By now, all businesses understand the importance of maintaining a consistent social media presence. Yet in many cases, adding the social media posts themselves turns out to be a long, drawn-out process, with multiple edits and revisions along the way. Ongoing changes to the brand style guide, posts that are overdue, or inconsistent branding elements — these are just a few examples that make social media posting harder than it should be.

So, as a busy individual looking to align your social media strategy with your business goals, is there anything you can really do to bring peace and order to the world of social media content?

Yes! Working with social media templates is likely to save hours of your time, helping you achieve more in a given week by focusing on strategic initiatives rather than striving to keep your content top-notch. By using social media templates, you take care of everything that makes social media content good: Consistency. Quality. Diversity. Visual appeal. After all, this is the content that your audience wants and is likely to prompt users to interact with your business.

The best part is that creating social media templates is not rocket science, and it does not require hiring a designer to get it right. Read on as we unpack everything you need to know about social media post templates.

Editable Templates: The Ultimate Social Media Hack

If you’re juggling multiple initiatives, social media accounts, or marketing campaigns, this means that you are constantly creating content to push your business goals further. All this while worrying about consumer needs and how to best address them. At this rate, you need all the free time you can get to focus on strategic decisions and creative solutions.

Let’s explore what social media templates can do for you.

The Benefits of Social Media Templates

1. Keep Your Instagram Grid Consistent and On Brand

Your Instagram posts might look great in the Instagram feed, but what about the users that land on your profile for the very first time? How are you going to make a great first impression? Instagram social media templates allow you to add diversity and consistency to your Instagram grid in order to provide users with an unforgettable experience.

What you should have in mind:

  • Establish your brand color palette and brand typography and use them consistently.
  • Develop 3-5 content categories and play around with them to diversify your content — they could be quotes, questions for your audience, graphics, and so on.
  • Pay attention to the bigger picture and make sure you achieve a unified look with your grid.
  • Get strategic with your visuals and develop Instagram layout templates or themes based on your exisiting post templates.


2. Add Credibility to Your Facebook Profile

Considering that 76% of smartphone users turn to mobile messaging to communicate, they are more likely to reach out to you on social media than they are to do it via your website or other channels. As such, your Facebook profile needs to stay on brand to inspire trust and encourage users to engage with your brand. With Facebook templates, you’ll have more time to foster quality engagements, knowing that your visuals are on point, everytime!

What you should have in mind:

  • Add your brand logo as your profile picture and align it with your cover photo.
  • Make sure your brand logo is consistent with other platforms and add engaging custom graphics to your cover photo.
  • Make sure you diversify your feed with relevant and brand-oriented content — blog post promotions, curated content, visual infographics, interesting quotes, and so on.
  • Don’t forget to add your branding elements to Facebook Groups or other associated pages.


3. Keep the Conversation Going Through Instagram Stories

According to Instagram, one-third of the most viewed stories are published by brands or businesses. As such, if you’re not publishing stories, you are missing out on the conversation. Here is what you can expect to achieve if you do: increase brand visibility, engage with your audience, and build awareness around your product or service.

In addition to this, Instagram stories help you leverage the power of real-time marketing and get real-time feedback from your audience. For example, posting an Instagram story from a product launch or event could prompt more people to attend it in real life and post about your brand.

With Instagram story templates, you waste no time keeping your visuals in check, even when you have to post something in real time. For good measure, develop a library of Instagram story templates and update it regularly. This way, you’ll have a customizable story, ready to be shared in no time.

What you should have in mind:

  • Instagram stories are vertically-formatted.
  • If you plan to add videos, the length is 15 seconds per video.
  • You can add CTAs to stories, as 50% of users reported to have made a purchase after seeing the product through Instagram stories.


4. Showcase Your Business Values through LinkedIn Posts

With 756 million members worldwide, LinkedIn should be your go-to platform to hire top talent and attract new investors to help you expand your business. As a result, you need branded content to help you appeal to this audience and reach your goals. On LinkedIn, it’s not really about promoting your products or services, but mostly about promoting yourself as a business — who you are, what do you stand for, and what drives you forward.

By using LinkedIn templates, you have more time to craft quality content for your audience, knowing that you don’t have to spend hours optimizing each post.

What you should have in mind:

  • Add brand-related text to your visuals.
  • Make sure your logo and brand name are visible.
  • Share valuable content with a focus on trends and statistics.


5. Foster a Community Around Your Brand Using Twitter

Twitter is a great platform to showcase your brand voice and personality. Why? Because it’s the fastest way to grow your brand and engage with your audience. If you reply and mention someone in a tweet, you increase your brand visibility on Twitter and keep users engaged with your brand. In time, you will build a loyal following and bring people together.

With Twitter templates, you can make the most of your image output and include your branding in the images. Whether you want to promote an article, share a quote, or prompt users to act, using a template can save you a lot of time and allow you to drive more quality connections with your audience.

What you should have in mind:

  • Make sure to identify your brand voice and use it consistently in your tweets.
  • Avoid boring stock images as they don’t showcase your brand.
  • Aim for a bold color palette that makes your brand stand out.


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