Unfortunately, many platforms brand themselves as the go-to solution for brokers, but they lack integration with tools, processes, and the traditional workflow of agents. They’re fixing non-existent issues without focusing on what matters.

A marketing center should never make your life as a broker-owner more difficult. So, stick around as we shed light on what matters and show you what a real estate marketing center can do for you and your agents.

What Drives the Real Estate Industry in 2024 and Beyond?

The first thing that a real estate marketing center provider should do is get a deep understanding of the real estate industry and your brokerage’s most important issues.

How could they present you with tools and tactics to tackle challenges like navigating market trends or outsmarting competition if they don’t get it themselves?

The questions you should ask your ideal marketing center’s sales team before you purchase…

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You’re not looking to find out whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market or receive general advice like “get on Facebook.” Instead, pose these questions:

  • What are clients (both buyers and sellers) expecting from brokerages like ours today?
  • What does it mean to own and manage a real estate brand in 2024 and beyond? How can you help me achieve this goal?
  • What does a solid workflow look like, and how to achieve it for maximum professionalism in my brokerage?
  • What drives demand in real estate marketing, and how can real estate agents tap into market psychology to sell more properties? Any particular features to help brokers in this regard?

Some of the answers you’re looking for…

These are some of the questions that need answers ASAP – and we’ve got them. After hours of research, here’s what we discovered about the driving forces of the real estate market:

  1. The supply shortage is real, so you need to tap into a seller’s pain points to get them to choose your business from the sea of options.
  2. Consumers are getting smarter by the day, and traditional marketing strategies won’t cut it. A solid brand needs quickly generated but highly effective marketing materials (yes, that’s possible).
  3. Utmost professionalism is a prerequisite. Your leads won’t accept delayed responses, poor support, lack of personalization, and mismatches with your team.
  4. Being present and consistent on every channel is non-negotiable. But you need to be smart about balancing time invested in marketing vs. selling properties.
  5. Demographic trends (population growth, migration patterns, generational shifts) play a pivotal role in shaping real estate demand. The preferences and needs of different age groups vary drastically.
  6. Online platforms, virtual tours, and AI in real estate have streamlined every aspect of this industry. Hop on this wave now.
  7. Factors like co-living spaces and the desire for amenities are reshaping the expectations of both buyers and renters (not just in multifamily properties).

Now, if your software of choice doesn’t help you tackle these questions and tick all the points above, it’s time to ditch them.

Since we’ve scratched the surface of this topic, let’s dive into what other things separate competitive real estate marketing centers from apps and tools that don’t bring added value to your brokerage.

Key Components of a Solid Real Estate Marketing Center

To create a successful marketing strategy, real estate professionals require a variety of resources, including:

  • AI integration
  • Analytics tools
  • High-quality visuals
  • Effective sales collateral
  • Smart brand asset management
  • A collaboration platform to streamline communication
  • Air-tight organizational procedures and quick-access resources
  • A professional website with intuitive editing tools to create and manage live campaigns
  • Features and integrations with offline marketing strategies, including direct mailing campaigns
  • Features that aid in distributing materials to your target audience seamlessly (e.g., using zip codes)
  • Integration with printing facilities that turn designs into flyers, window displays, event invites, postcards, etc.

A marketing center consolidates these elements, providing a one-stop solution for all of your real estate business marketing needs. If you have to look for different tools to access all these resources and switch up your strategy once you’re scaling your brokerage, you need to reconsider your approach.

What Is A Real Estate Marketing Center and How Does It Work?

A real estate marketing center is a dedicated platform where real estate professionals can create and promote their properties to potential buyers or investors. It serves as a centralized hub for marketing and advertising activities related to real estate.

A marketing center > a suite of distinct tools. It’s cheaper, more convenient, and requires less time to learn and implement.

And if you’re already using various tools and procedures to fulfill your marketing needs, think of this: will that work brokerage in the long run? Shouldn’t you be streamlining efforts while saving costs?

If you agree with us so far, let’s take this further…

PS: Don’t worry – we’ll also go through all the steps you need to take to get rid of those expensive tools and embrace a real marketing center at a smaller cost with fast and easy onboarding.

Why Real Estate Marketing Centers Are Here to Stay

Did you know that, on average, real estate agents spend between $50-$250 monthly on real estate tools?

In this NAR study, real estate professionals highlighted the significance of various technology tools in their operations. Some notable results include:

  • Email signatures software ranked highest at 78%
  • Local MLS apps/technology (54%)
  • Social media (53%)

These tools are invaluable for enhancing productivity, but does it make sense for you to spend more money on a dozen different tools instead of embracing one compass platform to do it all internally?

A marketing center not only simplifies the marketing process but also enhances lead generation and improves brand visibility on a budget, with a shorter learning curve.

Challenges in Real Estate Marketing

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According to this study, real estate professionals often face challenges such as:

  • Lack of resources and training from their brokerage
  • Difficulty in tracking campaign performance and document analytics
  • Inefficient collaboration with their team members, supervisor, brokerage, and leads
  • Inefficient time allocation – agents spend way too much time doing administrative tasks like creating social posts, designs, and promoting listings instead of nurturing leads and closing deals.
  • Lack of unity in design and poor branding due to outdated, complicated processes. Agents are not aligned when it comes to branding guidelines, best practices, procedures, and daily activities.
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A marketing center addresses these issues, offering a solution to streamline operations. Stick with us as we delve deep into the nitty-gritty details of “what, how, and at what cost”.

