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Content Marketing

Your go-to strategy to foster consumer engagement and trust.

What It Is

Content marketing implies creating and distributing useful and relevant content to a target audience.

Why It Matters

Content marketing helps you foster consumer engagement and drive profitable customer action.

Where It’s Going

As new platforms are emerging every quarter, content marketing will expand to help you reach emerging audiences.

Elevate Your Content Marketing in Xara Cloud

In Xara Cloud, you’ll get countless content ideas on a daily basis. And you’ll always see new opportunities to get in front of your audience with valuable content. Take a look at our templates and explore all the ways they could make your content marketing more engaging.

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Why You Save Time Using Xara Cloud

Design the Easy Way — You focus on your content ideas, we make them engaging with easy-to-use design templates and elements.

Collaborate Seamlessly — Share, add comments, and edit your documents with intuitive collaboration tools that put your designs in top shape.

Create Visual Content — Allow your text to stand out with engaging charts and infographics that will help you convey information more effectively.

Achieve Consistency at Scale — With our brand management tools, you can easily apply your branded elements across documents and achieve a consistent look in seconds.

Generate Updates Across the Board — Got changes? We got you. Any brand updates will be automatically applied to all your collateral so that you won’t waste time conducting manual changes.

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More about Xara Cloud

Xara Cloud is a document creation and editing tool that is transforming the way businesses approach their marketing materials. We unite your team’s work and communication in one place so that you can get everything done in one place and remove information silos.

No design experience required. Modern real-time collaboration across touchpoints. Stunning marketing materials set to drive more sales.

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