Real estate marketing is a tricky game. One day, your organic posts are thriving on the internet. The other, real estate ads are the norm, and everyone is running promotions.

Nevertheless, one thing is certain: if your competition is doing real estate ads (and they are), so should you. Unless you want to skip this vital step in your brokerage marketing strategy, hear us out.

We get it. Limited resources, no time to spare, and a different area of expertise are all fair reasons to skip ads. But–we can save you the trouble, the money, and the learning curve.

With our 17 real estate ads examples and free templates, you’ll never have to worry about creating materials from scratch. Plus, they’re great for running all kinds of posts, not just ads. Let’s delve right in!

17 Real Estate Ad Examples

Effective real estate ads are creative, pose a strong hook, and are simple to understand. They display stunning visuals and great ad copy and address your target audience.

If that sounds a bit complicated to achieve, don’t worry. We’ve narrowed down everything you need to know below. Don’t forget to check out the real estate templates for the best results.

Creating designs is probably the last thing on your list as a real estate agent. Let’s keep it that way.

#Example 1: A “Just Listed” Carousel Post

Just Listed Real Estate Ads Examples

If you’re a real estate agent, you’ve probably posted a ‘just listed’ Facebook ad at some point in your life. But how confident are you that your Facebook ad or Instagram content really worked?

What if you posted your next real estate ad now? Can you guarantee that it will deliver on your marketing strategy? Probably not.

The key is to take those basic ‘just listed’ social media ads and turn them into catchy visuals that make your leads stop scrolling. If you want to grab your audience’s attention, you’re going to need:

  • A professional picture/ more pictures for a carousel on Instagram
  • A real estate ad copy that details all the important features of the property
  • A clear call to action
  • Your contact details
  • A relevant link to your real estate listings

We already took care of the design part. Our best prompts will help you create a strong hook in no time. Just upload your pictures into the template, and you’re halfway there!

Try Xara’s Real Estate Carousel Template

#Example 2: An Instagram Story Listicle

Instagram Stories Real Estate Ads Examples

Everyone, and we mean everyone, checks Instagram stories.

Start running real estate advertising on stories too. Grab your audience’s attention with a captivating story pop quiz or a “Did you know” listicle that keeps people swiping to learn more.

Our template offers professionally designed layouts to showcase any real estate ad.

Try Xara’s Real Estate Instagram Stories Template

#Example 3: A Twitter Announcement Post

Twitter Real Estate Ads Examples

A complete real estate advertising campaign includes posting on Twitter too. Make a splash on Twitter with any new announcement you have.

  • Selling a home?
  • Found the perfect escape outside the city?
  • Got your hands on the only property with a mountain view in the area?

Tell everyone!

Craft compelling announcements, share property updates, and engage your Twitter followers.

Try Xara’s Real Estate Twitter Post Template

#Example 4: Feature Your Event on Social Media

Create a buzz around your real estate events and tell everyone where, when, and how to reach you. Showcase property details, RSVP options, and drive attendance for successful gatherings.

Try Xara’s Real Estate Event Page Template

#Example 5: A LinkedIn Showcase Post

LinkedIn Real Estate Ads Examples

LinkedIn is the place for showcasing achievements and sharing valuable content. Elevate your professional presence on LinkedIn by sharing industry news and curating popular and relevant content.

You’ll also have to share a little about yourself, what you do, and your best results.

Here’s how to achieve a real estate professional figure on LinkedIn:

  • Highlight your best properties
  • Share success stories
  • Feature your tip of the day
  • Post to network with industry professionals

Try Xara’s Real Estate LinkedIn Showcase Post Template

#Example 6: A YouTube Property Tour Video

Virtual Toor Video of Real Estate Listings

Real estate ads and video marketing are the winning combos of the year. So, you are missing out if you’re not using video-first content to generate leads.

Bring your real estate ad listings to life with a property tour video. What better place to create an immersive, 360-degree experience for your audience than Youtube?

