If you’re a sales rep looking to outsmart your competition and sell more, you’re in the right place.

Sales and marketing teams everywhere are starting to get a better idea of what sales collateral can do for them, and the benefits are remarkable. They’re getting the most out of their sales funnels with less time, effort, and money.

So how is that possible? Well, many types of sales collateral can help you in the process. Using the right ones will upgrade your strategy and take your efforts to a whole new performance level.

We’re talking closing deals with the power of sales funnels and using eye-catchy visuals to get prospects on the hook. Moreover, you get to build a brand without a marketing team to back you up every step of the way.

How? By using nine types of sales collateral that work!

In this article, we’ll include everything you need to know about sales enablement and the sales process. We’ll help you achieve a well-defined brand image and serve your customers what they want.

Let’s delve right into it!

What Is A Sales Collateral?

Sales collateral is a piece of content containing the information a customer needs to make a buying decision. It could be as simple as a brochure, a PDF, or an ebook with the features and benefits of your product.

It could also be an entire website containing several types of sales collateral that can answer any customer inquiries at a glance.

An effective sales collateral is an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors. You can use it to show your prospective customers why they should choose you over everyone else.

Sales reps often use sales enablement to help customers understand how their problems can be solved. They also have many types of sales collateral on hand at all times. Sales reps use those in case customers require extra information in their buyer’s journey.

What Do Sales Reps Think About Sales Collateral And Why Your Business Needs One Right Away?

Every successful sales team or marketing team knows that the right sales collateral makes all the difference. It can help them upgrade sales funnels, increase conversions, and ultimately sell more.

As a sales representative, you need to consider how sales collateral helps your business.

Studies show that 95% of all purchasing decisions are subconscious. Thus, clever sales reps know that the best way to persuade their potential customers into buying isn’t by telling them “buy from me”.

Instead, they need to use persuading images and professional-looking sales collateral (templates). They must offer valuable information and help the buyer throughout the entire process.

A top-tier sales rep has their sales collateral available whenever a prospective customer needs it. Here are some examples of situations where sales collateral may come in handy:

  • Before and after reading an ad
  • After visiting your website
  • After reading about one of your competitors’ offerings
  • During any other time when someone might have questions about your offerings
  • After an event, they may have them look up products and services from your industry

After the purchase is completed, good sales representatives check in on their customers to make sure everything went well. This helps them strengthen their brand image and get good reviews, which are useful in the long run.

To get your potential customers to the awareness stage, you must implement different sales collateral types. As a salesperson, you need professional designs to bolster your brand image.

A sales collateral will help your business look more put-together. It will also encourage your prospects to take action and put their trust in your services.

Now, let’s see how you can implement various sales collateral examples in your sales cycle. Use our professional sales collateral and improve your sell sheets right away!

How To Use A Sales Collateral In The Sales Process?

If you’re ready to target your marketing efforts toward your buyer’s journey, you’re going to need sales collateral. You can use it to get potential customers through your sales funnel. Our templates will make it as easy as possible for them to make a purchase decision.

So, where do you start?

  • The first step is getting prospective buyers interested in what you’re offering. Get their attention so that they’ll click on one of your ads or visit your website (the awareness stage).
  • The second step is convincing prospects that you are the right choice in the competitor comparisons phase. Now, they need enough information about both companies before making a final decision. Your prospective customer will look at which one will provide them with better service at a lower cost over the long term. This part is also known as the consideration stage.
  • The third step is nurturing potential customers up until the point when they decide to make a buy. If your prospective customer is on the fence, it’s your job as a sales rep to pursue and convince them to buy. You can do so using remarketing or by strengthening your sales pitch. This part of the process is also known as the decision stage.

Sales collateral can help your customers every step of the way by providing information about your brand.

How? By encouraging them to trust your business and feel assured about you. The more people trust you, the higher the chance of them buying from you.

Now, all you need is sales collateral to begin advertising your offerings and showing your clients what you’re capable of. Fortunately, we have nine of them!

Let’s explore now how to implement them into your customer success journey.

Nine Types Of Sales Collateral That Every Sales Team Should Know About

1. The Brochure

Brochure templates from Xara Cloud Source

A brochure is a great way to promote and display your offerings in a professional manner. With a brochure, your clients understand who you are without having to read through an entire book.

The brochure templates are the perfect tool for sales reps who want to upscale their strategy. These templates are simple and easy to follow.

What’s more, you can use our integrated brand management feature. With this tool, you can apply your specific style across multiple documents and create branded materials in seconds.

You can customize the template to suit your business by adding text, images, brand assets, and more.

Our corporate brochure is significant sales collateral. It truly makes it easy for customers to understand what they need from you.

It helps them understand what they are buying before they make their purchase decision. Fewer surprises after the fact, and fewer complaints in your direct mail!

2. The Newsletter

Newsletter templates from Xara Cloud Source

If you’re a salesperson, you know how important it is to stay in touch with your customers.

