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published by Jason Pocock

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Facebook ads are one of the most targeted marketing channels, which makes them a popular choice among real estate agents. Whether you already use them or not, we hope this post gives you some ideas and inspiration for your next campaign.

How to Use Facebook Ads for Real Estate?

Facebook is a very interesting platform to consider for your real estate ads. Their ability to target specific areas, demographics and interests will help you maximize your ad dollars, since you don’t need to spend money on people who are not in your target group.

Although they might seem intimidating, it is actually quite simple to create your first Facebook ad. Before you even open your Facebook business account, you must decide the following:

  • What is your goal? It’s likely to be very different if you are creating a campaign to raise awareness of your real estate business vs targeting a warmer audience that’s already considering buying or selling. Facebook lets you choose the kind of goal you want to optimize your campaign. Do you want visitors to your website? New leads? To reach as many people as possible? It’s up to you!
  • What is your audience? There are many interesting options you can choose in the Facebook audience targeting. For example, you can select people who recently changed jobs, as there is a chance that they might want to move in order to be closer to the new job. Also, newly engaged people are a good option to target since they are in a new life phase and they are more likely to need a home. You might target a specific age group (for example a senior audience) if the house you are promoting is perfect for them. There are many options and the best you can do is to try different audiences and see how they perform for you.
  • What is your budget? You have the possibility of deciding a budget per day, and then the ads will run until you manually stop them. Another option is to select a budget and a time frame, and then the ads will stop automatically once the budget has been spent. Whatever option you choose, keep in mind that you must keep track of the results (especially in the beginning) to make sure your ad budget is used in the best possible way.
  • What format will you use? There are many options such as images, several images, videos, carousel ads etc. There is not a single one that will perform best for everyone, so you will have to try different ones and see what works best.

Real Estate Facebook Ads:

Are you looking forward to creating your own Facebook ads? Have a look at these ideas we’ve prepared for you. All these graphics are based on Xara Cloud templates and would just take a few minutes to create them.

Just Listed Facebook Ad:

Start to raise awareness in your audience by using simple ads that show beautiful images of your just listed properties. By using a color that matches your image you ensure that the ad looks beautiful. You can use the “get theme colors from current image” option in the “photo colors” panel to use this option.

uncategorized - 1947

Ads to Promote Your Services:

Are you looking to get new properties? Start promoting your business to potential sellers by offering a free estimate of how much their house would sell for. They will turn into leads and some of them will decide to sell with you.

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Informative Ad:

Not only does this ad give an overview of the main entrance and most important rooms in the house, but it also includes the contact information for people to find out more. This ad will probably work best on warm audiences that have shown some interest in buying.

uncategorized - 1949

Open House Ad:

When people are scrolling down their feed, they often overslook ads. Using a bright color might help your ads to get seen. Feel free to experiment with our color palettes to choose the one that best fits your ad.

uncategorized - 1950

Just Sold Ad:

Playing with scarcity can be a great way to get more people on board. This ad entices potential buyers to move quickly and give you a call or visit your website. Combining an inviting image with some persuasive text will hopefully prove an irresistible call to action!

uncategorized - 1951

Creating Your Facebook Ads in Xara Cloud

If you haven’t already tried Facebook ads, because you thought you would need to hire an expensive agency to create the graphics, think again! You can create ads like the ones shown before starting from a template.

Keep in mind that Facebook limits the amount of text you can include in your ads to 20% of the image. So for Facebook ads it’s best to use a more visual approach, with big images and little or no text. Otherwise, you risk your ads not being shown.

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