If you want to know how to create a booklet that elevates your brand strategy right away but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place.

We know how frustrating it can be to try and figure out how to make a booklet that speaks to your brand when you don’t have much expertise, so we put together this simple guide for you.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about creating your own booklet from scratch, including:

  • The easiest way to start writing your booklet (plus free booklet templates)
  • How to make sure you have an effective booklet design that will sell well
  • How to get people excited about your digital booklet using an easy marketing strategy on your social media channels

Without further ado, let’s learn how to create a booklet that sells and customize an editable booklet template in minutes!

What is A Booklet and Why Your Brand Needs One

One of the best ways to improve your brand’s marketing strategy is to make a booklet. A booklet is a visual representation of your brand’s values and goals in print and online.

Print brochures are great for handing out at events or giving away in stores, while a digital booklet can serve as an interactive tour of your brand’s website — a way to showcase what you have to offer in a more informative way.

A booklet can also be used as a digital print or a template for all other content your brand produces, such as blog posts or social media posts. Having a consistent message throughout all your marketing materials will help you stand out from the competition!

How To Create a Booklet From Scratch Using a Booklet Template

Xara Cloud How to Create a Booklet Templates

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Gone are the days of creating booklets out of thin air and spending hours creating one page of worthy booklet content. With so many free booklet templates formatted automatically, traditional Microsoft Word offerings are starting to become obsolete.

So, forget the upper setup window, creating multiple pages and hoping they’ll look consistent when you manually print them, and the blank pages that cause writer’s block. You can now go from one page to how many pages you’d like using free booklet templates in a matter of minutes.

Here are three easy steps to create your booklet using a free printable booklet maker:

  1. Research The Market: Know Your Competition and Target Audience
  2. Determine Your Project Mission and Align It With Your Brand’s Image
  3. Choose Your Own Booklet From a Wide Array of Free Booklet Templates

You’re so close to creating the perfect booklet for your content marketing strategy! Let’s explore each step in detail and see what actionable steps you can take today to create the booklet of your dreams.

1. Research The Market: Know Your Competition and Target Audience

Business person identifying its target audience Source

Research is the key to a successful business. If you want to create a booklet that speaks for your brand and sells like crazy, you need to know your competition and who you are trying to reach.

The first step in creating this kind of booklet is to look at what other companies are doing with their booklets. Find out what makes them stand out from the crowd and what makes them appealing to their target audience. Use popular SEO tools like Google Trends to research trending topics from the web.

Once you have an idea of what works, it will be much easier to create something new and exciting that will appeal both to your target audience and potential customers.

Then, you should conduct extensive research into your target audience’s demographics.

  • What does their income level look like?
  • What is their age range?
  • Are they mostly male or female?
  • Do they live near an urban center or in more rural areas?

These question examples will help determine how best to reach out to them through various communication channels like social media platforms or websites where they might be browsing content related to what you’re trying to sell them.

2. Determine Your Project Mission and Align It With Your Brand’s Image

Marketers determining their brand mission Source

The first step to creating an excellent and winning booklet is to determine your end goal by keeping your target audience in mind.

What is your objective? Are you trying to increase traffic, build loyalty, or sell more products? Once you know that, it becomes easier to figure out how your booklet should look and feel.

To create the perfect booklet, you need to first determine your project mission and align it with your brand’s image. Your brand aesthetic is crucial to keep in mind. Also, what is your goal?

You should also think about how much you can spend on making it. One way to save on your booklet is with a free booklet creator like this one.

Once you’ve determined these factors, it’s time to think about branding!

  • How does this booklet fit into your overall brand image?
  • Does it fit seamlessly into the rest of your marketing materials, or does it stand out as something different? If so, how does this help or hinder its effectiveness?
  • What is the design style you’re aiming for? Is it casual, professional, or different from anything you’ve created before?

Then, it’s time to start putting our free booklet creator to use. How? Let’s check it out!

3. Choose Your Own Booklet From a Wide Array of Free Booklet Templates

Booklet Templates

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A booklet can help you reach new customers by giving them a better understanding of your brand and its purpose, so booklet design needs to speak volumes about your brand’s appearance.

So, your booklet design needs to be flawless, but you already know that. What you don’t know is that you don’t need to compromise high-quality designs for affordable prices. In fact, what is cheaper than FREE? Yes, you’ve heard it right – we’re going to give away free booklet templates.

Now you must be wondering: if these booklet templates are indeed free, they must have poor quality.