Sometimes, it can take a lot of work to come up with fresh content that will keep them engaged and excited about working with you. This becomes increasingly more difficult if they’ve been around for a while.

That’s where this newsletter template comes in!

We’ve included everything there is to know about creating an effective newsletter. Keep your customers engaged and excited by customizing any template in minutes!

This sales collateral will help you establish a tone for your audience and diversify topics to cover in each issue.

Use any template to address customer pain points and promote your marketing materials. You can also use them to get some inspiration for your email templates.

3. The Ebook & The Booklet

Ebook templates from Xara Cloud Source

Booklets and ebooks are widely used by salespeople to offer valuable information to their audience in an engaging way. By doing so, they also gain traffic and increase their awareness.

Use these templates as sales collaterals to display larger amounts of information in an engaging way.

You can also use them for lead-generating campaigns or as traditional informational materials. They can be used for any kind of business, especially one that deals with selling products or services directly to the consumer.

These templates include sections about the buyer journey and why your prospective client would enjoy your offerings. Use these templates when building landing pages for your buyer personas.


4. The Social Proof

Social Proof templates from Xara Cloud Source

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that salespeople often leverage in their strategies. Social proof templates are used as sales collateral because they strengthen your buyer’s opinion of you.

If you’re looking to stand out from the competitors, these are the right templates to use.

Use them as sales collaterals in the buyer journey if you want to speak to your target audience. When it comes to social proof, your customers must feel like you’re presenting them with a value proposition objectively.

The social proof method uses testimonials and other third-party validation to prove that your product works and it’s worth buying. This is what makes it a highly efficient marketing content piece.

When someone sees a bunch of reviews or testimonials for a product, they’re more likely to buy it themselves. It all comes down to human nature. If people see that others have bought and liked the product, they’re likely to do it themselves.

5. The Catalog

Catalog templates from Xara Cloud Source

Our catalog offers a visual-based approach to presenting your sales materials. You can bolster your strategy by using it as sales collateral. It also helps build a brand identity by allowing high-quality visuals to be displayed.

Marketing teams use this sales collateral to address their customer’s pain points and drive more sales all the time.

Use it to persuade customers into taking action throughout the sales funnel and present them with visual proof of your product’s quality.

Use it to display your products, services, your pricing page, reviews, and many more.

6. The Product Sheet

Product sheet templates from Xara Cloud Source

Sales collateral aims to strengthen your brand’s image and make it easier for your leads to complete the buyer’s journey. Using a product sheet template will persuade your clients to make a purchase.

There are many types of sales collateral that you can use, but a product sheet is the one you need if you want to go straight to the point. This kind of template is short and sweet. It will help you display your project or idea briefly yet in a catchy manner.

You can use charts, figures, visual elements, and text to present your ideas in one to two pages of design. Use this template in the consideration stage, as this is the stage in the buyer’s journey where they compare offers.

7. The Sales Plan

Sales Plan templates from Xara Cloud Source

The most effective sales collateral is the one that convinces target customers to give pay attention to you. Hence, marketing collateral that works is rarely text-abundant.

Instead, people respond well to persuasive pictures and catchy designs. A sales plan that gets people’s attention offers relevant information on top of sales content.

Marketing professionals use these templates to upgrade their sales strategy and establish goals.

They are an effective way to close more deals and help your team increase the number of satisfied customers. They will help you create a plan and map out the goals throughout the entire sales process.

8. The Presentation

Presentation Templates from Xara Cloud Source

If you’re looking to incorporate various types of sales content under the same brand aesthetic, these are the templates for you.

You can use them to build marketing collateral that works (AKA addresses the pain points of your customers). They also work great if you want to improve your sales presentations while saving time.

With this sales collateral, you can incorporate data sheets and sales videos under the same design.

Achieve marketing success with your sales pitch and get professional presentations done easily. If you’re looking for new customers, this is a great way to go and get them.

9. The Battle Card

Sales professionals use this sales collateral to enable sales reps to position their products, review them against competitors, and explain key differences in a visual or professional way.

Battle cards are visual aids sales reps, or sales teams use to compare benefits and features briefly. Battle cards are the way to go if you want to achieve customer success when positioning your product.

How Can Sales Reps Upgrade Their Strategy To Sell More

As a sales rep, you are the face of your business. How you communicate with your prospects can significantly impact how well you convert them into customers.

If you’re doing it right, that’s great. If not, you could miss out on a lot of potential revenue.

With the right sales collateral and the right sales tools, you can make the most out of your sales strategy.

Sales collateral can help your sales team nurture leads who are still in the consideration phase—which means fewer wasted hours chasing down uninterested prospects.

With Xara’s actionable templates, you can convey your message clearly, concisely, and compellingly. Moreover, you get to do it in minutes while keeping your branding consistent. Naturally, that means more leads converting into paying customers.

Upgrade your sales collateral with Xara Cloud!