unique features and potential benefits for buyers.

2. Testimonial Tuesdays

Real Estate Testimonial Templates

Share success stories from satisfied past clients. Feature their testimonials, along with before-and-after photos, if you can.

This builds trust and demonstrates your track record, showing people why they should choose you over other agents.

3. Tips and Tricks Wednesdays

Carousel Real Estate Educational Templates

Share valuable tips and insights related to the real estate industry. Offer advice on:

  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Investing
  • Home maintenance

This will help you position yourself as a knowledgeable industry expert and build trust with your audience.

👉 Pro Tip: When repurposing content, you can take these valuable tips and create a free download that acts as a lead capture on your website.

4. Throwback Thursdays

Everyone loves a TBT. Take a trip down memory lane and post about a significant milestone or achievement in your real estate career.

Share stories of challenges overcome and lessons learned.

It’s also a chance to inspire others and become a thought leader in the real estate industry.

5. Fun Facts Fridays

Share interesting and lesser-known facts about the local real estate market or your community.

This can be about historical landmarks, local events, or intriguing statistics. Use information from your blog to create these social media posts, as it saves time.

6. Small Business Saturday

Real Estate agent and a small business owner Source

Small Business Saturday is the perfect opportunity to show your support for local businesses and create engaging content.

Feature local businesses in your community and improve your real estate farming efforts. Share their stories, highlight unique offerings, and encourage your audience to shop locally.

7. Market Update Mondays

People tend to be more receptive to new information and purchase decisions on Mondays.

Use the fresh start of the week to provide updates on the current state of the real estate market. Include information on trends, pricing, and any recent changes that could impact buyers or sellers.

This shows that you are updated and ready to go right from the beginning of the week, showing preparedness and reliability.

8. Video Tours Tuesdays

Create short video tours of the properties you’re representing. Videos perform best on social media, offering the highest ROI from all other social media content.

Thus, make sure to use this content format more often than just once a week. Although more difficult to create, it’s shareable, clickable, and overall engaging.

Highlight key features, the neighborhood, and any recent renovations or upgrades.

9. Ask Me Anything (AMA) Wednesdays

Ask Me Anything Source

Encourage your audience to ask real estate-related questions. We suggest using Instagram stories for this particular type of content.

Stories are personal and prompt immediate engagement, as they disappear after 24 hours.

Use them to answer your audience’s questions and keep them on their toes each Wednesday, awaiting your branded stories.

10. Weekend Wanderlust: Virtual Door Knocking

On weekends, share inspiring photos or stories of beautiful homes and dream destinations. Make your social media page feel like a virtual getaway for your followers.

Open up discussions about top destinations, must-visit places in your state, “Best Spots To Visit in California,” or dream homes. Connect the idea of homeownership with a sense of adventure and aspiration.

Appealing to emotion is the real deal on social media, so make sure to share popular images or custom content that resonates well with their pathos.

Bring Your Real Estate Business One Step Closer to Your Audience

Xara Marketing Center for Real Estate Agents

The journey to a thriving real estate social media presence just got more exciting. With the help of AI, every business can formulate and implement a strategy for their socials in a snap. This is particularly valuable if you’re a busy realtor with limited time to allocate to marketing campaigns or a broker who wants to empower agents with branded materials. If you want to REALLY make your life easier, check out Xara. It is a great way to streamline your real estate social media calendar creation and marketing strategies.

It’s not just another tool in your tech stack. The software transforms ideas into engaging content right in the app.

Picture a calendar that practically builds itself, saving you time and ensuring a professional touch.

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