Have you ever wished you had a magic wand to make your property listings pop? With AI, that might be possible. In fact, creating real estate listings with AI is necessary to stay competitive in this competitive real estate industry.

Nowadays, you can jazz up your listings with a few simple clicks.

In this article, you’ll find out how to do it and everything else there is to know about writing real estate listings with AI. We’re talking captivating listing descriptions, virtual tours, and social media marketing – all courtesy of AI.

So, let’s dive into AI for real estate marketing and how to generate listing descriptions in seconds.

Should You Use AI for Your Real Estate Listing Description?

The short answer is yes. Real estate AI tools are necessary for every real estate agent, and not just because they save time. Artificial intelligence uses NLP (natural language processing) to come up with the perfect real estate listing description.

NLP is a game changer, as it formulates real estate listing descriptions with compelling yet informative words, which is something that real estate agents can struggle with.

Because, let’s face it–you’re not a copywriter, a researcher, or a professional marketer. Your job is to find prospective buyers and sell stunning real estate. Still, you need the right real estate listing description to do it.

Artificial intelligence uses advanced AI models and algorithms to synthesize:

  • Property details
  • Data about your target audience
  • Significant benefits related to property features (living space, storage space, number of rooms, square footage, etc.)

Then, it uses all this data to come up with unique descriptions that showcase all property features in an engaging yet informational way.

So, AI for real estate doesn’t only generate listing descriptions, but it’s also creating content that speaks to future homeowners.

Step 1: Use AI to research the Area and Get Market Insights

Real Estate Analytics Source

When it comes to enhancing your real estate listings with AI, you’ll need a solid understanding of the real estate market. Here’s a breakdown of how you can achieve this:

AI-Powered Market Analysis

  • Utilize AI-driven tools like Crexi to gather data on market trends, property values, and sales history. You can even use it for predictive analytics and find out what are the newest real estate trends.
  • Keep these insights in a spreadsheet to use them in your pricing strategies and listing descriptions.

Uncovering Area Amenities with AI

  • Explore platforms such as Walk Score that leverage AI to identify nearby amenities, schools, restaurants, and recreational spots. Real estate professionals use these insights to enrich a listing description with valuable local information.
  • Consider using local data aggregators like NeighborhoodScout to delve deeper into crime rates, school ratings, and demographic data.
  • Check out property data providers like Attom Data Solutions for up-to-date neighborhood trends, enabling you to spot growth potential or areas of concern for landlords, tenants, or buyers.

Step 2: Use Local Data Strategically

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Improving your real estate listings with AI goes beyond market analysis. It’s about harnessing local data for maximum impact.

Here’s how you can make it happen:

  • Dive into AI insights to understand your target audience’s preferences. Tailor your listings accordingly. Use ChatGPT to harness the power of AI for real estate.
  • Write down the lifestyle benefits that resonate with potential clients. Keep it tailored, whether it is for residential real estate or commercial real estate.
  • Experiment with AI-generated content for your property descriptions.

Step 3: Craft Listing Descriptions with AI with Just a Few Clicks

Xara AI Real Estate

Creating compelling listing descriptions is time-consuming, challenging, and often dull. However, with machine learning, any listing description has the potential to bring in more leads.

Plus, with AI-powered tools like Xara’s listing generator, you can create powerful real estate listing descriptions with a simple “generate” button. Save time without compromising on quality.

👉 Access Xara’s User-Friendly Platform. Generate captivating listing descriptions in seconds.

Xara’s AI tools help you tailor your descriptions based on property features, amenities, and local highlights. The result? Descriptions that resonate with your target audience, finally.

Useful Tips to Ensure Error-Free Content:

  • Use tools like Grammarly to enhance professionalism and ensure flawless listing descriptions.
  • Use Hemingway Editor to make sure your descriptions are concise and engaging. AI-driven suggestions help you refine your content, but it’s best to cross-check copies for the best outcome.

Remember, AI simplifies the process of crafting listing descriptions while elevating their quality. Still, the goal is to create descriptions that entice potential buyers. Therefore, always read through to ensure a compelling listing description.

Step 4: Use AI to Boost Your Real Estate Listings

Generate Descriptions for Real Estate Listings with AI

Use Xara’s AI Generator to Generate Listing Descriptions in Seconds.

No credit card required.

Once you’ve got the perfect listing description, here’s what you can do to ease the process even more:

Brand Your Auto-Populate Templates

Brand Management for Real Estate Xara

Now that you have your favorite template right in front of you, you have to customize it to reflect your brand.

