Real estate ads are one thing, but effective real estate ads..that’s a different story. The internet is filled with ad content, but let’s be honest–how many of those do you think deliver real value? More importantly, how many bring in potential buyers?

Instead of guessing, we turned to real estate ad campaign data. The average click-through rate for real estate ads is between 6.4% and 7.45%.

Obviously, there’s plenty of room for improvement. But how exactly can you create the best real estate ads and bring in potential clients? We won’t disregard the good old practices but rather add to them: use AI.

AI for real estate is the hottest trend, so let us show you how to leverage it to create your next campaign.

What Does a Good Real Estate Ad Look Like?

A good real estate ad must include the following elements:

  • A good hook (so check these real estate headlines)
  • Persuasive ad copy (simple, actionable words, no fluff)
  • A professional picture/high-quality video ad material
  • A clear call to action (if you’re running a promotional ad)

Check out these real estate advertising examples that we love:

  • A Testimonial Ad

The Munselle Group Real Estate Ads

The Munselle Group Via Facebook

Why we love it: This ad shows that the real estate agent is knowledgeable in their field and can help you find your dream home. You can contact them knowing other peers took that decision before you and loved working with this real estate business.

Check out this social proof template for your next real estate ad and show people the great reviews you’ve received too!

  • A Funny Facebook Ad

The Bomar Team Real Estate Ads

The Bomar Team Via Facebook

Why we love it: People love it when businesses show their humorous side. Being professional doesn’t mean that you can’t share a laugh with your target audience. This real estate ad shows just that while also promoting the

  • A Zillow Premier Agent Online Advertising Banner

Zillow Premier Agent Real Estate Ads Zillow Premier Agent

Why we love it: Short Ads, straight-to-the-point, and providing real numbers are highly convertible. That’s because people love reliable data, not just words. A traditional advertising strategy may no longer provide the same results, so if you want to stand out, use case studies or factual data like Zillow.

How To Create Ads for Your Real Estate Business Using AI?

Social Media For Real Estate Source

You’ll hear many things about AI, but one thing is certain–it is not short of ideas. Real estate ads are all about creative ideas and new ways to promote listings, agents, and your services, ultimately generating leads.

So, how exactly can you use artificial intelligence in your real estate marketing strategy? Let’s see!

1. Use The Right AI Tools

With the rise of AI, many businesses brought forth a new series of tools to improve traditional processes. However, not all of them deliver on their promises. But don’t worry–we’ve done the research for you.

Here’s a list of the top AI tools to use in your real estate advertising strategy:

  • ChatGPT: best for texts, hooks, any copy, explaining complex ideas, and summarizing reports.
  • REimagine Home: use it to generate design ideas for any property with virtually-generated design concepts. Additionally, you can use it to promote your real estate listings in a way that showcases what they could look like furnished. Create different design ideas for the same listing and show potential buyers that your property can fit any dream.
  • GetFloorPlan: this app can generate 2D, 3D floor plans and a virtual tour of your property.

2. Have an Idea of What Your Ideal Ad Should Look Like

AI can help you bring your vision to life, but to do so, you’ll need a vision of your own. Your real estate advertising campaign depends on many factors, but they all share a core concept.

That’s where your human input comes in: what do you want your real estate digital advertising ads to look like? A great starting point is establishing these key aspects:

  • What do I want to promote? (A listing, a service, an event, etc.)
  • Where do I want to promote it? (Think of Google ads, email marketing, Facebook real estate ads, etc.)
  • Who is my niche, and how do I grab my target audience’s attention?

Having these answers will help you craft an ad example that speaks to your real estate market and addresses your audience’s pain point.

3. Use Compelling, Clear Prompts

A good prompt is the key to AI’s closed doors. If you know how to formulate your ideas into compelling tasks that AI can easily interpret and deliver, you win.

AI is a great way to automate tedious work, but sometimes it can be pretty frustrating to get it to deliver on your vision. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of 33 ChatGPT prompts that you can use to automate pretty much anything and even come up with the best ad examples out there.

4. Tweak the Results According to Your Needs

No AI output is perfect, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as the tool saves you hours of work and research, you can dedicate some time to adjusting the output. In fact, it’s highly recommended to cross-check and tweak the final result before using it.

AI is a descriptive language processing technology, so don’t expect it to be your human personal assistant. Use it to automate tasks using prompts, but once you get a few examples of output, make sure to go through them and check for inconsistencies.

7 Real Estate Ad Examples With Prompts That You Can Copy & Paste Right Away

Short on inspiration when it comes to your next real estate ad? We’ve got you covered. Let’s go through 7 of the most popular real estate ad examples that you can use too in your strategy.

1. The “Just Listed/ New Listing” Ad

Just Listed Real Estate Adss Examples

You’ve probably seen this type of ad all over social media platforms by now, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not delivering. The “just listed” post is a classical ad example that piques people’s interest and makes them feel like they are among the first ones to have come across a listing.

After all, it’s just been listed, right? Using the scarcity principle, a ready-to-go template, and a tailored prompt for your ad copy, you can have it done in less than five minutes!

🤖Here is the “Just Listed” AI Prompt to use:

Act like a realtor.

Write a Real Estate Ad for [social media platform] promoting a Just-Listed Property In [location].

This is a [type of property] that has [number] bedrooms, [number] bathroom(s), and is [number] sqft. It is perfect for [target audience].

Highlight this property’s unique features: [feature 1], [feature 2], [feature 3].

Make it attention-grabbing and exciting enough for potential buyers to want to click and request a showing.


