Most no-code website builders sacrifice customization for ease of use. We give you both.

We are super excited to announce the launch of Blocks – Pre-built sections and templates that can be fully customized and combined to build websites in minutes.

Blocks come with layouts, functionalities like e-commerce, media, forms, appointment management, and the tools you already use so you can leave the hassles, hidden costs, and headaches of website building in the past.

Why use Blocks

Fast, easy, and inexpensive aren’t words you’d typically associate with website building -Until now.

Xara’s blocks include everything you need to market your business’ online presence. From giving you a starting point with professional layouts to the freedom of using the tools you already use to collect emails and sell your products and services, with no downtime or paid add-ons.

Moreover, the visual editor has all the customization and design tools, so you don’t have to edit images, sections, or layouts outside the tool.

What website building looks like with Blocks

Our pre-designed sections can be stacked on each other and re-arranged by simply dragging them and their elements around to fit your website needs without coding. Adding, duplicating, and removing them takes one click.

What happens if you start with a full-page template? You may want to update your current website. Blocks are flexible and adaptable to the site, making them a perfect fit anywhere you put them.

Working with blocks is fast and easy

Pre-built layouts and functionalities

We started off with 230 block types, but the list keeps growing!

Layouts and functionalities include but are not limited to hero sections, galleries, product showcases with e-commerce functionalities, Services, Subscribe, FAQs, Calls to action, Countdowns, sign-up sections with forms, scheduling & appointments, pricing, testimonials, features, and footers.

You’ll find many of the tools you’re already working with included. Appointlet, Calendly, Hubspot, Stripe, Cartloom, Typeform, Mailchimp, Get Response,, and Convertkit, to name a few!


Blocks come with layouts and the tools you already use

Blocks come with layouts and the tools you already use


What’s next?

Blocks are bringing the next-generation website-building tools. We are already working on more Blocks and full-page websites, and overall design features to make marketing your business and online presence easy.

Blocks will open up capabilities to everyone, from people who have never touched a website to advanced users and web designers looking to speed up their work and kick it up a notch!

Let us know what you’d like to see in the future!

If you’re ready to kick start your online presence in minutes, sign up today and build your perfect website with Blocks from Xara.

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