Choosing the Right Marketing Center for Real Estate

So far, we’ve explored the issues that your brokerage, real estate professionals, and other stakeholders are facing in today’s landscape. It’s time to explore what’s the best way to tackle them from a technical, operational, and cost-efficient perspective.

For real estate professionals like yourself, we have a clear goal: helping you tackle the biggest challenges of a brokerage, including:

  • Poor collaboration
  • Decreased productivity
  • Lack of direction in marketing
  • Little to no support in administrative activities

If you’re nodding your head as you read each item on our list, know that it’s not just you – everyone in the industry is facing the same challenges.

But, not everyone is doing something about it. Leaders like RE/MAX, Century 21, or Westgate Realty…they’re improving their operations day by day using Xara. Others, not so much.

Xara: A Market Leader in Real Estate Marketing


Xara is more than just a marketing center. The platform is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for the real estate sphere.

With features like customizable templates, advanced analytics, and seamless integration with must-have tools, Xara stands out as the go-to choice for real estate professionals.

Here’s where we excel:

  • We can help your brand grow awareness faster and better. We’ll take your brand guidelines from your URL, and store them in your dashboard so that your agents never lose sight of your logo, fonts, and styles.
  • We’ll help you design all your marketing materials in minutes. You can use our customizable templates for free, and even apply all your brand guidelines to personalize them with your brand details. Achieve consistency and professionally designed collateral in a snap!
  • We’ll aid in promoting properties on social media (and trust us, it matters, according to 33% of this study’s respondents). After your designs are ready to go, you can post them straight through the dashboard. Xara allows for posting on all your favorite social media platforms. All you need to do is come up with professional pictures of your listing, add them to your favorite template, and post them on your Instagram or Facebook channel.
  • We’ll keep your agents on track – every day. You can track their progress, assign marketing tasks, leave comments and feedback, and prioritize what’s important. Do you want to send out a mass message on social media with new listings, job vacancies, or open houses? Use our templates and apply your branding, then tag your brokers so they can post it on their socials!


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  • We’ll take care of your direct mail campaigns. Once you have your flyer designs ready to go, you can print them out using our Xpress Docs integration and mail them to your audience’s inbox using only their zip codes. You can also build prospecting lists using demographics or address type filters.
  • We’ll do your websites, landing pages, and online marketing campaigns. Want to upgrade your website or create a landing page for your holiday campaign? Do it with our website templates using Web Designer+. They’re specially created for the real estate industry and SEO-optimized from the start. They’ll surely leave a lasting impression.

Here’s where we lack a competitive edge:

You tell us! So far, we haven’t received considerate negative feedback from our valued customers. Try Xara Cloud for free – that’s right, click here, and your trial is on us for 14 days – then leave your honest feedback.

If you like it, cancel your expensive tools and switch to a marketing center that costs less than an Uber ride. If you don’t, stick to our free-forever plan. It’s a win-win!

Case Studies: Successful Real Estate Marketing with Xara

Xara Customer Story with Century 21

Century 21 faced the challenge of differentiating itself from the ‘sea of sameness.’ To overcome this, they embraced a new mission: to defy mediocrity and deliver extraordinary content.

The Challenge

Real estate agents, including Mark Dijohn of Century 21, struggled with the time-consuming task of creating diverse marketing materials for each property. Traditional methods involved substantial effort and costs, leading Mark to search for a solution that would streamline his marketing efforts.

The Solution

Mark discovered Xara Cloud, a revolutionary tool that transformed his marketing strategy. With a template library, brand spaces, and time-saving resizing options, Xara Cloud empowered Mark to generate efficient campaigns.

His branding became consistent across all documents, and he could quickly adapt designs for various social media channels.

The Result

The platform’s ease of use and one-click branding not only saved him hundreds in the marketing budget but also thousands of dollars in time. The platform resulted in a 90% reduction in marketing time, offering consistent campaigns.

👉 Ready to try Xara for your brokerage? Give it a try for free here.

Tips for Maximizing Real Estate Marketing Center Efficiency

  1. Follow Tutorials. Engage with our tutorials to grasp the full potential of the platform.
  2. Allocate Learning Time. Dedicate specific time slots to explore and learn new aspects of Xara Cloud for your agents.
  3. Use Template Resources. Explore the extensive template library. This resource can save substantial time and present your brand across various marketing materials.
  4. Track Comments and Feedback. Get in the habit of reviewing and tracking comments or feedback left for your agents. Ensure everyone is on the same page.
  5. Content Calendar Planning. Plan your marketing materials using a content calendar.
  6. Use AI for Template Population. This time-saving tool can automatically create great copy for your materials.
  7. Auto-populate templates with property details. Copy and paste your listing ID or URL, and Xara will apply the details to the template.
  8. Consider Direct Mail Campaigns. Explore the Xpress Docs integration for direct mail campaigns. Design anything from templates or scratch, then send it to printing and even distribute the materials to an area using its zip code.

User Testimonials

Check out what other peers had to say about us:

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Let’s Wrap it Up: Your Next Step

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In a recent interview with renowned real estate broker Ryan Serhant, thought leader Gary Vee revealed that creating on-demand content is the best way to thrive in 2024 and beyond. Otherwise, your brand will fade into insignificance – and there’s nothing worse than oblivion in real estate.

This is your chance to employ a strategic asset that can make a difference before your competition outsmarts you.

Your leads are already smarter by the day, so it’s time to get in line with trends and strategies that work. Get the solution tailored to the unique needs of the real estate industry.

Try Xara. Whenever you’re ready (although now is a pretty good time).


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