Xara Cloud

Xara Cloud offers an innovative and ultra-simple way to edit and share your Xara documents and websites created in Designer Pro, Web Designer or Photo & Graphic Designer online in a web browser, using any computer or tablet (yes, even a Mac, iPad or Android tablet!)

It also gives you the ability to work on Xara documents and sites in collaboration with friends, colleagues and clients, commenting and editing together in real-time.

What's more, Xara Cloud includes a constantly growing number of templates that you can edit and publish (or save to PDF) within Xara Cloud - such as presentations, catalogs, flyers, product sheets, e-books, social media headings and CVs. So for example Web Designer owners can create flyers and product sheets and Photo & Graphic Designer owners can create presentations within Xara Cloud! Why not browse the Xara Cloud templates and see what new things you could do!

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Working in Xara Cloud

You can start using Xara Cloud right now by registering / signing in at cloud.xara.com.  Simply select a template or load any Xara documents stored in a connected cloud drive (Dropbox, GDrive, OneDrive) and you're good to go.

Getting Started

You can start using Xara Cloud right now!

Register / sign in at cloud.xara.com

On first sign up you'll be able to try the Pro version of Xara Cloud for free, and even after the trial ends you'll still be able to use the Free version of Xara Cloud (you can compare the Free and Pro versions here).

Support Resources & Tutorials:

We have plenty of resources to help you make the most of Xara Cloud. For specific questions try our Xara Cloud support articles at docs.xara.com, or get started now with one of our tutorials:

1: Getting started with Xara Cloud - an intro to the basics
2: A more detailed look at creating a typical business document in Xara Cloud, using a 2 sided Xara Cloud flyer template, Part 1 & Part 2

What's New:
Discover the latest updates to Xara Cloud here.

The Latest Templates:
Check out the templates included in Xara Cloud here.

Run into problems? You can find further support articles here or simply hit the Chat icon on that page.