A solid real estate marketing plan is a must-have if you want to stand out from your competitors. What’s more–traditional marketing techniques won’t cut it in today’s market.

To succeed, you must harness online platforms, engage your target audience, and showcase your expertise. You need to become a specialist first, then a seller, a connection, and a real estate business.

But don’t worry! We’ll guide you through all the essential strategies. From understanding your audience to developing a strong online presence, we’ve got your back.

We’ll show you how to position yourself as a trusted authority, attract qualified leads, and close more deals. So, let’s explore how to create an effective real estate marketing plan.

What Is a Real Estate Marketing Plan?

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A real estate marketing plan is a roadmap for real estate professionals to promote their properties, attract potential buyers, and stand out in the market.

Real estate agents and realtors can use such a plan to put together a step-by-step approach to their real estate marketing strategy. Think of it as organizing all your marketing goals, thoughts, efforts, and initiatives.

So, let’s explore how to create a real estate marketing plan that makes sense to you and, most importantly, brings in more leads.

How Can You Write a Real Estate Marketing Plan?

To write a real estate marketing plan, you’ll need:

  • An approximate marketing budget. How much money will you spend to create a successful marketing plan? You need this information to determine what you can afford to spend your money on.
  • A goal. Do you want more website traffic? More engagement on your social media accounts? A better offline presence? You need to define your goal to create a plan that meets it.
  • An estimation of where you stand now. After you have a goal, you must objectively assess your current position. How many followers do you have? What’s the public perception of your brand? How much experience do you have?
  • A missing & vision statement. These may seem like a waste of time, but trust us; they are so important! In a people-first field like real estate, prospects need to know whether they can rely on you. You need to position your brand as a trustworthy service provider.
  • A unique selling proposition. What differentiates you from the competition? Answer this question, and you’ve got your USP.
  • A unique style that speaks to your brand. Are you an ultra-formal real estate agent? Or perhaps you like to slip a joke or two in your sales pitch. Know who you are before you begin to promote yourself.
  • An idea of what your marketing channels are. Where do you want to promote your services? Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the top three social media platforms in real estate. However, if you think that your marketing message can reach a broader audience on another marketing channel, go ahead and give it a try.
  • Key performance indicators. KPIs are a must in every solid plan. You need them to assess your efforts and see whether they’re worth the hassle. Moreover, KPIs help you monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns and see where you could perform better.

When you have these questions answered, the rest is easy. You can start with real estate templates and put together a comprehensive plan in no time!

9 Real Estate Marketing Ideas For Your Real Estate Business or Brokerage

1. Know Your Target Audience

Realtor Target Audience Source

To create a successful real estate marketing plan, you need to have a deep understanding of your target audience.

Conduct thorough market research and identify the following:

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Preferences
  • Income Levels

And everything you need to know about the people you want to reach. Then, you can tailor your marketing efforts to meet their specific needs and desires.

We recommend using AI and free analytics tools (like SimilarWeb or Google Analytics) to find your audience of interest. Then, you can design your real estate marketing plan to reach target clients and help you gain real estate leads.

2. Develop a Strong Online Presence

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is non-negotiable. Start by creating an engaging and user-friendly website. You can try out a no-code website builder or ask a specialist to do it for you.

  • Showcase your real estate listings, provide valuable information, and highlight your expertise.
  • Optimize your website for search engines using relevant keywords, meta tags, and informative content.
  • Establish a presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Aim to spend at least 15 minutes connecting with potential clients and sharing valuable content daily.

3. Utilize High-Quality Content Marketing To Market Your Brand & Listings

Xara Cloud Real Estate Templates

Content is king, and in the world of real estate marketing, it can be a game-changer. As a real estate agent, you need a content marketing strategy that incorporates:

  • Blog posts or other forms of long-form content (think of a lead generation ebook)
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Other forms of content to match your real estate marketing ideas

Focus on creating relevant content that addresses the needs and concerns of your target audience. By providing valuable information, you establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

This real estate marketing idea increases your chances of attracting potential clients and even getting recognition from other real estate professionals.

Use Xara’s Top Real Estate Templates to elevate your content marketing strategy and win over clients like never before!

4. Leverage the Power of Video Marketing

Real Estate Video Content

Video marketing has become increasingly popular in recent years and for a good reason. People love to see both short-form and long-form content in the form of videos.

  • If you want to use short-form videos to market yourself as a real estate agent, try creating some TikToks, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts.
  • For long-form content, leverage YouTube.

Here are some ideas of video content and real estate marketing ideas that you can repurpose across all marketing channels:

  • A virtual tour of a house.
  • A how-to video about the home-buying process.
  • A video where your real estate services and market yourself as a real estate professional.
  • A social proof video showing clients such as new homeowners’ testimonials.
  • An expert video with tips and tricks for first-time home buyers.
  • A “How to navigate the current real estate market” video.
  • A “Life in A Real Estate Brokerage” behind-the-scenes video.