2. The “Your Go-To/ Best Real Estate Agent in The Area” Ad

Go To Real Estate Agent Ad

Everyone loves to have their problems solved right away, perhaps even before putting them out there. Naturally, everyone worries that they won’t find the right real estate team for their needs.

Anticipate this pain point and spare people their dull research. Show them why your brokerage has the best real estate professionals on the market and why they should work with you. Here’s a customizable template that you can use for free! Now, let’s see what’s the best prompt to use for your ad caption:

🤖Become a thought leader in your area with this AI prompt:

Create a Facebook ad that emphasizes why potential clients should hire you as their realtor.

Make the ad compelling enough to encourage them to contact [brokerage name] for their estate needs.

3. The “Open House” Ad

Open House Real Estate Ads Templates

If you’re doing an open house event, chances are that not many people will show up unless you promote this event using a Facebook ad or outdoor advertising.

An open house ad shows people that you have a property potentially interesting for a large group of people, so they should hop on the train and try their shot.

Use this type of ad to market to your local audience with this open house template and our go-to prompt:

🤖Use this “Open House” AI Prompt:

Act like a realtor.

Write a Real Estate Ad for [social media platform] promoting an open house event in [Location], which takes place on [date] at [time].

This is a [type of property] that has [number] bedrooms, [number] bathroom(s), and is [number] sqft. It is perfect for [target audience]. Emphasize briefly the amenities and benefits of the neighborhood.

Make it attention-grabbing and exciting enough for potential buyers or investors to attend the event and register.

4. The “Local Market Event” Ad

Do you have a local event going on? Perhaps you’ve partnered with local attractions or other businesses to host a workshop. Or even better, you organize an event to tell your story and network.

These types of events are quite important in real estate.

Firstly, they help you establish a personal connection with your local farming area.

Secondly, they’re great for displaying outdoor real estate ads and bolstering your brand identity in the analog space.

If you’re planning one of these events, you must use one of these templates for your ad design. Check out this prompt for the most engaging event description and ad copy:

🤖Here is the “Local Market Event” AI Prompt to use:

Generate a [social media platform] Ad to promote [local event type and name], which takes place the [date] at [time].

Ensure that the ad is engaging enough to capture people’s interest and encourage attendance at the event.

5. The Customer Success Story Ad

Social Proof Real Estate Ads Templates

Who doesn’t love a good story with a happy ending? You need to use client testimonials to expand your lead generation strategy and build social proof.

People love to hear their peer’s opinions. After all, businesses like Agent Advice, Google Maps, Trip Advisor,, and others are built on this exact premise.

In fact, Keller Williams Realty has 176 reviews on Agent Advice, adding up to a score of 4.1/5. Use reviews in your favor, whether they are positive or negative. Use the good ones to display professionalism and the poor ones to show how your handle conflicts and display good customer support.

Use any of our feedback form templates to gather reviews after each collaboration. If you need a persuasive copy to drive your clients to provide their valuable insights, use this prompt:

🤖Use this AI Prompt to showcase your customer success stories:

Craft a social proof caption for a [social media] ad showcasing my recent success as a realtor.

Using the provided customer review [insert review], persuade potential buyers or sellers to choose me as their realtor for their real estate needs by promoting the [sale/buying] of a stunning [type of property] in [location].

Your writing should be compelling enough to pique the interest of potential clients.

6. The “Free Home Valuation” Ad

The Home Valuation Real Estate Ad Templates

“Did someone say free?”

This is likely the reaction of many people who see this buzzword on the internet. Free means added value at no cost, so everyone jumps on these opportunities.

Use this tactic to run effective ads for a specific audience, such as homeowners who want to upgrade their homes ASAP or people who want to sell but don’t know where to start.

Use our flyer templates to run a print ad that you can share with your local community. Then, use this prompt to create the right hook and call to action for your print ads:

🤖Use this “Free Home Valuation” AI Prompt to get leads:

Create a [social media platform] ad that offers a free home valuation to attract potential sellers leads.

Ensure the ad is compelling, unique, and engaging enough to make people want to take advantage of the offer.

7. The “First-Time Buyers?” Ad

First Time Buyer Tips Real Estate Ad Template

First-time home buyers are an easy audience to reach, engage, and convert. They are less knowledgeable of the real estate market, as it’s their first time buying a home.

They’re usually looking for someone to provide them with guidance and peace of mind in their journey. They want someone reliable who can find their dream home fast.

Your ad should reflect that. You should use multiple ads for these groups of people and even retargeting ads to build familiarity between them and your services.

Use eye-catching templates to promote yourself as an agent, then introduce virtual real estate tour ads or even the “just sold” ads to show that you are active in your field.

Here’s your prompt for this particular target audience:

🤖Attract first-time buyers with this AI prompt:

Write a [social media platform] ad caption targeting first-time home buyers.

Promote a carousel of tips for finding the perfect home and having an easy buying process.

Make the real estate ad exciting enough to encourage potential buyers to contact you to become their realtor.

Real Estate Agents: Check Out These Free Resources That Tick All Your Boxes

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Promoting your value proposition is a challenging quest in a market as competitive as the real estate one. However, one thing remains certain–if you’re knowledgable, reliable, prompt, and love what you do, you’ll succeed.

That’s because genuinely skilled people are a rare breed regardless of the industry. Now, all you have to do is show everyone that you have these qualities.

For this, you’ll need to employ the right marketing strategies, anticipate trends, and automate whatever you can.

Xara can help you stay on top of all trends, bring all the resources together in an all-in-one dashboard, and even automate your needs.

For example, our blog section is designed to help you stay in the loop, while our ready-to-go templates and editing tools can help you employ the proper marketing methods.

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