Here’s a lingering question for 2023 and beyond: Does print marketing still hold its ground? Surprisingly, it does.

For every hundred real estate emails that land in an inbox, how many are actually opened on average? MailChimp says 19.17%. In contrast, the open rate for print marketing can go up to 90%. Easy math, easy answer. But the real question is: “How can I act on this information as a real estate agent today?”

We’ll answer this question and give you seven reasons why real estate print marketing materials are here to stay. Let’s delve right in.

1. Print Marketing Offers a Break from the Digital World

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Print marketing is a tangible invitation that stands out amidst the virtual clutter. The impact of receiving personalized real estate direct mail that you can feel in your hand is stronger than any digital ad.

People digest print media more easily than digital media. Plus, potential customers are often from various demographic backgrounds. Apart from young adults who are seeking a break from the internet, chances are seniors will prefer printed materials over Facebook ads.

Practical Advice: Opt for print materials that appeal to the tactile sense. Use paper textures that add an extra layer of engagement. A textured finish can evoke a sensory experience that resonates.

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2. Print Marketing Materials Build Credibility and Trust

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In the digital age, real estate print marketing works due to its unique advantage—it builds credibility and trust in ways digital content struggles to match.

Perceived Trustworthiness

When you hold a printed brochure, you’re not just holding a piece of paper. You’re holding a tangible representation of a brand. Physical real estate marketing materials foster a perception of trustworthiness that virtual content fails to address.

In fact, 56% of potential customers think that print marketing materials are the most trustworthy type of marketing strategy.

Practical Advice: Always brand your real estate business materials and keep a cohesive identity across all your content. This way, you’ll make your brand recognizable and familiar to your audience.

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Building a Stronger Connection

Physical materials like real estate flyers, realty cards, and others forge a deep connection with your target audience. Print promotional items engage multiple senses and create real-life connections. These can be more powerful than digital interactions, which are fleeting and short-term oriented.

Practical Advice: Include relatable stories and personal anecdotes in your real estate marketing materials. They create a deeper emotional connection with your audience. Add local insights like neighborhood updates if you’re crafting materials for new leads in your farming area.

Leaving a Lasting Impression

Research shows that people tend to process and recall physical materials better compared to digital content. Due to the activation of touch and smell, physical ads also elicit a stronger emotional response.

When you hold postcards, greeting cards, an open house flyer, or any physical material, you’re engaging multiple senses. You create a connection that’s not confined to the visual.

3. Direct Mail = Targeted Marketing

When it comes to real estate, the local touch matters. Direct mail allows you to tailor your message to specific neighborhoods. For example, you can showcase property listings and insights that resonate with residents and receive more significant interaction.

Practical Insight: Leverage data about the local real estate market and trends. Craft direct mail materials that highlight properties within the area. Make your content highly relevant by:

  • Offering educational information (market reports, forecasts, etc.).
  • Exclusive deals (private invitations to open houses, discounts for home refurbishing companies, etc.).
  • Position your real estate company as a trusted source of information, thus enhancing brand visibility.
  • Hyper-personalizing content based on purchasing decisions and purchasing power, thus driving conversion rates.

4. A Print Marketing Campaign Can Enhance Brand Recognition

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Print materials do more than convey information—they reinforce your brand identity. Consistency in design, colors, and logo placement across your print materials fosters brand recognition.

In fact, research shows that if a brand engages with a potential customer seven times, that lead is more likely to convert. Add a real estate business card, a brochure in the mail, a window display, and other social media efforts, and your marketing plan will thrive.

Practical Insight: Develop a visual style guide for your print materials to build trust. This guide should include your logo, color scheme, fonts, and design elements that reflect your brand’s personality.

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Physical Reminders of Your Brand

Printed materials transcend the digital realm right into the real world. Think of them as tiny real estate ambassadors, carrying your brand’s essence into homes and offices.

A Multisensory Experience

Real estate print marketing adds another layer to engagement: the senses. By using:

  • The tactile feel of paper
  • The sight of vivid colors,
  • The sound of pages turning

Your property brochures, flyers, and other print media create a multisensory experience. This type of feeling will stick with your recipients for longer while also delivering a physical experience of your brand. Make sure to make it memorable and pleasant.

Avoiding Ad Blockers

You don’t need to worry about ad blockers when you send brochures, postcards, or other direct mail. It bypasses digital obstacles and reaches your audience directly. Unlike ads, which can be stopped or skipped in the digital world, real estate prints offer a clear path to engagement.

Practical Insight: Integrate QR codes or custom URLs in your print materials. This bridges the gap between print and digital, allowing you to boost your digital efforts effectively.

5. Print Marketing Strategies Strengthen Your Real Estate Farming Efforts

Integrating print marketing into real estate farming can be a game-changer. Here’s how to boost your farming efforts with real estate print marketing:

  • Send out personalized postcards to showcase local property insights. These can include recent sales brochures or upcoming real estate listings flyers.
  • Craft concise newsletters with valuable tips for homeowners. Include free reports, a lead generation ebook, best investment opportunities, a list of top home refurbishing services, or anything that speaks to your audience.
  • Promote your real estate business. If you’re a brokerage, feature your best real estate agents. If you’re a real estate agent, showcase how many properties you’ve sold for sellers or how many dream homes you’ve found for buyers. Offer free consultations and free home evaluations.
  • Collaborate with local businesses to include exclusive offers. Establish a win-win relationship with your local interior designer, home building company, or anyone who could be helpful to your customers.
  • Use our top 12 real estate direct mail examples to find inspiration for your next mail piece.

By following these tips, you can build credibility as a neighborhood expert. Distribute these materials regularly to maintain visibility and stay top-of-mind with potential clients.

6. Direct Mail Is Cost-Effective and Has a High ROI

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Direct mail presents an affordable and effective way to reach your target audience. Printing and postage costs are manageable, especially compared to digital ad expenditures.

Moreover, direct mail campaigns boast the highest return on investment (ROI) from all marketing channels. With well-crafted materials, you can capture attention and compel action.

Furthermore, research shows that 73% of consumers state that they prefer direct mail for receiving real estate information.

7. Print Advertisements Complement Digital Marketing Efforts

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A solid real estate marketing plan should include both print and digital content. While digital campaigns have their merits, print materials complement your digital efforts. They enhance brand recall and contribute to the overall exposure you’re getting.

You can persuade clients to hear about your services through online marketing efforts. Still, your business card will come in handy, too, when they’re ready to make the phone call.

Successful real estate agents know that a 360-degree approach is necessary in the real estate industry. That’s how things go. Once you embrace a marketing strategy that includes print and social media, as well as a professional website, you’re going to be one step ahead.

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Elevate Your Real Estate Print Marketing and Close More Deals

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Real estate print marketing isn’t just a relic of the past—it’s a thriving strategy in 2023. By establishing tangible connections and evoking emotions, print marketing delivers what digital channels can’t: a real-life connection to your brand.

As you draft your print marketing campaign, consider Xara for all your design, print, and brand management needs. Take a step toward an updated strategy that delivers the results you’ve been looking for since day one.

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