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This webinar is best for:

  • Marketing managers
  • Heads of sales
  • Business founders
  • Real Estate Marketeers
  • Community Managers

What you’ll learn:

In this webinar, you will learn How to create a marketing plan that drives consistent growth by reflecting the overall strategy, encompassing business goals with tasks and actions needed to reach them, creating compounding growth through organized, predictable efforts, that also add adaptability.

  • Keep content fresh, predictable, and transparent.
  • How to leverage your best assets at the right time.
  • Creating a full marketing plan in one place, and add flexibility to the team.
  • How to assess what content works, which is becoming stale, how to collaborate and evangelize a plan throughout the company.

Meet the speakers:

Alfonso Sica

Product Marketing Manager, Xara

Matt Bolton

CEO, Xara

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