This webinar is best for:

  • All Xara users
  • Business decision makers

What you’ll learn:

Over the past few months, we’ve shipped a lot of great features and updates – and we don’t want you to miss a feature or workflow that helps you solve a problem.

You can expect to hear tips and advice on how these features will enable lasting success for your team.

  • Spotlight how the Asset Library and Object Locking can protect your brand across all documents. Never see a cut-out logo again!
  • Explore how document analytics help you gain insights on content engagement and performance.Create more engaging documents for prospects or clients.
  • Reduce document creation time by a factor of 5x with Xara’s Smart capabilities.
  • And much more.
  • Plus, we’ll be answering your questions live!

Meet the speakers:

Matt Bolton

CEO, Xara

Aaron Sutter

Product Manager, Xara

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