Create engaging video ads showcasing property features and neighborhood highlights. Then, add a catchy thumbnail to make everyone click on your video.

Try Xara’s Youtube Thumbnail Template

#Example 7: An Instagram Post featuring Inspiring Home Décor

Curate stunning home décor ideas and inspiration and post them on Instagram. People love a good source of design ideas, so offering those for free will help you attract new leads.

Engage homebuyers by showcasing design trends, staging tips, and attractive interiors. Use a few examples of real-life designs or trends to watch out for in your Instagram real estate ads.

Try Xara’s Real Estate Instagram Templates

#Example 8: A Creative Real Estate Flyer

Printed Flyer Real Estate Ad Example

If you think offline marketing is dead, you’ll have to reconsider your sources.

Attract attention to your listings with print ads or visually appealing real estate flyers that you can pass around events, hot spots in the city, or local gatherings. Showcase property details and generate interest in your listings.

Outdoor real estate ads are one of the hot spots to promote yourself in the real estate market, so make sure you’re not missing out on this channel.

Try Xara’s Real Estate Flyer Template

#Example 9: An Educational Post for Real Estate Agents

Educational Real Estate Ads Examples

Capture the industry experts’ attention and become a thought leader in your field. With informative posts, your audience and other real estate professionals will give you credit for your valuable information. This will boost your credibility and help you attract prospects.

Here are some ideas for educational posts that you can use in social media advertising for the real estate industry:

  • “Discover the top 5 tips for staging your home to sell quickly.”
  • “Navigating the housing market: A short guide for first-time homebuyers.”
  • “The benefits of working with a real estate agent: Find your dream home hassle-free.”
  • “Understanding mortgage options: Choose the right financing for your real estate goals.”
  • “The art of negotiation: Essential skills for getting the best deal in real estate.”
  • “Investing in rental properties: A beginner’s guide to passive income streams.”
  • “Home inspections demystified: What to look for before making an offer.”
  • “Real estate market trends: Stay informed and make strategic investment decisions.”
  • “Selling your home? Tips for effective online listings and photography.”
  • “The power of location: Factors to consider when buying or renting a property.”

Try Any of our Educational Real Estate Instagram Templates

#Example 10: A Real Estate Newsletter Ad Campaign

Newsletter Ad Real Estate Template

Keep your clients informed and engaged with a professional real estate newsletter. Showcase market trends, property updates, and useful tips.

Use powerful real estate headlines to kickstart your email marketing letter and finish with a strong call to action.

Try Xara’s Real Estate Newsletter Template

#Example 11: A Facebook Ad with Eye-Catching Visuals

Facebook Ad for Real Estate Example

You’re going to need professionally-taken photographs of your property for Facebook real estate ads. Everyone is posting top-notch content on social media platforms. After all, they are responsible for the best results in real estate advertisements, according to NAR.

But simply uploading the pictures won’t pique your audience’s attention. You need a good design–and for that, we’re here to help.

Use our template to showcase the unique features, location, and benefits to drive inquiries and leads. Catch the attention of potential buyers on Facebook with a powerful real estate ad.

Try Xara’s Real Estate For Facebook Templates

#Example 12: Instagram Post Highlighting Client Testimonials

Instagram Post Client Testimonial Real Estate

Build trust and credibility by sharing client testimonials through Instagram Posts. Highlight positive experiences, satisfied clients, and successful transactions.

When you establish your reputation and become a thought leader, you grow a social score. It’s easier to attract leads with a powerful online presence and a reliable status.

Try the Social Proof Templates

#Example 13: Create a LinkedIn Ad for Lead Generation

Lead Generation LinkedIn Real Estate Ad Templates

LinkedIn is the place to be if you want to strengthen your professional image. Apart from great real estate marketing, you can also use LinkedIn to reach prospective buyers.

Use this online advertising channel to craft a compelling ad highlighting your expertise, services, and unique selling propositions.