Import your brand guidelines directly onto the template using our “Create a brand” feature. Enter your website URL, and Xara will automatically pull out your brand’s details and incorporate them into your templates. This includes logos, colors, and fonts. Making it easy to stay on brand consistently.

Now, your branded posts are ready to go.


You will love this new time-saving feature if you are a busy real estate agent. You can now populate our real estate templates with the data captured from a website URL, making it quick and easy to customize your materials. Xara’s AI tool automatically imports property listing photos and information and applies them to your templates. You no longer need an MLS connection.

From social media to flyers and listing appointments, reach your clients wherever they are with precise, up-to-the-minute information:

🖱️ One-click fill your documents

🏠 Turn your listings into experiences

🚀 Share your results. Download and go!

Generate Social Media Posts

You can use Xara’s free real estate templates to generate captivating social media content. Simply click on your favorite designs to pick the ones you like best.

Alternatively, you can repurpose your work. For instance, if you’ve already created a window display document, you can use our Resize feature to convert it into a social media post. This way, you can maintain brand consistency across all platforms and automate your content creation process. Once you’re ready to share your posts, you can directly post them on your channels using Xara functionality.

Realtors often go for our Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook templates to stay ahead in their real estate social media game.

Step 5: Personalization and Engagement

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Now, let’s dive into the heart of real estate success – personalization, customization, and engagement. Similar to entertaining guests at a party, your messages should keep leads engaged, close to your business, and feeling positive about your services.

Here’s how you can achieve this level of success with your real estate business:

Customize Content with AI Insights

  • After gathering valuable local insights and neighborhood data with AI, don’t let it sit idle. Use it to your advantage.
  • Take the preferences and desires you’ve unearthed and weave them into your listings.
  • Highlight nearby amenities, schools, and the lifestyle benefits that your target audience or niche values most. Like a trusted advisor, AI can guide you on what aspects of your listings to emphasize for maximum impact.
  • Just ask our Xara AI tool to include all these pertinent facts in the property listing description.

Engage Buyers with Personalization:

  • Consider email apps like MailChimp or HubSpot to analyze buyer behavior and preferences.
  • With this data, craft personalized email campaigns. Segment your potential buyers, sending them listings that align with their unique interests.
  • Furthermore, consider employing AI for sales on your website to engage with potential buyers in real time.
  • AI bots can provide instant answers to queries, share neighborhood insights, and even schedule property viewings. Embrace the power of automation.

Case Study: Zillow Will Start Using Listing Descriptions to Estimate Your Property’s Value

Zillow Website Home Valuation AI

Zillow, the real estate company, is using the words people use in United States’ property listings to figure out how much those properties are worth.

So, if you write an excellent description of your property, Zillow’s Zestimate might say it’s worth more money. It’s like Zillow is learning from what people say to guess how much properties cost.

Now, this is important for real estate agents. It means that when you write about a property, you’re not just trying to get buyers interested but also helping computers be more intelligent. If you describe things really well, computers can understand more about what makes your property unique.

Let’s break it down with a quick example:

  • Imagine you want to sell your house. If you write a fantastic description of your home, like “a cozy three-bedroom house with a beautiful garden”, Zillow’s AI might say your house is worth more money, say $300,000.
  • But if your description is just “house for sale”, the AI might estimate it at a lower price, maybe $250,000.

Zillow’s approach to their property valuation process highlights the growing importance of listing descriptions.

Traditionally seen as real estate marketing tools, they are evolving into solid assets for realtors, thanks to AI technology.

Real Estate Agents: Get on Board with AI and Keep Listings In Check

Xara Marketing Center for Real Estate Agents


In the world of real estate, AI is becoming your new best friend. It’s not just about saving time; it’s about enhancing your listings and staying ahead in the game as a real estate business. But don’t stop there. Pay attention to these factors, too:

  • Visuals: High-quality images and videos can make your listings shine. There are many AI tools that can help you with image generation and virtual staging with ease.
  • Data Accuracy: Ensure all the information you provide is precise and up-to-date.
  • Competitor’s Listings: Keep an eye on what your other realtors are doing to stay competitive.
  • Neighborhood Value: Understand the neighborhood’s value beyond just your property. See what leads find worth paying for, and introduce that in your listing description.
  • Style & Formatting: Make your listings easy to read and visually appealing. Don’t forget to add a personalized touch to improve the user experience.

In a nutshell, real estate agents who embrace cutting-edge technologies like AI and maintain listings stand to gain. So, get tech-savvy, keep your listings top-notch, level up the customer experience, and achieve real estate success.

👉 Create captivating listings, attract more buyers, and maximize your property’s value.


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