NOVEMBER 2022: New 22.4 versions of Designer Pro, Web Designer & Photo & Graphic Designer, direct from Xara.

Xara Cloud is an ultra-simple way to edit and share your Xara website or document in a web browser on any computer (including a Mac, iPad, Android tablet or Chromebook), from anywhere in the world, and to re-publish or save it.

What's more, Xara Cloud includes a growing number of templates that you can open, edit and publish (or save to PDF) without even using the desktop software! Examples include social media headings, presentations, resumes, flyers, product sheets, e-books and web banners.

Xara Cloud also gives you the ability to work on these documents in collaboration with friends, colleagues and clients. Sold & supported by Xara.
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer+ is the perfect choice for all your photo editing and graphic design work, with powerful photo editing and enhancement features, and truly flexible illustration and design tools.
Xara Web Designer+ is unlike any web design software you'll have seen before; an easy template based solution that gives you total page design freedom, no HTML skills required. It offers comprehensive WYSIWYG web graphic, web page, website and web presentation creation.
Designer Pro+ is a fully integrated single package solution for all your graphic design needs, for print and the web. It combines all the features and templates of our other desktop titles, offering the best in illustration, photo editing, DTP and document creation, web graphic and website design.

Designer Pro+ is available stand-alone, or in a great value bundle with Xara Cloud called Xara Cloud Pro+.

Our older Windows desktop products are sold and supported by distribution partner Magix.

Page & Layout Designer combines all the text and page layout features of typical word processor & DTP software with the image editing power of Xara's award winning illustration & photo editing tools, to produce a fully integrated, flexible & powerful 'Document Processor'. Buy now from distribution partner Magix.
Xara 3D Maker is the Number 1 tool for creating stunning, professional-quality 3D web graphics. Ideal for both still and animated 3D headings and titles, logos and buttons, perfect for web pages, mailshots, movies and online presentations. Buy now from distribution partner Magix.