Try Xara’s Real Estate LinkedIn Templates

#Example 14: Create an Impressive Listing Presentation

Listing Presentation Ad for Real Estate Example

A captivating and professional presentation can make all the difference. Start by introducing yourself and highlighting your track record. To position yourself as an industry expert, include local market data in your presentation.

Present historical pricing trends, the number of sales per season, and any other relevant statistics.

Try Xara’s Listing Presentation Template

#Example 15: Showcase Property Listings with a Brochure

Brochure Real Estate Ad Templates

Another ad example is to impress potential buyers with a professionally designed real estate brochure. Highlight key features, including high-quality images, and provide essential information.

You can keep this brochure in a digital format or turn it into a print ad to pass around during a free home valuation, a real estate workshop, or any relevant event.

Try Xara’s Real Estate Brochure Template

#Example 16: Design Eye-Catching Business Cards for Networking

Business Card Template for Real Estate Examples

Make a memorable impression during networking events with visually appealing real estate business cards.

Incorporate your branding, contact details, and a standout design. You’ll need a powerful business card if you want to market yourself as the best real estate agent. For the best designs, count on us.

Try Xara’s Real Estate Business Card Template

#Example 17: Create Door Hangers for Local Marketing Campaigns

Door Hanger Template for Real Estate Examples

Reach potential clients in your real estate farming area with creative door hangers. Customize them with property details, contact information, and a call to action.

Then, distribute them in neighborhoods to generate interest and inquiries.

Try Xara Real Estate Door Hanger Template

What Are Some Examples of Advertisement? Xara’s Top 3 Choices

RE/MAX Facebook Ad

RE/MAX Facebook Real Estate Ads Examples Source

RE/MAX has already made a name for itself in the real estate landscape, so its being at the top of every real estate chart is no surprise. You can draw inspiration from any of their campaigns and, especially, social media ads.

This Facebook ad speaks not only to a local area but to the entire state of Texas. Given the digital nomad landscape, the movement of people from one state to another, and the popularity of this state (for its tax benefits), this ad is brilliant.

So many soon-to-be homeowners are willing to relocate but don’t have an exact place in mind. Study your area and find where your audience would love to move.

PS: We’ve heard about the New Yorkers moving to the Sunshine State. Have you?

Sotheby’s International Realty’s “Extraordinary Living”

Sotheby Real Estate Ads Examples Source

Sotheby’s International Realty has been known for creating visually stunning advertisements featuring luxurious properties worldwide.

These ads have been showcased in high-end print publications like luxury lifestyle magazines and exhibited using digital web and social media advertising.

Redfin’s Redfin Now Campaign

Redfin Real Estate Ads Examples Source

Redfin Now offers an alternative to the traditional home-selling process. It allows homeowners to sell their homes without going through the typical listing, staging, and showing procedure.

  • The program begins with homeowners submitting information about their property to Redfin Now online.
  • Redfin evaluates the property and gives the homeowner a cash offer within a few days.
  • If the homeowner accepts the offer, they can choose a closing date that works for them, typically within a few weeks.

The program was advertised through their newsletter and online channels. It was also heavily promoted using flawless design, great ad copy, and other marketing techniques.

Wrap-Up: There Are So Many Other Ways to Advertise Your Real Estate Business!


There are many ways to promote yourself and run ad campaigns. From social media (real estate Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Instagram stories, etc), to Google ads and so much more, there is no shortage of options.

The key is to integrate everything into a real estate marketing strategy that works. After that, you need to implement teach ad effectively. Your real estate team will play a vital role in the process.

We hope that our real estate ad examples brought some inspiration to you. Still, the design part is still a huge piece of the cake and an important aspect to consider. But hey–don’t despair just yet!

With Xara, you can run your next campaign and use the most effective ads with the least effort. Simply drag and drop your pictures into any of our templates and post them on your communication channels. It’s easy, fast, and free.

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