Well, let’s check out the most essential qualities of an outstanding booklet:

  • It has plenty of eye-catching visuals like graphs, charts, and illustrations
  • The booklet aesthetic is consistent across all pages
  • The text is well-aligned and not overly used
  • It inspires a sense of professionalism regardless of its design

Now, let’s see if our free booklet templates qualify! Check out some of our free booklet templates that you can customize with just a few clicks:

Social Media Marketing Booklet Template by Xara Cloud The Social Media Marketing Booklet Restaurant Business Proposal Booklet Template by Xara Cloud The Restaurant Business Proposal Booklet Data Visualization Booklet Template by Xara Cloud The Data Visualization Booklet

If you want to explore some other free editable booklet templates and power up your content, start creating for free using Xara Cloud platform!

How to Make Sure That Your Booklet Sells Using Proven Marketing Techniques

So, how to create a booklet that actually sells? Let’s see!

Now that you have a ready-to-go booklet and you’ve already printed some samples, it’s time for you to make the most out of it. Your marketing campaign is a crucial part of any launch. Your efforts will be wasted if you don’t know how to market your booklet.

Here are some tips on how to make sure that your booklet sells:

  1. Make Your Booklet a Valuable Resource By Providing The Solution To a Problem
  2. Use Timeless Marketing Strategies To Advertise Your Booklet
  3. Build a Community That Will Benefit From Your Booklet

Let’s explore these steps in detail below.

1. Make Your Booklet a Valuable Resource By Providing The Solution To a Problem

Provide a solution to a problem doors Source

When you’re writing a booklet, the most important thing is to make sure it’s valuable to your readers. If you don’t have something they want in there, they won’t read it.

So how do you make your book valuable?

The answer is simple: by providing the solution to a problem. If there are people who are looking for help with a particular issue, then that’s who your book should be written for. Make sure that you are clear about what the booklet is about and why someone would want to read it in the first place (i.e., what problem does it solve?).

In addition to this information being included in the book itself (such as an introduction), make sure it shows up somewhere where people can easily find it.

To find out what problems people are having, check out websites like AnswerThePublic. This will give you an idea of what issues are trending right now and can help guide your writing process so that your book addresses these problems in a meaningful way.

More importantly, it’ll show you how to market your booklet to the right people. If you know the question, you can answer. In marketing, headlines and catchphrases are everything, so if you want to grab the attention of your specific audience, make sure to use the right words.

2. Use Timeless Marketing Strategies To Advertise Your Booklet

How to Create a Booklet using Marketing Strategies Source

After your booklet is ready, it’s time to advertise it. The best way to do this is by using all the promotional tools you have on hand to reach a broad audience and get your message across.

Here are some marketing strategies you can use to advertise your booklet:

  • Online advertising on websites like Facebook and Google – simply purchase ads on these sites that will show up when people search for certain things or look at content similar to what you have created.
  • Email marketing campaigns – you can create an email list and send emails about new products or services that are being offered by your company and other companies in similar industries.
  • Word-of-mouth – if you want people to spread your booklet’s message, ensure they’re excited enough that they don’t mind telling others about it.
  • Offer incentives – if someone gets your booklet, you could offer them a discount. This will make them feel like they’re getting added value and increase their chances of sharing the product with their friends and family.

3. Build a Community That Will Benefit From Your Booklet

Community of Booklet Fans Source

If you have a target audience concentrated in a common space, like a community of people who share the same interests, your marketing results will skyrocket.

Here are some ideas of places where you can build an online community:

  • Facebook or LinkedIn groups
  • Forums on Reddit or Quora
  • An Instagram business page

The community you build should need the products or services that you provide, and they should be people who would be willing to share their experiences with others in the community. This will help you build credibility with potential customers, as well as create a sense of loyalty and trust.

Help build your community by creating an area where people can ask questions about your product or service and get answers from other members. This will allow you to gain insight into what people are looking for and what they need so that you can improve your offerings accordingly.


We get it. Designing, editing visuals, and creating strategies to upsell your products or services might not be everyone’s strong points. Perhaps you just want to take care of the business side of..well, your business!

Still, if you want your company to thrive, you need to run that extra mile. Our job at Xara is to make your marathon a bit easier to complete, so we hope this guide will bring you closer to your goals.

Now that you know how to create a booklet that sells and how to make use of our free templates, advertising your offerings may not seem like such a difficult task again.

Luckily, you can create a professional-looking booklet without ever leaving your browser. We’ve put together a four steps guide to creating a booklet using Xara Cloud to walk you through the entire process of making the booklet and taking it online.

But what if we told you that we could help you in other areas of your business? With Xara Cloud, you can create outstanding designs of all types, collaborate on shared files, upscale your brand management strategy, and many more!

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