And the list can go on and on…

5. Embrace the Potential of Email Marketing & Newsletters

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to nurture leads. It allows you to stay connected with your audience outside social media.

Build an email list of potential buyers and sellers to:

  • Send out newsletters and market updates
  • Present exclusive property listings
  • Invite your network to events (webinars, a house tour, open house events, etc.)
  • Show your availability

Personalize your emails to make them more engaging and relevant to each recipient. Use compelling subject lines and include clear calls to action to encourage them to take action.

Create an email calendar to keep track of what you’re sending out and what email marketing strategies perform best. Additionally, a calendar or a CRM can help you plan your next email marketing campaigns.

If you don’t have an email list, start with past customers and your real estate farming area to get new clients. Create awareness campaigns where you can hand out real estate business cards or postcards, or flyers and also ask for email addresses.

6. Establish Strategic Partnerships With Other Real Estate Agents

Collaborating with other professionals in the real estate industry can boost your marketing efforts. Identify strategic partners such as:

  • Mortgage brokers
  • Home stagers
  • Interior designers
  • Photographers
  • Local businesses

Aim for a network that can complement your services and help you in the lead generation process. By forming partnerships, you can cross-promote each other’s businesses. You can share resources and expand your reach in the local market.

7. Harness the Power of Online Reviews, Referrals & Testimonials

Real Estate Reviews

Online reviews, referrals, and testimonials are powerful tools. They can influence prospective buyers’ decisions.

  • Encourage your happy clients to leave positive reviews on platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, and real estate-specific websites.
  • Display these testimonials on your real estate website and social media channels.
  • Use them in conjunction with your mission statement and marketing materials and as part of your unique selling proposition.

If you’re wondering how to ask for reviews, remember that getting reviews doesn’t just happen on its own. You need to actively reach out to your customers, whether it’s through online content, emails, or phone calls. By doing so, you demonstrate that you value their input and care about their experience with your business. This can encourage customers to leave reviews and provide you with valuable feedback to help grow your business.

Positive reviews serve as social proof and help build trust with prospective clients. They’re powerful, so you’ll want to use them strategically in your real estate marketing plan.

For example, you can use our customizable social proof templates to create social media posts that help with lead generation. Then, you can repurpose the content in your direct mail campaign or post it to different marketing channels.

8. Invest In SEO & A Blog

Search engine optimization may sound like an abstract concept, but it’s not. In a nutshell, it’s all about making sure your website is well-optimized. That will help search engines index and rank your content better and bring in more traffic for you.

To start with SEO, you should:

  • Create a mobile-optimized real estate website, or work with the one you have now.
  • Create a Google Business page.
  • Write helpful niche content for your target clients, like real estate blog articles.
  • Check your page speed and eliminate wasteful content that makes loading difficult.
  • Use a keyword strategy in everything you do.

If you find that you need the help of a specialist, that’s alright. Trust us, with an optimized website, generating leads becomes easier than ever. Your job will switch to focusing on the selling process most of the time.

9. Consider Google and Facebook Ads


Ads run on search engines and social media all the time, but have you ever considered putting yours up there? Building a personal brand takes time, but ads can help speed up the process.

When it comes to ads, you can choose your budget, demographics, and timeline and set up every other aspect. Then, you can start running them, and they will help you reach your business goals smoothly in the background.

If you’re new to real estate Facebook ads, we’ve got you covered. These ads are highly convertible and very popular in this field. They make a great online marketing strategy and help you capture leads with the least effort.

Consider newspaper ads, too, if you want to expand your local reach and get your point across to senior groups as well.

As A Realtor, You Need More Than Just a Solid Marketing Strategy


To sum it up, mediocrity is not an option in the real estate world. In contrast, you need a real estate marketing plan that encompasses both a digital marketing plan and an offline marketing plan. Plus, it needs to meet your marketing budget.

But don’t worry–it’s elementary when you take it step by step. Start with your unique selling proposition and work your way through each of the seven real estate marketing strategies. See what your budget is and check if you can tick all boxes.

If not, investing in a real estate website provider and engaging social media marketing strategy is a great idea. That’s because these channels are vital in real estate sales. This is where the majority of your potential customers are.

For these purposes, try out Xara Cloud. We have the real estate templates, the unified platform, the no-code website builder, and the know-how. We can help you convey your marketing messages to future clients at the price of a burger.

Plus, you get to use the spare resources to drive a successful business through email marketing, SEO, or investing in ads. It’s a win-win!

Try Xara’s Real Estate Marketing Center today! WestGate Real Estate Social Proof